Are Your Favorite Disney Characters Gay?!

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If Lady Gaga were a Disney cartoon, she’d love these same-sex couplings of Disney characters, because they were bippity, boppity, born this way. | Source

Picture your favorite Disney cartoon from when you were a kid–or now, because, let’s be real, they’re pretty timeless. Now picture some of your favorite Disney characters in same-sex relationships. Pretty cool, right? But now take it a step further: Take your favorite Disney characters and put them in same-sex relationships with characters from other Disney cartoons. It’s pretty much the ultimate crossover–from one “team” to another and from one Disney cartoon to another.

An artist named Rodolfo Loaiza did just that in his new artwork for the Disasterland exhibit at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, which also features this shot of beloved Disney character Cinderella sporting LGBTQ supporter Lady Gaga’s signature meat dress.

The exhibit features dark humored versions of your favorite Disney characters (think Snow White boozing it up in the woods–an image that Liberty Ross actually Instagrammed around the time Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders’ affair broke), but also these unconventional happy endings to Disney cartoons. Loaiza explained, “Heterosexual happy endings have been discarded; outdated. In this story, discriminated minorities will finally achieve the resolution they’ve yearned for, beyond any bias or phobia.”

While there’s totes nothing wrong with a hetero happy ending–we don’t think any kind of cheery resolution will ever really be outdated–Loaiza’s point raises a few questions. Will we ever see same sex couples in Disney cartoons? When Disney characters Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana were introduced, they broke some serious ground by simply not being white. While there was some speculation (and, in our opinion, overreaching) that Merida from Brave may be a lesbian, it was never explicitly stated–and frankly, we just think she was a cool ginger who was more interested in archery than romance of any kind.

Since Disney cartoons cater to children and families, it will be interesting to see what the company makes of these images and what steps they may take to support and showcase the LGBTQ community in their work. Because let’s face it: there are LGBTQ children and families, too, so there may well someday–hopefully–be LGBTQ Disney characters to represent them.

In the meantime, check out Loaiza’s homosexual matchmaking below. Do you think he paired the right Disney characters to support truly happy endings for these couples?

Aladdin and Hercules

Aladdin had a reputation for both lying and agility in his Disney cartoon (think all that bread stealing and machete-dodging). Paired up with Hercules, who can be accident prone and gullible, we think they may actually be able to make this work, so long as the erstwhile Prince Ali doesn’t take advantage of his demigod darling.

Belle and Jasmine

Belle loves to read, Jasmine loves to travel, so their conversations would never be boring. They both adore their fathers and were raised without moms, so we think they could find a lot of common ground–and they’re both good at seeing through facades (in Belle’s case, a beastly exterior and in Jasmine’s, faux royalty) to see someone’s true Disney character. Match made in Disney cartoon heaven!

Jafar and Captain Hook

Let these two jerks have each other–it will keep them from bothering anyone else. Plus, anyone else a little weirded out that Captain Hook spent so much time chasing children around? And he has a mustache. Creep.

Ursula and Maleficent

Everyone’s favorite evil Disney characters! They can share makeup tips (in their Disney cartoons, they each have skin tones not found in nature, scarlet lips, and black appendages) and teach other more wicked sorcery. While they’d likely make a pretty passionate couple, it might wreak havoc on the rest of the world.

Do you think Disney cartoons should feature gay characters? Do you think Disney characters need more diversity? Do you think having gay Disney characters would turn some people against the company or gain it more fans? Which Disney characters do you think would make the best couple? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Uhm…

    Honey, sexuality isn’t a choice. There is no “default,” heterosexuality is just the assumed norm (which sucks for LGBT youth that have to “come out” like it’s a big deal the gender of the person they love). Did you choose to like the opposite gender, consciously? Do you choose who you get crushes on? Or the feeling you would get if someone of the same gender came on to you?
    This isnt gonna turn any straight kids gay, unless you’d like to tell me that the original cartoons of a girl and a guy turned gay kids straight. In which case any gay youth struggling to tell their parents should really just watch some Disney cartoons.

  • Mila

    The default of sexuality is homophobic. Later on children can decide on what they want to be. Directing this at a bunch of eight year olds is asking for trouble between families because obviously this is widely unacceptable to many families. It’s bad enough when the guy and girl character kiss. This is something that kids who see the guy and girl kiss equal to the girl girl, vice versa. They see this themselves, not by cartoons. What are we doing, advertising sexuality? What would anyone be GAINING by making a gay couple for cartoons? Think about it.

    • Mila

      *the default of sexuality is hetro-, I meant to say.