7 Ditsy Kim Kat-Dashian Quotes

Let’s face it, we all have our ditsy moments. I thought Florida and California were next to each other until I was sixteen years old. Kim Kardashian, though she has some (achem) commendable assets, has plenty of ditsy moments and lucky for us–they’re made public on television. Just like Cady in Mean Girls had a theory that if you shaved Regina George’s head bald she would look like a British man, I have a theory too. Any of the silly things Kim K. says, as ridiculous as they are, would be 1,000 times funnier . . . if she were a cat.

Lucky for me Gurl.com has the Photoshop science to test this theory.

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  • sade

    i hate kim kardashian shes a snobby b-i-t-c-h !

  • Kim

    That awkward moment when your name is also “Kim K.”

  • Alyssa

    These are so stupid it’s not even funny.

    • jananae