Do Dudes Like Curvy Girls? Of Course, Duh!

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Curvy girls are more attractive to guys who are under stress–aka all of them! | Source

Curvy girls, rejoice! A new study says that lots of guys are into curvy girls–especially if those guys are stressed out. And let’s be real, who isn’t stressed out nowadays?

A new study shows that during times of high stress, men are more sexually attracted to curvy girls than they are to skinnier women. In the study, 81 men were examined to check the effects of stress on men’s sexual preferences, and the results showed that men who are under more stress are more attracted to women with high BMIs (body mass indexes).

How did they test these guys out and assess their stress levels? They put half of the guys in situations that would make anyone stressed out. In one scenario, they had the high stress situation of a simulated job interview–the guys had to give a five minute oral presentation to a room full of strangers under the pretense that it’d snag them a job. That would stress you out too, right? Then, immediately after that, they had the poor guys to count backwards by 13s (wtf?!) starting at 1,022 (really, WTF?!). That would definitely stress anyone out, because, well, who does that in any normal situation?

As for the other half of the group? Instead of being exposed to stress, they got to relax in another room. Must be nice!

When the stressed out guys were done with their inane, headache-inducing tasks, they and their low-stress counterparts were asked to rate the attractiveness of 10 different women, ranging in size from “emaciated to obese,” on a scale of one to 10. (While we’re not a fan of being rated based on looks alone in any case, bear with us–and admit it, you’ve probably admitted that a hottie was a “10” at some point, right?)

The stressed out group rated the normal (their word for “average” or healthy weight girls–not ours, since we think ALL shapes and sizes are normal!), overweight, and obese women (better known as the “curvy girls”) as more attractive than the low-stress group did. There are a few explanations for this, but this one makes a lot of sense to us: One scientist involved in the study explained that an appreciation of curvy girls may be a caveman survival instinct. Researcher Helen Fisher said, “It certainly would have been adaptive for ancestral man to have a chubby wife during stressful times of famine. Not only would she have had more calories to burn, and thus more energy and endurance, but since fat stores estrogen, she would have remained fertile for longer.” Kinda awesome, right?

While curvy girls are more attractive to men under stress than men who aren’t stressed out (and in this economy, most dudes are, in fact, under at least some stress), don’t go out and binge on Big Macs in hope of a few more pounds landing you a man. Why?

Because–and here’s the really awesome part–the guys under stress rated every woman as more attractive than their relaxed pals did, not exclusively the curvy girls.

Stress is apparently good for the dating lives of ladies of all shapes and sizes! So if you’re ever tempted to diet or eat more to attract a guy you’re into, remember: As long as stress exists in the world (and it does right now in spades!), there will be a ton of guys out there who love you and your hot bod exactly as you are. So whether you’re in the curvy girls club or a tall drink of water, embrace and love yourself as is–because chances are there’s a guy out there who already does.

Do you think guys are always more attracted to curvy girls or that stress plays a role? Do you think the economy is a factor in guys finding curvy girls attractive? Has a guy you know ever been more attracted to curvy girls when he was stressed out? Tell us in the comments!

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  • manthra

    it is not easy for boys to attract girls but girls easily attract the boys .some boys do not know to attract the girls they will irretate the girls sometimes

  • manthra

    girls can attract the boy with their eyes is very easy to attract a boy

  • Auth

    it’s true. Girls actually go for looks more than guys. They’re ultra picky just bcuaese society makes the guys go after the girls, so they (women) gain this ego from being sought after so much. This ego makes them think they’re so hot, you see it all the time on myspace pages with those stupid slogans (Your girls turn heads, my girls break necks) lol what a bunch of dumb ho’s.

  • Cat

    I wish people would just use the word fat.
    FAT!!! There isn’t anything wrong with being fat! Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself. So just say it, I AM FAT AND AWESOME. Or, hey, maybe your skinny and awesome. My point is, i wish people would stop treating fat as a bad thing. Stop trying to make it sound cute by calling it ‘curvy’ or ‘chubby’ or ‘flubber’ its FAT and there’s nothing wrong with that!

    • Adriana

      Curvy doesn’t mean you have fat on you, it means you have hips and a larger bone structure. Most tall and skinny girls don’t have hips, and there are plants of girls with hips who don’t have an ounce of excess fat on them. Curvy is a shape, not a size.

  • Katie

    No one here is trying to discriminate a person of a certain body type, let the love be spread as intended!

  • Chelsea

    It was targeted to “curvy” girls, but if you actually read THE WHOLE article it said that the findings said that men who were stressed were more attracted to women of ALL SIZES. They targeted towards “curvy” or obese girls because these are the women that don”t fit our current ridiculous standard of beauty. Hope that cleared some stuff up skinny girls (: Tall girls unite!!!

  • Elena

    This is basically discriminating against skinnier girls. like me. ugh -.-
    Imagine how much hate you would get if you posted an article about “men attracted to skinner girls.” the articles nowadays are just awful.. they go against everything gurl used to say.

    • ashley

      I disagree completely. my bmi is underweight, so i would be classified as a ‘skinny girl’ and i think this article is FANTASTIC! curvy girls get so much more hate than we do, and its awesome to see them getting some praise! i dont think this was discriminating against thin girls in any way; maybe some guys just have a type!

    • Lynn

      Ya, i agree this article discriminate against skinnier girls…. Why can’t they accept that some girls are naturally skinny (despite how much they eat) while some are on the bigger side?

      Wish everyone would accept they look like and not discriminate others that don’t look like them.

  • ProudIslander._.

    But they can also just have a type :s