What Are Kegels? Exercise For Your Vagina!

what are kegels? exercise for your vagina!

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When you think of exercise, you might think about running or lifting weights. Maybe swimming, soccer, or sit-ups. All of those are super good for you, but today let’s introduce a slightly sexier workout move: Kegels.

If you’re like, what are Kegels and why on earth do I need yet ANOTHER exercise to feel bad about not doing, you might want to hear me out. Kegels are small exercises you do to strengthen your vagina and the vaginal muscles. The point is not to have a “sexier” vagina or to make your vagina look any different–it’s actually to help you have more fun and feel even more amazing during sex! Doing Kegels can actually help some women orgasm who weren’t able to previously. Cool, right?

Now that I’ve piqued your interest, let’s find out . . . what are kegels and how can you do them?

* Kegel exercises involve tightening and relaxing just your vaginal muscles. Try gently putting your finger in your vaginal opening and then tightening the muscles around it to make sure you’re doing it right.

* Another way to learn to do Kegels is by contracting the vaginal muscles mid-pee. If your pee stops, you’ve done a Kegel–but don’t disrupt your pee with Kegels too often. It’s not good for you!

* Once you have the basic Kegel tightening and relaxing down, you can do Kegel exercises anywhere! On the bus, at school, at work, at the movies . . . really. Anywhere! And nobody will know!

For more on Kegels, click here.

Do you think you’ll be doing Kegels as part of your routine? Did you already know how to do Kegels? Tell us in the comments!

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  • mideline

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