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Being in a relationship is great – but guess what? Being single is just as great. We swear! There are pro’s and con’s to being single and to being attached, just like there is with anything else. And while it can be awesome to have a boyfriend on your arm, it can also be awesome to be totally free to do your own thing, whenever you want.

Sometimes it feels like I’m always hearing single girls complaining about being single. Ladies, there’s no need for that! So when I found a girl in our message boards who explained the best things about being single, I knew I had to share it with you. Read what she has to say, and once you do, I guarantee you’ll be embracing and loving your single lifestyle.

BuddhaBaby said:
If I can just take a moment to get on my soapbox… No offense to any of the ladies on here, but it kind of annoys me to read so many comments about how some girls are basing their entire livelihood on the fact that they don’t have or can’t get a boyfriend.

To me, that sets womanhood back a couple of centuries at least.

Now, I was also like that once. I felt like a loser and a nobody because guys wouldn’t ask me out (and the ones who DID ask me out were total freaks). It made me feel unwanted and unattractive, like there was something wrong with me.

In high school, I felt left out because all of the other girls seemed to have boyfriends. And what REALLY annoyed me was the fact that these girls weren’t necessarily pretty, or smart, or funny, or interesting… but they all still seemed to have something that I didn’t have, and that bugged the crap out of me. I made it through four years of high school and never once went out on a date.

Now here I am: 21 years old, still single, senior in college, majoring in criminal justice with a good chance of getting into a good law school. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier.

Who needs a Prince Charming when you’ve got YOU?! | Source: ShutterStock

Long story short, I had to basically figure out for myself that my self-esteem shouldn’t be based on how other people see me or don’t see me. It’s just not fair. Why should I sit around hating my life just because I don’t have a boyfriend? Why should I expect someone to come into my life and make me feel good when I can’t even do that myself? Truth be told, it’s just plain sad.

And I absolutely take offense to the way the media always portrays single people as pathetic and lonely.

My point is this, ladies: believe it or not, your life doesn’t stop just because you’re the only one in your circle who doesn’t have someone to suck face with on a regular basis. Before you brainwash yourself into thinking that not having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) automatically means you’ll be single for the rest of your life, try this: Have Your Own Life!!

Seriously, why not spend time with family? Or go out and make some friends. Take up a hobby, put your energy into school and/or work. Engage in something that makes YOU happy and stop waiting around for someone else to do it for you. While you’re out having fun, you just might… TA-DA! Meet someone who is interested in you.

But please, DON’T turn into that desperate soul who treats being single like a prison sentence. Part of life is trying to figure out who YOU are and what YOU’RE all about. If you feel like you’re lonely, it’s because you’re telling yourself that you’re lonely. And wanting to be in a relationship just to say you’re in a relationship is NOT a good idea.

So what I’m basically saying is this, ladies: the purpose of life is to be happy and if you can’t be happy on your own, then how can you expect someone else to do the job for you? So don’t sit around waiting for someone to come into your world and make you “see the light”. Just go out and find it yourself!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single – just like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being in a relationship.

Do you agree with this girl? What’s your favorite thing about being single? Have you ever had a boyfriend? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  • shweta singh

    wow…..its awesome thinking
    one day i had a bf but after some month ago i realized that single life is so good.
    we are freedom for do any think.
    in my home there are no allow boyfriend but when i had boyfriend i very scared that one day my parents will know all about it and will get out me in my home
    so i decided to leave my boyfriend and than my life is so ant tension and no any problem and we can also focus in our study like me.
    so don’t be sad that you have no any are so Independence and me too.

  • Vinny

    I like being single because I get to be totally selfish!
    I please myself totally.
    I am me
    I don’t argue with anyone
    I have nothing to prove
    If I want something I get it myself
    If I suceed at doing something the satisfaction is all mine
    My thoughts are my own
    My mind is never in conflict
    I make my mind up quickly
    I never doubt myself
    Just a few things of why being single is great!

    P.s I have kids too

  • hotjamale

    im 19 and currently have my first serious boyfriend ever. We’ve been together for 9 months now and are completely in love, but sometimes I really miss being single! over the last 18 years of my life, Ive had the oppurtunity to get to know myself, to do absolutely anything I want, to feel however I want to about anyone, and to only have to think about myself. Now that Im 19 i want to go travelling, to see the world, to experience all there is to experience, and thats hard to do with a boyfriend to be truthful. We are awesome together, but its such a complication. It is worth it, dont get me wrong, but there are soo many perks to being single that single people forget they have. I always loved being single and was never all that envious of my friends with their boyfriends. I partied hard, kept myself super busy with things I love to do, and got to manage my time based on ME not my boyfriends work schedule!

