From The Message Boards: Do You Think Guys Should Shave Down There?

guys shaving down there

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I’m not exactly sure when shaving “down there” became super popular, but all I know is that it is. A lot of girls feel pressured to get rid of their pubic hair, and lately, it seems like more guys expect girls to do so. But even though it might feel like this is something only girls do, that’s not true – plenty of guys are taking their razors down south also.

So the question is: do you want your boyfriend/hookup buddy to shave down there? Does it matter to you if he’s got hair in that area? I saw this discussion in the message boards and knew I had to get more opinions. Read what these girls think and then fill us in on what you think about dudes shaving down there.

amused said:
So I just got sexually involved with a guy and found out that he shaves himself completely bald eagle!! He has very fine body hair, but said he’s been shaving down there for three years. I immediately decided that I like it (a lot!)… but my question is: have any of you found a guy like this? How many guys do you think do this?

LotusFlower182 said:
My FWB trims it. He doesn’t go bald. I’m fine as long as there’s not a friggin’ forest down there. Men are hairy creatures, anyway.

leothelion_89 said:
I think it’s more socially acceptable for guys to shave than it once was, but I’m not sure if I would call it common.

I know my boyfriend agreed to try it when I told him I thought I would like it. It turns out I LOVE it. Now he does it for me quite often!

It’s definitely become more socially acceptable for dudes to shave down there. But no matter how much you like it or don’t like it, you should never pressure a guy into doing it. If he wants to get rid of his pubic hair, let him. If he wants to keep it hairy, that’s his choice. The main thing to remember is that it’s his body, so he gets to decide what’s happening down there.

And you shouldn’t feel like you have to like it either. Just because shaving down there has become more popular doesn’t mean every single person has to be into it. In the end, there’s no reason to stress about body hair. We all have it, whether we like it or not!

How do you feel about guys shaving down there? Do you think they should? Have you ever dated a guy who did? Tell us in the comments!


What do YOU do about shaving down there?

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  • Steven Daniel

    I started doing it when I tanned in the nude and my pubes would not tan so I began to trim then shaved completely. Been doing now for close to twenty years. I’m also submissive and Dominate woman like their man toys kept smooth

  • expat1observer

    Why should it be his decision? If I am taking that piece of his anatomy in my mouth then I decide on its grooming. If he would ever refuse to shave completely bald, he would have no oral satisfaction. He does complain that it is embarrassing in the changing rooms, but I told him bluntly that he should be more embarrassed about his belly protruding than his genitals looking boyishly youthful. So there. Make your man groom the way you like it and buy a good strong paddle to enforce the rules!

  • Andras ap Gwilym

    I’m in my 60’s . Been clean shaven since I was 14. Served a full career in the Army.

    Every woman I have ever been with preferred it. When I was in the Army some other lads tried it and it was noticeable that the ones who were married tended to stay that way so I assume their wives preferred it.

  • wasserball

    I was natural because I thought it was unmanly until one day I was crazy and trimmed my pubes with a hair trimmer. I find that the area is easier to wash and dry. Sometimes, I shave everything. My SO loves it because nothing gets in her way. At the gym showers, I see that most of the guys are either shaved or trimmed, so I don’t think it is unusual anymore for a guy to shave down there.

  • Linda

    My hubby has had several pubic hair styles over the years. When we were first married he was all natural, no trimming at all. Over the years he has always been trimmed or shaved, both of which I like a lot. My choice is trimmed up nicely and to have his shaft and balls always shaved. Unplanned there are times I throw him on the bed and shave him completely bald or he surprises me. I love my hubby for him, not his pubic hair style

  • can he be trusted?

    My guy shaved after 6yyrs he didn’t tell me but when we were going to be together he told me.i didn’t like it cause I thought it was a gay much like a boy he said he. Done it cause his underwear was getting caught on his hair.I’m not sure if I believe that .where does a man just out of the blue come up with I’m shaving my pubic hair off? Did he get bugs? Or did he find another and that’s what she wanted? I don’t think a man should shave his pubic hair…

  • Cory

    I shave it because my wife loves it that way and it feels great. I agree with many others here, do what makes you and yours happy. If you enjoy the bush keep it, or trim/shave it, up to you. It great to enjoy you body and feel sexy in your skin.

  • Tyler

    My wife loves it when I shave she says she doesn’t get hair in her mouth when she gives me a blowjob and it feels smooth and nice

  • Dan

    When I started growing hair when I was about 12, I never really cared for it. Sure, it’s a sign of growing up, but the hair seemed to itch and be in the way as I learned to masturbate. So I’d shave it off in the summer. As I got older, I started plucking it (in the early 80’s). My ex didn’t care for me being bald so.i didn’t do it as much. After my divorce, I started dating again. After seeing one woman a couple times I decided to surprise her by showing up all plucked smooth and my cock and balls bald. She was surprised and she liked it at the same time. She wasn’t shaved and had me do her – partly. The next time I saw her, she was 100% shaved and she liked it so.much she never stopped.

    Since then, I started electrolysis and laser treatments and am 100% permanently bald smooth. My current wife loves the smooth look and especially feel. I never itch. Hair never gets caught in my balls or gets pulled in my underwear. I love the feel of totally smooth and obviously would never go back to having hair.