Does He Have A Big Penis? How Will I Know (Even If I’ve Seen It)?

does he have a big penis

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Yay! You found someone you adore and respect at least half as much as you adore/respect your fab self and decided to turn in your V-card. That’s right, you’re a virgin no more. All of your besties want a blow by blow (fun pun intended) description of how it all went down (yup!). Of course, you might just have to oblige, cause that’s how we BFFs do.

“Is he BIG?” they all wanna know.

Well he’s tall, you think, and kinda thin, but that’s not what they mean. They’re talking about the penis. Yup, his willie; also known as the schlong. They want to know if he’s got a big penis.

How are you supposed to know if he’s big? Sure, you’ve seen it. Heck you enjoyed IT; but you’ve got nothing to compare it with. This is the first penis you’ve ever seen up close and personal.

In the country that brought the world supersizing, it’s no surprise that everyone is size-obsessed. The rumor is that a big penis is a sign of manhood and virility able to bring magical pleasure practically on sight. Guys talk about size, too, and even compare themselves with each other to see where they measure up.

The naked truth?
Penis size really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make a difference when it comes to sexual pleasure or anything else in life. Some men are longer or shorter, thicker or thinner. There’s a saying: “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean.” It means that it doesn’t matter if he’s got a big penis or not, but how he uses what he has with you that matters. Bigger or smaller, a man could be a perfect fit for one woman and not the next. It’s all a matter of preference.

It’s like with our breasts. Are you an A cup, B cup, C cup? It doesn’t really matter when it comes to sexual pleasure, right? Some partners feel that any more than a handful is a waste. Some like bigger boobies. To each his or her own.

What really matters?
The bottom line is STOP focusing on size. The questions that matter after a sexual encounter are: Did YOU enjoy it? Was he respectful of you? Were you both willing to play safely? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you’ve found the perfect lover for you to explore with. Those are the things to BRAG about.

So how do you respond to, “Is he big” if you don’t know OR if you just don’t want to answer? Just smile your winningest smile and say, “He’s the perfect fit for me.”

At the end of the day, chica, that’s all that matters.

Have you ever encountered this, “sizeable” question? How do you respond when your friends want to know if your guy has a big penis? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Stan Phillips

    After dating many women in teens, twenties, forties, etc.- most younger women, or women lacking getting any at all are usually the two groups that worry about size. I once had a woman hate sex and loved oral, any size didn’t do it for her. Its like driving a cool car, pretty much the only one that notices are the ones that want one also.

  • Charliee Coolindigo ShadesFink

    I’m big and long, but sometimes I feel like some men are a little more huge than me, I don’t know what to do: I mean sure: my penis can go above my stomach, but some can seemingly do a little more way than that; I feel like the size of a horse 🐴 metaphorically but there may be some bigger horses out there sometimes; a lot of women seem happy with me, though (like a little over a thousand, 1000+, but I feel like they like those men a little more sometimes)

  • Sfp777

    There is so much misinformation and so many bogus products out there on penis enlargement that when they do discover the solution, no one will be believe. So here goes: any male can permanently increase length and girth in the same way a bodybuilder adds mass and becomes larger. As you stress tissue, the body goes into a natural process of creating new cells making you larger. If this subject interests you, check out Magnum Rings on Facebook or at

  • not telling

    I used to think I was average, But I always get told it’s big. I guess I know how to use it as well. Been Told I F&^* like a god.

  • Kris Mugridge

    I have a 11 inch circumcised monster it sacked having s large penis my first love we went out for four years the night we had our engagement party I tried to make looking to my girlfriend only to be told that there is no way in the world is that huge thing is going inside of wasn’t the last time every girl I went out with said the same thing every day i thought I was cursed

  • Glenn Johnson

    Lot of bs floating around on this thread. I think they should teach boys how to measure properly if they’re going to come on places like this and boast.

  • Anon!!

    (Possible doublepost)
    I’ll be frank..

    Funny thing is the guy I know who is famous for making women ‘squirt’ and his general prowess in bed, is 4 inches erect,1 ” soft. Because of his size intercourse involves very, very fast concise movements (clitoral stimulation) and an intense amount of pleasure to the vaginal canal just after the point of entry.

    This leads me down the train of thought that men 1-2 inches larger than him have are in a jack of all trades zone, while the former(smaller) is more specialized. Also I will add I know someone who was once reputed to be very well endowed, and he was only 5 inches erect..which says something about exaggeration, perceptions etc..

    Anyway’s I’m at the opposite end of this spectrum – I’m in good shape, but I’m not particularly gifted in bed though. My measurements? 8 inches flaccid, 9.5 inches erect.
    The last time a woman was confident enough to tango with me, the events in the bedroom went as follows: There was one – I repeat – one position we felt was ‘serviceable’ for the both of us. We sat in front of each other, genitals parallel with our legs outwards together. I would penetrate 3,4 inches at a time, sometimes more..while we took turns stroking my shaft, sometimes both at once – while she pleasured herself, essentially co-masturbation. We just..sat there, nearly still, except for our arm movement, with each motion I took to caress or kiss she would pull away while pushing me away because of the tandem excessive penetration. This has been my sex life for as long as I can remember. With intimacy being a completely separate act from intercourse. The extremes to which this has gone, involved a sexless relationship because of my abnormal proportions.

    I’ve never really explored other horizons in bed, because it always goes horribly..and involves monotonous pacing, which is exempt of pleasure for both parties. I have to nod and act complacent when I’m part of a discussion wherein friends discuss the aspects of ‘top and bottom’ sex, because its their mainstay. The truth is,..while I’ve had numerous partners..I’ve never had top and bottom sex.

    I like to think I’m okay in bed sometimes, I’ve had my moments..most of which involve the pride I take in fore play, and non penetrative intimacy. When I was younger I would show off a lot at parties – I even accepted money for viewings, I had ‘and still have’ monikers like horse schlong, donkey dong, monster cock. Seriously profane stuff, I liked the attention, but ultimately regretted the reputation in my adult life. A lot of girls cross their legs at the sight of it – the majority of women though – want only to see it out of curiosity.

    It has presence sure, thats it. People ask me questions about it like I’m a minor celebrity. I made two very sweet girls cry once by pulling it out, ‘at their consent and at the request of friend.’ A married woman flicked a quarter at it after she said ‘that is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen’ – I was hanging out of gym shorts. I didn’t know, my face turned beat red when she mentioned it – she pantsed me, yelled ‘oh my god’ and fired off a dozen soft punches on my unit like it was a speed bag, squealing like a school girl; collected herself, apologized and told me she heard rumours, she “had” to see it. Five girls took a selfie with my penis on a nude beach, with their names written on it with a sharpie. A concerning number of people have referred to my appendage as a foot long when its flaccid, these people sincerely believe this is the case.
    WEEEIRD Stuff. Sex has never been my expertise though. I’ll never understand this topic, I feel.