From The Message Boards: Do You Think Guys Should Shave Down There?

guys shaving down there

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I’m not exactly sure when shaving “down there” became super popular, but all I know is that it is. A lot of girls feel pressured to get rid of their pubic hair, and lately, it seems like more guys expect girls to do so. But even though it might feel like this is something only girls do, that’s not true – plenty of guys are taking their razors down south also.

So the question is: do you want your boyfriend/hookup buddy to shave down there? Does it matter to you if he’s got hair in that area? I saw this discussion in the message boards and knew I had to get more opinions. Read what these girls think and then fill us in on what you think about dudes shaving down there.

amused said:
So I just got sexually involved with a guy and found out that he shaves himself completely bald eagle!! He has very fine body hair, but said he’s been shaving down there for three years. I immediately decided that I like it (a lot!)… but my question is: have any of you found a guy like this? How many guys do you think do this?

LotusFlower182 said:
My FWB trims it. He doesn’t go bald. I’m fine as long as there’s not a friggin’ forest down there. Men are hairy creatures, anyway.

leothelion_89 said:
I think it’s more socially acceptable for guys to shave than it once was, but I’m not sure if I would call it common.

I know my boyfriend agreed to try it when I told him I thought I would like it. It turns out I LOVE it. Now he does it for me quite often!

It’s definitely become more socially acceptable for dudes to shave down there. But no matter how much you like it or don’t like it, you should never pressure a guy into doing it. If he wants to get rid of his pubic hair, let him. If he wants to keep it hairy, that’s his choice. The main thing to remember is that it’s his body, so he gets to decide what’s happening down there.

And you shouldn’t feel like you have to like it either. Just because shaving down there has become more popular doesn’t mean every single person has to be into it. In the end, there’s no reason to stress about body hair. We all have it, whether we like it or not!

How do you feel about guys shaving down there? Do you think they should? Have you ever dated a guy who did? Tell us in the comments!


What do YOU do about shaving down there?

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  1. avatarMark says:

    I lost a bet with my wife and I shaved it all bare several years ago. It turns out she loves it and rewards me well when I keep it smooth. I use a triple blade razor in the shower and I have never had any prolems.

  2. avatarJerry says:

    I’m a63 y/o male who has been shaving very smooth for about 5 years now and would not go back to a bush. It feels so nice when masturbating and I’ve never had a gf complain. I am a nudist and the majority of the guys at the clubs or beaches are smooth also. I guess most of the females are too. I never have a problem with itching and I shave every other day. Try it you’ll like it

  3. avatarphil payne says:

    I have shaved for years ad i wear see through thongs its s must. Also i feel cleaner being smooth nd it looks sexy

  4. avatarcharles says:

    shave that hairy monster

  5. avatarMM says:

    I’ve been shaving for the past three years. I love it. My one advice would be to continously do it and don’t let it go back. I shave all my hair. That’s how my wife likes it. Comes down to what you want to do. I shave daily.

  6. avatarCory says:

    My wife prefers everything shaved: chest, belly, shaft, balls, and butt. She gives amazing oral sex so whatever she prefers is fine with me. It’s interesting, she asked me what I prefer and I really like both. Clean looks amazing and feels great but I can totally get turned on by her bush as well. She grows it out for about a month and then shaves it all off (and keeps it that way) for a month. Super hot! I think whatever you spouse prefers should be how you groom, keep each other as happy as possible.

  7. avatarMark says:

    I have had many sessions of Brazilian laser hair removal and Brazilian electrolysis. I am pretty much permanently bald down there. I always had a terrible rash and ingrown hairs when I shaved down there. Now no trouble and I have no regrets. Love the smoothness and wife likes it too

  8. avatarsmooth4her says:

    Soon after we were married my wife surprised me one night when she brought a razor and shave cream to bed and said she wanted to play nurse. As I had had a few drinks and was a bit, uh, um, “tied up” so to speak, my objections were vigorously overruled. I was a bit mad at first but she made it up to me with lots of positive re-enforcement and praise. The first few days of regrowth was the worst as it was itchy but when I complained her remedy was to re-shave me which did relieve the itch. She loved the smooth look and feel and she could not seem to keep her hands off of me so I liked the positive attention, what guy wouldn’t? I have fine soft body hair so no problems with ingrown hairs for me, so I shave in the shower almost every day and have been bald for over 35 years now. It has never been a problem for me or an embarrassment as not many people see me without clothes on. Once while skinny-dipping on a beach many years ago and an occasional doctor or nurse. If anything is said I simply say that my wife prefers me this way. once nurse commented “How sweet of you.”

    My wife tried the shaven look but she had a lot of problems with ingrown hairs so she quickly stopped and only trimmed during swimsuit season. This is fine by me as she has a gloriously thick dark bush which I love the look and feel of on her.

    As to the question Should Guys Shave? It is nobody’s business except the fellow and his woman.

  9. avatarDan says:

    I’ve been trimming and shaving for 20 plus years. I definitely prefer the smooth shaved look and feel and would never go back to having pubic hair. I see it as a personal grooming choice just like shaving my face. I naturally don’t have much hair on my body anyway so I might as well shave it off.

  10. avatarwalter says:

    I like to shave it all smooth hair grows on my shaft an bugs me when I masturbate and I like it when people look at me at th nude beach

  11. avatarg w says:

    I trim to tenth inch on balls shave everything else feels clean don’t pull hair when I ride my bike

  12. avatarGink says:

    Be m shaving myself for years as well and love it! My ex-wife hated it and thought I did it because I was cheating but have done it since we were married. Shaved clean from front to back but usually leave a small patch of hair up front like some woman do usually a upside down triangle!

  13. avatarUbubub says:

    I,m I guy, been shaving there for years. Feels better, cleaner and if a person take care of themselves there then they take care of themselves everywhere.

  14. avatarAndrea says:

    It took a lot of nagging, but I finally convinced my husband to get rid if his pubic hair. I keep mine trimmed, but he’s been completely bald down there and now seems to have adapted to shaving himself for me on a regular basis. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

  15. avatarThomas says:

    I go to the gym 4-5 times per week and most guys in the shower are clean shaven. Yes guys do watch other guys! I’ve always trimmed my chest and pubic hair very short and I do shave now. It makes me feel sexy. My wife likes it…

  16. avatartom says:

    Tried it love it, wife does too! Especially when giving head. Much cooler as well! Great!

  17. avatarGraeme says:

    I shave my pubic hair. I like it as it feels really smooth. My ex-girlfriend started shave too. Very nice :-)

  18. avatarJames says:

    I’ve been going to the gym for the last several months and I am seeing A LOT of men completely shaved bald. I was surprised at first, but I see it so often now (more often than bush) that I’m totally used to it now. In fact, I decided to give it a try myself. I LOVE IT!!! And so does my wife, BIG TIME!! Being smooth is a whole new sensation. I’m sold!! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to having hair down there. My wife told me “Once you go bare, you’ll never go back to hair” (she’s kept her pussy bald for many years). She was totally right!! Guys, give it a try. I know you’ll love it and your woman will too!!

  19. avatarMolly says:

    I prefer when guys are completely clean shaven. It doesn’t make me think its “little boyish” at all. I don’t mind hair that much for sex but if my boyfriend wants me to give him head, I don’t like it at all if there’s any hair, even if its trimmed. I would never pressure my boyfriend into shaving or push the issue on him, but I like it so much better when guys shave!!!

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