Are Facebook Stalkers Creeping Your Page? Probably!

facebook stalkers

Facebook stalkers stressing you out? You may be one yourself! | Source

Facebook stalkers are real. And guess what? They’re probably your exes . . . or you!

A new report says that the most likely Facebook stalkers are heartbroken former flames. In fact, 88 percent of people admit to Facebook stalking their exes after a breakup. And here’s where it gets creepy: Deleting exes off of your friends list won’t necessarily stop them (or you!) from becoming Facebook stalkers, because a lot (70 percent!) of Facebook stalkers simply use mutual pals’ accounts to lurk their exes’ pages.

Some Facebook stalkers even take it a step further and will log into their ex’s accounts. Not cool! If someone does that to you, report it–and if you’re tempted to do it to anyone else, don’t. What good could possibly come out of hacking your ex’s account?! (The answer: None. None whatsoever.)

So will deleting your ex make you feel better? Surprisingly not. Those who defriended their exes to avoid becoming Facebook stalkers were actually more stressed about their splits than those who stayed Facebook-connected to their former loves. Not a shocker? Those who were most heartbroken by their breakups were the most frequent and severe Facebook stalkers.

Some more fun facts about Facebook stalkers, by the numbers: 64 percent of Facebook stalkers went back and overanalyzed old messages or wall posts from their ex, and 61 percent were asked about their breakup when their relationship status changed (don’t you hate the Timeline feature?). Perhaps to prevent their exes from becoming Facebook stalkers, half of those surveyed deleted an ex’s pictures, and 38 percent changed their privacy settings (smart!). In more passive aggressive moves, about a third of people either posted photos to make their ex jealous or made their status a song lyric or quote about their ex.

facebook stalkers

Thanks to smartphones, Facebook stalkers have access to their exes 24/7–which makes it harder to move on. | Source

Basically, breakups turn almost everyone into Facebook stalkers–at least temporarily. But here’s the thing about Facebook stalking: Where does it actually get you? It seems like a big waste of time to dwell on someone you’re not dating anymore, doesn’t it? So we propose this: Give yourself three days to lurk and be a Facebook stalker. Then block your ex from your news feed and get on with your life. You have better things to do (you know, like read Gurl!)–and you won’t meet your new boyfriend if you’re too busy Facebook stalking some jerk who was stupid enough to dump you.

Have you ever dealt with Facebook stalkers? Have you ever been a Facebook stalker yourself? How do you recommend preventing Facebook stalkers from lurking on your page? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Daniela

    he’s in a relationship but I know he’s not cuz like girls left and right wanna date Mr.HOT!Wolverines Football Player Whose # is 1. 2moro I’m gonna stand up 4 the sake of our furute relationship. I need him he knows how 2 respect girls. He’s mature but very silly. That’s y i <3 him.I know he feels it we like pretty much most of the same things and we always "read each others mind". So tell me if u think he's a good match. If u don't think so keep ur trap shut. U know he's gonna beat up my ex on Saturday cuz he cheated on me and i'm gonna dump him. I pray that he <3's me

  • kristin

    so i broke up with this guy and for like a week or so he liked or shared sad photos saying “if u miss someone, like this”…so i deleted him from my facebook because he got annoying…should i add him back to my facebook so he wont become even more creepy?

  • AnnaMarie

    I know my exBFF does this. Good thing I learned how to retouch skin in photoshop, lost 50 pounds, shot up three inches and got a gig modelling for an esty seller since then.

  • JW

    Wait… I want to clear something up/point something out. Not too long ago gurl posted an article about facebook stalking, how it isn’t that bad because most women do it, It’s nothing to be ashamed of ect.( now we have this article which is a complete contradiction. I want to know which opinion they really have. Anyway, what is “facebook stalking”? Looking at someone’s profile (even though that is why they made the thing!) or having them show up on your news feed? I suppose it is just looking at someone’s profile often but then, is it facebook stalking when I look at my friend’s pictures of a party or event I was at? Or when I just want to go see what their up to because their posts don’t always end up on my news feed? Because I thought that is what facebook was for. I just want to know.

  • c

    Tbh my break up was 16 month’s ago and I still stalk my ex .. he blocked me from fb but I go on my friends account and look at my ex’s page at least 3 times a day.