I Can’t Believe He Said That

When you’re in a long-term relationship, your boyfriend should be totally committed to you… right? I think so. But apparently, my ex didn’t see things the same way.

After six years of dating, my ex S still refused to call me his girlfriend. Up until we had a serious talk about our “relationship”, I had thought it was just because he didn’t like labels. I found out the hard way that that wasn’t the reason.

When I asked S if he was interested in seeing other people, this is how he responded: “Well, I can date other people… but you can’t.”

Excuse me? As I stared at him in disbelief, he explained that he wasn’t okay with me talking to other guys, but he felt like he needed to be with other girls to really make sure “I was The One.”

That was all I needed to finally end things with him. He was definitely the biggest jerk I ever dated!

Has a BF ever said something like that to you? Would you ever be in a one-sided open relationship like that? Tell us in the comments!


Whoa! Check out the totally rude thing this dude said

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    Great I like this site very much , b.coz its full of entertainment jokesfb thanks so much

  • -cutiepie-

    Okay so i was starting college and my bf was coming to the samwe one i met this guy called adam and he told me i was fit so i told my bf then he got annoyed with me cuz this guy thought i was fit!! Then after about 3 months we were arguing about something and my bf told me to go (the f word) this adam!!! xx

  • leyla

    You should have b***h slapped him. what a brown butt.

  • LunaticCity

    But dude… You wasted SIX YEARS on that guy! Holy shit… I thought I was screwed because I wasted 3 years on some douchebag who left me the moment some other girl was interested. I thought I had it bad but 6 years?! That’s insane. I really hope shits better now. Sorry to hear about it though, I hope you’re happier.

  • indiangal

    and my BF says im probably too slim to be in 10th grade and breaks my confidence eveytime we meet :/
    im thinkin of a break up 🙁

    • SweetChick95

      Your boyfriend should be supportive of you and be there for you. he should never make you feel less confident. If he does then i dont think hes the one for you.

  • intellectjester

    My ex called me “underdeveloped” and told me that I didn’t have a nice body and gave two examples of girls whose bodies he liked more. Poor boy, two months later and I finally got my curves and I look way better than those “popular girls”!

    • LostGirl_19

      Good for you girl i am going threw the same thing ive always been small in those places too but i have the best curves evr now !:D