Does He Have A Big Penis? How Will I Know (Even If I’ve Seen It)?

does he have a big penis

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Yay! You found someone you adore and respect at least half as much as you adore/respect your fab self and decided to turn in your V-card. That’s right, you’re a virgin no more. All of your besties want a blow by blow (fun pun intended) description of how it all went down (yup!). Of course, you might just have to oblige, cause that’s how we BFFs do.

“Is he BIG?” they all wanna know.

Well he’s tall, you think, and kinda thin, but that’s not what they mean. They’re talking about the penis. Yup, his willie; also known as the schlong. They want to know if he’s got a big penis.

How are you supposed to know if he’s big? Sure, you’ve seen it. Heck you enjoyed IT; but you’ve got nothing to compare it with. This is the first penis you’ve ever seen up close and personal.

In the country that brought the world supersizing, it’s no surprise that everyone is size-obsessed. The rumor is that a big penis is a sign of manhood and virility able to bring magical pleasure practically on sight. Guys talk about size, too, and even compare themselves with each other to see where they measure up.

The naked truth?
Penis size really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make a difference when it comes to sexual pleasure or anything else in life. Some men are longer or shorter, thicker or thinner. There’s a saying: “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean.” It means that it doesn’t matter if he’s got a big penis or not, but how he uses what he has with you that matters. Bigger or smaller, a man could be a perfect fit for one woman and not the next. It’s all a matter of preference.

It’s like with our breasts. Are you an A cup, B cup, C cup? It doesn’t really matter when it comes to sexual pleasure, right? Some partners feel that any more than a handful is a waste. Some like bigger boobies. To each his or her own.

What really matters?
The bottom line is STOP focusing on size. The questions that matter after a sexual encounter are: Did YOU enjoy it? Was he respectful of you? Were you both willing to play safely? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you’ve found the perfect lover for you to explore with. Those are the things to BRAG about.

So how do you respond to, “Is he big” if you don’t know OR if you just don’t want to answer? Just smile your winningest smile and say, “He’s the perfect fit for me.”

At the end of the day, chica, that’s all that matters.

Have you ever encountered this, “sizeable” question? How do you respond when your friends want to know if your guy has a big penis? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • oliver

    I’m 18 years old and still have a small penis an testis (around 3inches is the penis lenght) but i can ejaculate. Is the penis growth normal at my age? i have pubic hair and beard so, is it the puberty prob or something else? please help me out! it would be appreciated if u suggest something.

  • DocGeoirge

    Size is definitely not the only thing that matters. Guys need to remember to keep an eye on the health of their tools as well. One way to maintain general penis health is through simply using a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).

  • Anonymous

    I am 2 inches and my girl wants more how do I give her more?

  • ja km e

    I am currently 16 yo and my penis is 9.5 inches. My girlfriend still after 2 years crys while we are doing it. I dont know wether to feel bad or not. She says its ok but geez. Imm worried she may leave me over this eventually

    • Jay

      Learn foreplay. You need to get her excited and horny first. If you can make her cum with your tongue, fingers, or toys she will be in a more sexual state of mind. Then you should be able to do what you need to do. I say this because I’m around 8″ x 6″ and I always do that to every women I have sex with regardless if she can take it or not! Works for me hope it helps you!

  • Topheavy

    I am 23 years old and I have what could be considered a “bigger” penis. It’s 8.7 inches long and 6 inches wide. However my head is really big at 7.5 inches around. Most are shocked when they see it but love the look. Any girls out there ever experience a really big head? Did you notice a difference?

  • Michelle

    I had 3 guys in college, all about 5.5 inches – I guess that is about average. My current boyfriend is 7.5, and 6 in circumference. You can say what you want about average, but his cock drives me crazy. We can do some amazing things and stay connected, and when we are done he falls asleep still in me. Average os great, but he is amazing. Get one over 7 inches if you can.

    • Janet

      Ever thought maybe your loose lips and average cannot help you better hope you keep this guy. lol

  • Robert

    I’ve been seeing this girl for a while now 2years as of next week and on valentines day we had decided to take the next step and consummate our love. I had started to do it when she screamed it hurt so I stopped freaking out due to it being my first time (was not her first) she then told me that I was to big. I’m 20 years old and in circumcised at a bit over 9inches. Is there some way I’d be able to make it easier for her or am I screwed?

  • pramanjay

    Appreciat yo braveness that u have shared the experience here.. Hope even yo guy feels the same;)

  • Big G

    I’m a 35 year old man, who is a hair under 6 inches in length, and 5.5 in circumference. With the 28 women I’ve slept with (I was married for 10 years) I have heard mostly compliments on my “thickness”. I will admit, that I wish I was longer. Just once, I’d like to be the one women lust after simply because they want to feel me inside them.

  • lisa

    So I’m now 15 and I lost my “v- card” when I truned 15 to this boy that lives in my buliding, he is my age and I found that his penis was the perfect fit for me, he did everything so amazingly and he was so gentle. He ate me out like a real man (even though he is my age lol) , & ever since that day he and sneak around together.

  • JustMe

    My first time was horrible it hurt so bad!!. I remember clearly to it would of been at least the 50th time having sex with my partner at the time and i would still bleed. I didnt actuLly start enjoying sex till maybe last year. I am 20 now Nd lost my virginity at 14. Mybody just wasnt ready. Just wanted to share that. Oh and yes the doctor said it was norm me to be bleeding after having sex quite a few timez. But my normL can be different from yours. :)

  • Tom

    LOL…..what the fuck did the person above me say?

    • Blue

      Some funny shit!

  • larissa

    It doesnt matter really. When you are 13 and it your very first time ever, an erect penis looks really really big and you wonder how the guy is ever going to get it inside you. My bf is black and I know him since I was 13. I was quite excited abt having a black bf and things happenes so fast. He was much older, almost 10 yrs older than me and I lost my virginity to him when I turned 13. He was great and really patient with me and it took time for him to get inside me because he kept slipping out. using lube really helped. He was huge but as I said it was my first time and I was so tiny, even he commented on my size. The lube really helped and he could get in all the way. It was awesome and he made me orgasm a lot. Talk abt being horny!! He didnt want to stop.

    • Nanook

      You do realize what you’re describing is essentially pedophilia, right? A 23-year old guy with a 13-year old girl? Come on… If I was your dad I would’ve beaten that guy to within an inch of his life.

  • km. urvashi saxena

    I am young unmarried college going girl and not virgin. My hide physcial relation is with boy who is my college mate, whose penis is circumised and when it is errect through my mouth pay it comes 7” long and I think 2.5″ thin with big circumised pointed head. His penis skin is fair in coloer as his body and not dark like mine viginal place. I love and like very much when. When I grabed and play with it. I feel divine pleasure when it is moving in my mouth as in and out. Though ist time when saw it by my nude eyes. I were in fear and think it is not bearble in my tight pussy. But his behaviour were gentlemen type and some natural bleeding feel sexual pleasure and from that day I am fun of his cock and he is only and only his penis is.cXare taker. Of my choot and chuchi. And watch man of my entire body till I am unmarried and his cock is my own property. Thanks god who given a nice cock to see my play stationand keep it stay till my plesure.