I Caught My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Cheating On Her

A few years ago, I was at the beach with one of my friends. As I was laying on my towel, being as lazy as a girl can be in the summertime, I started looking around and doing a little bit of people-watching. In case you guys didn’t know, the beach is the perfect place to do this. I’m pretty sure that the majority of the people who go to the beach think that they’re invisible or something. You wouldn’t believe the absolutely ridiculous things I’ve heard and seen people say and do while I’m hanging on the sand.

Anyway, that day, everything seemed pretty normal and boring… until I spotted someone who looked vaguely familiar sitting directly across from me. He was wearing sunglasses and getting seriously cozy with a girl on their blanket. Because of his glasses and the practically blinding sun (and, hey, people look different in bathing suits!), it took me a few minutes to realize who I was looking at… but once I did, my jaw literally dropped. Sitting only a few feet away from me was my best friend L’s, boyfriend – and that chick he was cuddling with? So not my best friend.

My initial reaction was total shock. Who was this girl hanging all over L’s BF?! But after a few minutes, I stopped really feeling shocked at all. L’s boyfriend, a guy we’ll call F, was a total jerk. They had been dating for over five years, but that didn’t stop him from hitting on any girl who would give him the time of the day. In fact, I had heard rumors years ago that he was cheating on her. At the time, L and I weren’t very close, and I didn’t feel like it was my place to tell her something I wasn’t even sure was true.

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But since then, L had become one of my best friends – and I hated F for the way he treated her. I was constantly trying to convince her to break up with him, but for some reason, she wouldn’t. She had heard rumors that F was cheating on her also, but she just didn’t want to believe them. Plus, he always had some insane excuse that she always fell for. Now, finally, I was going to get solid proof that F was a huge cheater. I felt horrible for my friend, but honestly? I felt kind of triumphant at the same time. F deserved to be caught and L deserved so much better.

I knew that just telling L about what I had seen wouldn’t work. She would confront F, he would come up with an excuse, and she would inevitably believe him over me. I knew I needed actual photo evidence here, and I also knew I couldn’t let him spot me. If he did, he would get to L before I could.

So, I did what any girl in my situation would do: I grabbed my sunglasses, hid behind a magazine and got my cell phone camera ready. I told my friend, B, who I was with what was going on. We were sitting with a bunch of her friends, and soon, everyone I was with knew what was happening. We all spent the next hour staring at F and trying to catch him in the act.

Since F obviously knew who I was, and since he had met B before, I let some of B’s friends take the pictures of him while B and I stayed hidden behind magazines. Her friends snapped about a million shots of F cuddling with this random girl, zooming in to try to get a good shot of their faces and even taking videos of them together. Once I had enough evidence, I decided to get out of there before he saw me.

And now we’re BFF for life! | Source: ShutterStock

It was kind of exhilarating in the moment (I felt like I was in a movie), but once I was in the car on my way home, I started feeling super nervous. What if L saw these pictures and flipped out on me instead of F? What if she refused to believe me? What if F went crazy and flipped out on me? In the end, it didn’t matter how scared I was to break the news to L – I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t sit by and let one of my best friends get played by a dude who was stupid enough to cheat on her at a public beach where he knew all of her friends went.

I’m not going to lie, telling L was hard. I brought one of our other best friend’s for backup, and I tried to be as gentle as possible. Once she saw the pictures and videos, she was furious at F and totally miserable. I felt horrible for being the one who had to spill the news, but I knew I was doing the right thing. I would never have been able to forgive myself if I kept that kind of information from her – that’s not what friends do to each other.

L and F eventually broke up, and years later, L still thanks me for telling her what I found. As corny as it sounds, she said that that was the moment she realized I was one of her true friends. Moral of the story? If you ever end up in this situation, don’t hide it from your friend. As much as it may suck to be the messenger sometimes, in the end, your friend will realize just how much you care about her.

Have you ever caught a friend’s boyfriend cheating? Have you ever caught anyone cheating? Would you tell your friend if you did? Tell me in the comments!


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  • basschick

    what makes this confession is the picture taking. you are such a great friend. 🙂

  • Sofia

    I don’ really agree 100% with this article. It’s actually a really difficult and tricky thing to go and tell someone that they’ve been cheated on. They may react in a negative way because quite frankly it’s not your relationship, it’s theirs and it’s not any of your business what happens. However, they could also act in a positive way and thank you for telling them what you saw. I think at the end of the day, you should keep your mouth shut unless you know whether they’d rather hear the truth or not and also what their reactions might be.

  • ShayShampagne

    Awesome detective work girl!

  • BleedingSun

    I agree with this. When my ex cheated, the girl who told me (the best friend of the girl he cheated on me with), was terrified that I would hate her for telling me. But even in the inital greif and rage, I was thankful that she told me. I would rather know, break up with him, and move on with my life then have had to stay in a relationship that was essentially a lie for god knows how much longer.