Stop Asking Me What’s Wrong! It’s Just My Face!

What is everyone smiling about all the time? |

I don’t know what’s up with my face, but people seem to think something is wrong with it.

Everyone: Are you OK?
Everyone: Are you upset?
Everyone: You look really tired, did you get enough sleep?
Everyone: What’s wrong?
Everyone: Did something happen?
Everyone: Did I just say something wrong?
Everyone: What’s going on with you?

Me: It’s just my face.

Admittedly, I’m not the most emotional person in the world. I am generally neutral, indifferent, or even keeled. I am definitely not sad, tired, unhappy or upset most of the time.

If you get me going on unfairness and injustice–yeah, you’ll get me passionately riled up. I either have a strong opinion on something because it is meaningful to me or I don’t have any opinion at all because I don’t have enough info on the subject. I think the combination of being outspoken and not being super smiley all the time makes people think that I am always angry.

I cannot help being sassy. I also can’t help the fact that I am not easily amused by fart jokes or the things that lots of people enjoy, like The Big Bang Theory. (It’s not for me.)

Guys are taught to appear unemotional and stoic, so it’s no big deal when you see an expressionless dude. Girls, on the other hand are supposed to be bubbly. When we aren’t smiles and rainbows people tend to think something is wrong or that we’re cold. It sucks.

I’m fine! Also, I am generally not mean. There’s a difference between disliking “Call Me Maybe” and being a rude, obnoxious, angry person.

People have actually described me as “downtrodden“. They have told me that they were scared or intimidated by me. I’m just hanging out, guys! I’m just chillin’ on Tumblr and Twitter, like the rest of yous. It’s really just my face!

If thinking about burritos all day makes your face all frowny–then I am guilty as charged.

Do people tell you to smile? Do they treat you odd because of how you carry yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Seth

    For me it’s a stoic introverted thing. My mother loves to ask, “what’s wrong?” at least twenty times when nothing is. By the time she asks the 20th time I’m actually pissed off because she’s annoyed me to death. Now she asks, “why aren’t you talking?” I am a 100% INTJ on the Meyers-Brigg. I *never* talk outside of my job. I never answer my phone, texts, etc. This is nothing new. I’ve always been an introvert…. but she’s a pure extrovert and thinks that anyone who isn’t emotional, social and talkative is depressed and needs medication.

  • babyblues

    OMG! when I am at school, I have a pretty serious look on my face. I have a twin brother and many of the girls tell him that I am mean and don’t like them because I give them dirty looks. Umm No that is just my face. Alot of the guys tell my brother Im hot, but untouchable. Im shy okay…I dont talk to people I dont know that often, unless you talk to me first. My brother and I have finally started this thing where if I have my natural, however mean, face on he will walk past and be like “your face”. to let me know Im giving the entire school dirty looks lol!

  • Alexandra

    Everyone says the same. They all think I was crying or I’m really sad. Some even say in giving the “death glare” when really it’s just me. I’m alway like that. :/

  • Courtney

    I get that a lot too. Everyone says I look sad or they ask me if everything is okay. It doesn’t really bother me and usually I just laugh it off. If I had a smile plastered on my face like the Burger King guy I think it would creep people out lol I can’t help if how I look doesn’t correlate with how I’m feeling.

  • Kaity

    YEAH! Today this group from my course invited me to go eat lunch with them, and i was happy/surprised they asked me, so i went, and i was fine, but then 2 of the guys were sitting there whispering to eachother, laughing, and they were looking directly at me so i got all paranoid and asked them what they were saying, they said nothing, but then once we all left and walked back to class one of them said “what’s wrong with your face?” it looks like you’re going to cry, you look like a crybaby! and then they started doing loud crying imitations and laughing.. wtf!~~really, they don’t get my face is just like that -.- well atleast from reading this page im not the only one

  • Pgeezy

    this happens to me all the time, sometimes im in this great mood and i feel happy but on the outside look so serious. i get it all the time.

  • Influenced2

    I’m not easily amused by fart jokes, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and I don’t like “Call Me Maybe” quite as much as other people do. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol. I used to get asked all the time in middle school and some of high school “Are You Ok?” “What’s Wrong”, “You need to smile more”, “You’re so serious”, like with the serious face, LOL, and sometimes I would just be like STFU ! It really bothered me. Sometimes something would be wrong, other times, it was just my face, idk ๐Ÿ™‚ But yeah, it doesn’t happen to me anymore. I tried smiling more. But people just ask that question sometimes, and it doesn’t just happen to you, obviously ๐Ÿ™‚

  • missdelphine1

    Same here!

  • Bee

    I get told a lot that I look upset or angry too! I’ve snapped at my friends often because of them, and I end up feeling bad afterwards. Its just because of my face…

  • Kaiya

    Exactly!!!!!! I hate when this happens at school and people always want to know whats wrong and in my head I’m just like leave me alone!! Just because I’m not running around with a smile doesn’t mean that I’m not “happy” but it also doesn’t mean that I’m upset.

  • Hannah

    One day in 5th grade, my teacher yelled at me for having a “smirk” on my face. She made me miss my recess for an entire week! I mean really! I apologize that I’m a reasonably happy person and I smile every now and again!

    • TrendyNerdLuvMB

      Wow that’s really stoopid why wuld someone be upset because you have a smirk on your face?


  • Chloe

    Since I am a generally shy and quiet person at school, I don’t tend to smile or act like myself around people I don’t consider as my close friends. Every day when I sit at my desk and stare into space, people go up to me or tap me on the shoulder and ask me if I’m okay. Obviously, it’s not like anyone is making an effort to talk to me anyway, so I just say, “Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about stuff.” But really, it gets on my nerves, even when we have to do things like pairings or group projects and everyone around me has already decided on a partner and I’m the odd one out of the bunch who never gets picked to be in anyone’s group unless it is out of sympathy or someone just needing a person. For some reason, everyone thinks I’m hurt or I’m going to break down crying because I’m the only one without a group or partner. Honestly, it does hurt my feelings a little bit, but it’s not as though it bothers me so much that I’ll bawl like a baby. Really, people need to at least try to make an effort to know me first before thinking there’s something wrong with me. If there’s something wrong, I’ll more than likely say so if I feel like it.

  • aaronbabet

    yesh same here! people arealways saying im upset but im NOT!

  • Sam

    Same here!! If I’m not smiling everyone asks me if something is wrong. I got so worked up one day that I snapped at the next person that asks. It’s so annoying!!

  • Abby

    I can relate in a different way. Mom: Are you feeling okay?
    See, I have VERY pale skin so my face always looks flushed. So I just say to her: No- I’ll tell you if I feel sick. Then I roll my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Flower4536

    omg i can totaly relate to this people sometimes tell me are you ok why are you sad its annoying

  • NusDesi

    All the time ! I get told by family all the time that I need to smile more. Its not that I’m mad, its just the way my face is.

  • Gabbers

    A-freaking-men. At this point when people ask me what’s wrong, I just tell them I live with chronic bitchface.

    • SpontaneousGurl

      I like your humour. That made me giggle. ๐Ÿ˜€ . and hi people!!