Is It Normal For My Parents To Have Sex?

Parents Hace Sex

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Hi Heather,

I was just wondering… is it normal for my parents to have sex? The other day, I went into my parents’ drawer to get my watch, and I found a 12-pack of condoms. To top that off, last summer, I had a nightmare and went to sleep in my mom’s bed because I got freaked out. Once I was in her bed, I put my hand under the pillow and there was a condom. I got up and left, totally weirded out. Is this normal?

While it may be totally weird and creepy and icky to think about, the truth is is that it’s perfectly normal for your parents to have sex. In fact, it’s probably actually a good thing that they’re getting busy with each other – it most likely means that their relationship is healthy and, well, passionate. Good news! Gross news, but still good.

Here’s the thing: for most relationships, sex is a great way to stay intimate and to keep a marriage exciting. When parents hook up, that most likely means they’re still attracted to each other and they still love each other. I know that it sometimes seems like sexy times is something that only happens to younger people, but that’s totally not true. Sex is a completely normal part of any relationship, no matter how old you are. Think about it this way: if your parents weren’t getting frisky in the bedroom, you never would have been born!

Try to put your condom discoveries behind you. If you’d rather not be reminded of your parents’ sex life, try to stay out of their bedroom as much as possible. As weird as it may be for you, your parents do have a right to have a little privacy behind closed doors.

Yes, it’s super icky to know stuff about your parents sex life. No one wants to think about their parents getting it on, so I totally don’t blame you for feeling freaked out here. But the bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel too weird about this. Your parents aren’t doing anything wrong here – they’re just enjoying themselves! Just try your hardest not to think about it, and you should be good.

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So what if you HEAR your parents having sex? Here’s how to deal

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  • Vinny.Browne

    The only part that isn’t normal is there use of condoms. While they serve a purpose for casual sex, condom sex is awful, no one wants to use them and there is no reason for a married couple with kids to be doing so. Get some normal friggin birth control for god sake.

  • Maya

    Is it normal for my parents to have sex almost every other night

  • Trisha

    This one time I was upstairs and my grandparents were down stirs in their room, I thought I heard my grandma moaning like she needed help so I went down stairs, only to find my grandpa on top of her. I didn’t know what to do! I stood in dis belief, only for them to sit me down and tell me it’s okay to keep it frisky even at age 75. Then they got out all of their sex toys and showed me how to use them. Thanks grandpa! And grandma….

    • Jazzy Zigs

      Oh wow that is so messed up.

      • shamya

        kids it’s horror i feel your pain my mom said she don’t give a fuck anad they leave used condoms on purpose the only way is to walk outside take a deep breath and say i heard u and please go to a motel

  • Lauren

    Wow, it sounds like some of you need to grow up, and stop being so all about yourself. So what if your folks are doing it? Good for them! It means that they are still attracted to each other. My dad once said to me that the reason that he is so sweet with my mom is that he still sees her as not only his wife, but his ‘girl’ as well, and he needs to win her heart every day. That’s good enough for me! Some of you with all of your ‘eww’, ‘awkward’, and ‘i’ll never be the same’…such drama. Get over it!

  • stephanie

    i realy appreciate your advice and thank you so
    much for helping!!!!!!!

  • Fredrikke

    My sister went to her friends birthday party which included a sleepover. So all of them went to bed, and while they were talking, they could hear noises…… Her friend got really embarrassed, so she yelled and knocked at their door.. They stopped, but geeeessshhh.. How awkward and really awful mustn’t it have been for that poor girl! Her friends could hear her parents do it! And they are not even 14 years old(her friends that is)…

  • girlgirl411

    i know it is weird but let it happen, if you can’t stand the noise, buy some noise cancelling headphones or crank up the tunes. Also, have a family meeting and discuss it.

  • SpontaneousGurl

    Worse when you heard them in the sitting room. I was going to go down stairs to ask them to turn the heating off as the boiler is in my room… Totally heard it walked in my room and was so embarrased. EW. Sat lying on my bed thinking that i’m going to die because of the heat. and i was basically freaked out. Not a nice thing to find out. :s

  • Carrie

    I’ve never heard it or anything, but I found a box of condoms in my dad’s bedside table drawer a rather long time ago. It’s not like they’re trying to hide it and well, why should they? They’re married, a child doesn’t change how they feel about each other and if they want to have sex, they can! Just not while I’m around, please. One thing is knowing they have sex, and another is hearing them or worse, walking in on them!

  • curious

    Its normal but weird…i heard my parents the one time… kind of caught them and found condoms….awkward

  • Khadijah

    I think “is it normal for my parents to have sex?” is a silly question. Of course it is. Just stay out of their way when they’re doing it. They deserve privacy, too. Although it does sound like they need to clean their bed off more often.

  • misslmh11

    I heard my parents having sex in the bathtub when I was 16. I haven’t been the same since.