Which Pop Star Are You?

which pop star are you

She’s doing her OWN thing! | Source: Shutterstock

Are you quirky and super upbeat? Would your songs be a little moody? Find out which pop star you’re most like with this super revealing quiz!

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Who’s your favorite pop star? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Christopher Derricott

    Taylor swift

  • kirti


  • Stephanie

    It doesn’t work 🙁 can’t get 2 next Q on iPod

    • SofiNeedsALadder

      It works fine on my Droid 4. You proabably don’t have Adobe Flash Player installed( I’m on a Droid, which comes with Google Chrome, which has Flash Player built in). What generation ipod are you using? I have no idea if Flash Player is supported in Safari, which is the default browser that Apple devices use.