  • ambee

    i loved this piece. I recently got out of a serious relationship and i felt like that was the end and nothing else would ever come into my life. but as the days went by i always got reminded that it wasn’t perfect at all, the little things and big things bad and good (mostly the bad) got us in the situation we r in. So as i was moping around crying myself to sleep every other night eventually i realised i had stopped everything that made me who i am as well as happy. Long story short i put aside my old thoughts and ridiculous accusations of never finding another guy like him (hopefully i never will since i saw his true scary colours) and went back to my hiking, music,biking, art,hanging with my #1 girl, and photography which i am focusing on going to school for,as well moving into a new place with new people, and i feel great being single! no body to worry about, or make me feel guilty for nothing, just me myself and I plus my loving hard working mom who is always there for me! just wanted to share cuz its 100% awesome to be single! and if you cant love urself you will never find anyone who will really love “YOU”

    • shweta singh

      really i agree with you ambee and i like this.i follow this

  • Ahalya

    And also, though the article says “Why I Love Being Single”, she doesn’t say even once throughout the article WHY she loves being single. It totally drifts off the point, and she goes on to give advice to people in hypothetical situations. She hasn’t told us ONE thing she does while she’s busy being… not busy XD

    • lalala

      I agree so much, I seriously expected a list of reasons, but not advice. I guess until you didn’t point it out, no one would notice.

  • carpinteyrorui

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  • appameRuh

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  • Yvonne

    Why bother worrying about how you look all the time and birth control and all those stuff? what’s probably gonna happen is that he will just brake your heart.

  • durlov

    To me, she is just hiding her frustrations or fear with this FALSE sense of meaning created by ownself. She is just 21 and yet to go through life. Life is just starting for her, keeping this discussion in perspective.

    • ZoZo

      I think what she says makes sense. Life isn’t how many boyfriends/girlfriends you have, it’s about the moments when you are truly happy. If you’re busy pining after a boyfriend/girlfriend you’re not truly happy.

  • AsianIggs1

    I totally agree. I enjoyed being single. Well, I’m enjoying it right now, at least. I’m just waiting for someone 😉 But anyways, I totally see what you’re saying. I used to think I was what everyone DIDN’T want. Then, one day, I realized that when my Mom said they probably secretly liked me, that she was right. Not every guy who picks on you is picking on you because you’re not one of them.

    Now, I know this sounds like it has nothing to do with anything, but here’s where it does: When I realized she was right, I realized that I WAS pretty. In my OWN ways. I’m downright gorgeous in my mind now.

    I don’t mean to sound egotistical, but I felt better after I realized this. I’m content being single. Sure, I’d like to have someone someday, but I’m okay with however I end up, because I’m amazing either way.

  • caniloveu

    being single rocks you can do what u want without having to worry about someone wanting to take the next step in your relationship when your not ready!

  • Mel

    Plus, when you’re single you can fool around on parties and flirt with guys in clubs and so on. When you’re in a relationship, you don’t have the freedom to do that, you just have to keep being faithful for the same guy! Especially if you’re with the jealous type..

  • turtleshelll

    It’s true, I remember being in middle school and being so depressed that I didn’t have a boyfriend. So when I got into highschool and saw that someone was intersted in me that wasn’t completely on the scale of the highschool totem pole (though trust me, he’s a loser, what’s cool in highschool is completely dorky in the real world) I jumped at the chance to be in a relationship despite the fact that I barely knew him, had nothing in common with him, and wasn’t really emotionaly mature enough to be in a relationship. We only “dated” for about a month and d he broke up with me over text message. That kicked things into perspective for me. I think, I couldn’t belive that I had been dumped so cruely by such a loser. Even though I was the geek that had never kissed a boy, I was better looking, smarter, and just a more fun and intersting person. I discovered that I didn’t hate him, nor was their any heart break, I just couldn’t believe that I had based myself worth and lowered my standards enough to date someone that just wasn’t right for me. So the next year I remained single and flirted with boys I thought were cute, but didn’t worry about relationships and it was one of the best years of my life. During that year I was super self confident and content with my life and I and formed a great friendship with my current boyfriend, and despite the fact that I knew he liked me from the get go, I friend zoned him, because I just wasn’t ready gor a realationship and I wanted to know if I really liked him as more than a friend before becoming romantically involved. Now after making him wait a year and sorting through my feelings we’ve been dating for about eight monthes, and he is the perfect boyfriend. But I could have never been happy with him if I hadn’t taken some time to put my own life together first and learnt to make myself happy.