What Is Mononucleosis? Facts About The Kissing Disease

What is mononucleosis or the kissing disease?

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Oh man. You’ve heard of the kiss of death, and let me tell you that getting mononucleosis (or the kissing disease, as it’s sometimes called) feels nearly as bad.

But what is mononucleosis, anyway? And how can you keep yourself from getting it? Here are all the facts you need to know about mono:

* The Epstein-Barr virus causes mononucleosis, and it’s transmitted through saliva.

* You can get mono through kissing or sharing cups or silverware with someone who has the virus. You can also get it if someone with mono coughs or sneezes near you–and some of their saliva reaches you. ICK!

* You’re most likely to get mononucleosis as a teen or young adult.

* The totally sucky symptoms include: feeling crazy tired and weak, having a sore throat, a fever, swollen glands in your armpits and neck, a headache, and more.

* There’s no medication that can make mononucleosis go away faster. All you can do is rest and drink tons of fluids to flush out that nasty virus.

* In super rare cases, having mono could make your spleen burst open (youch!). If you know you’ve got the virus, and you feel a sharp pain all of a sudden on the left side of your rib cage, call your doctor immediately.

* The good news is that once you’ve had mononucleosis, you can’t get it again.

To learn more about mononucleosis, click here.

Have you ever had mono? Do you know anybody who’s had it? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  • day t.

    sooo to make along story short… i had this virus 2011-2012 it took alot of time to find out that i had it and after then i was not the same person as i was before.
    what i can say about what i gone through it was horrible i felt like my brain was dead i sometimes woke up in the morning and felt like i could not even walk sooooo weak and besides that i had cramps and pain at least 3 months long. somehow i think not very many doctors know much about this and the first doctors i went to told me i have a burn out thank god that my senses told me that is not possible because i love to go to work and i knew from the bottom of my heart that it must be something else. my ex put a black widow in my appartment after my sickness i found out that a black widow can give you the ebs virus i suffered at least 7 months and was not able to do my job almost lost everything that i own i just wanted to know if someone else also had any symtoms like these

  • Ivy

    I am Doing a report on Mono thanks fir the info

  • Caitybug326

    I had mono about three years ago and it left me
    tired and cranky I hated it.

  • Sophie

    I had mono one year ago and it was terrible. All I did was to stay at home and being sick for more than 4 months! I still can’t belive how I got the time to pass (guess I was sick, but still..). I also gained alot of weight because you are not allowed to exercise (not that I managed anyway) because you can get a long term disease by pushing yourself to hard .

    My warning to everyone out there, don’t drink from other peoples bottles! Even if you already have had mono, you can still get other stuff like herpies for instance. Just pay that extra money and drink from your own bottle ^_^

    • Trenton

      how did you gain weight i have it right now and i cant eat any thing cause my tonsils are so swollen

  • Megan

    My friend Jenn had it once and it was so bad she got these black ploches all over her neck. She was living at my house at the time so i ended up with it! Then my Mom, Dad, and little brother got it to. Cause they drank out of my watterbottle!

  • Julie

    When I was like 10 I got it and i never kissed anybody… My throat swelled up huge and I slept all the time… Couldn’t even stay awake for a 2 hour movie…..

  • Lilme

    I had mono last year..I was out of school for the whole month of december! It was terrible, I literally thought I was going to die. I couldnt breathe right. I felt dizzy for standing after a couple minutes. I was home alone all day. I had my neighbor, who was unemployed at the time, sit down at my house while I showered in case I passed out. I got it from sharing a lollipop..as a joke everyone got me a ton of lollipops for christmas..haha definitely the worst days ever! If you ever get it, make sure to sip on water all day..even though it hurts a little. Dehydration can kill you.

  • Jay

    I had mono for a while after sharing my chapstick with like eleven people at camp. It was horrible, now I never share my chapstick!

  • anonymous

    There is no need to be paranoid by mononucleosis because basically everything out there could potentially kill us. But hey! doesn’t hurt to check for cuts first. Then go ahead and smooch that cutie! ( BTW I had to check the article 5 times to spell monoblahblahblah correctly. )

  • Janurary

    No more spin the bottle for me.

  • Alice Chrisofferson

    Hello please noone think im a bad friend but well what happen was my friend Virginia met this guy on facebook, And i told her multible times dont meet this guy you never know! So she ignored me and kissed this guy multible times on her date. Now i should wentbthere and stoped it but how coyld i right ? I didn’t even know here they met but anyway she got MONO FROM THE KID UGGHHH. She was gone in the hospitable for a month :..( Ugh did i feel bad