See Pictures Of Miley Cyrus’ Shocking New Hair!

pictures of miley cyrus haircut

We loved Miley Cyrus with longer locks, but we heart her new short hair too! | Source

When pictures of Miley Cyrus hit Twitter last night, it proved that the gal really can’t be tamed–at least not when it comes to her hair. Miley Cyrus has run the gamut of cuts and color throughout her young life and long career, but her latest look is the most shocking and jarring of all.

The starlet, who recently dyed her hair a lighter shade of blonde than the honey shade she’d been sporting for a while, debuted her new look on the microblogging site last night. Pictures of Miley Cyrus losing her signature top knot and replacing it with a short, punky pixie with heavy bangs and a platinum hue sent fans into a frenzy. Miley Cyrus’ Twitter was bombarded with both messages complimenting her cut and others cutting her down for taking a risk, to which we say–WTF?! Would you go up to a girl at school and be like, “Your hair looks like crap”? No. So why are people doing it to strangers online?

We understand change can scare people, but we think she looks so hot and so rock n’ roll with her short ‘do!

Check out Miley Cyrus’ cute cropped cut. We love how happy she looks!

It sounds like a lot of fans missed the old Miley Cyrus that rocked extensions and long waves, but guess what?

Miley Cyrus feels more like Miley Cyrus than ever before. Check out her super cute tweets about her super cute hair!



It sounds like the longer locks were more Hannah Montana than Miley Cyrus. We totally love her new hair and the fact that she’s ballsy enough to take a style risk! After all, it’s just hair–if she winds up not loving it so much later on, it’ll grow back (and there’s always extensions).

Do you like Miley Cyrus with short hair? What sort of hairstyle do you like best on Miley Cyrus? Would you cut your hair short like Miley Cyrus did? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Miley

    I hate her hair cut and i wanna kiss with her an sex with her i wanna be lesbian with her kiss

  • M

    her hair was bleached when she cut it, you can’t donate bleached hair

  • Della

    I think she so rocks this hairstyle.

  • Haylee

    I love it!! Short hair is sexy hair. 😉

  • nikole

    i like the color but its to short if it was up to her neck it would be it would be cute but if she likes it go for her but miley don’t let anyone bring you down

  • Hannah

    I like her hair but i don’t like how she chopped it off. I think she would look super cute if she went to hair stylist and got a pixie hairstyle. Thats me personally but if she likes it I’m happy for her 🙂

  • achna

    she rocks it. i love it…..

  • Sienna

    Lookk, she donated her hair. I think if shes happy and its for a good cause, its the best thing that couldve happened

  • emma beaudouin

    go girl u look different and beautiful, sometimes u have to change ur looks. do what makes you happy and what makes u feel confortable.

  • Pikachuuu

    First of all, why would she even go for the punk rock look when she’s a freaking pop singer?
    She’s saying that that new haircut is more her because she’s been trying so hard to get rid of that stupid hannah montana and innocent disney persona but she’s just making herself look like an idiot.

  • misslmh11

    Me gusta ^_^

  • rae

    i really like it!!!! i love short blond hair and i would totally love to rock this look too

  • Anna

    She looks like a boy with a 90’s bowl cut.

  • Nuni

    no disrespect but it seems like she’s trying extremely hard to get away from her “good- girl” image.

  • Reign

    Tbh i think i have a crush now ;D shhhhhunuunun

  • Angel

    This is just pure AWESOME.

  • Kassy

    I actually like it! She kinda looks like Robyn. I preferred it when she had it platinum and long though /: But good for her!

  • ProudIslander._.

    When I dyed my hair bright red these 8th grade boys came up to me and asked if I had my period on my head.

    • Awesomeness


  • Alex

    I actually like it…it’s something different, and she wants to have fun. Live and let live.

  • Becca

    She looks like Draco Malfoy.

    • BleedingSun

      But that’s okay cuz he’s hot too ;D

    • britt poteet