I Did Some Weird Craigslist Jobs For Money

weird craigslist jobs

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Sometimes I wonder what my mother would say. “Why is a girl with a college education living off of Craigslist odd jobs?” she’d ask. “Aren’t you qualified for a better summer job?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

I was first forced into weird Craigslist jobs this summer when I moved to NYC for an unpaid internship. Desperate to pay for rent and food, I turned to the site and scoured through job postings during my spare time. In my defense, Craigslist pays better than your average babysitting or waitressing job. (The average rate is $20 an hour!) Why settle for a summer job with higher prestige when I can make bank working for Craigslist?

Before you judge me and assume that I’m working as a hooker, let me assure you that I’m beyond picky when it comes to responding to ads. I’m not one to respond to creepy ads, regardless of how enticing the pay is. Posing in Facebook photos with a dude to make his ex jealous? No thanks. (Although I’ve seen that one listed, and ladies? It pays $100!)

I’ve applied for almost every kind of job under the sun, from bartending to handing out fliers for a restaurant. The most extreme job I ever applied for? For $200, I promised to let a hairstylist cut off my long hair and take pics of my new short ‘do for her portfolio. (For the record, I chickened out at the last second and didn’t go through with it!)

Overall, I’d say that I’ve had a pretty good experience working for Craigslist though. The bartending jobs are the absolute best, where I can make a couple hundred dollars in a single night–and you’re always guaranteed to get paid at least in tips. The funny thing is, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when I bartend. I thank God every time someone orders a rum and Coke— I can figure that one out. But sex on the beach? What is that?

I’ve only been ripped off once. I was passing out fliers for a local bar, and for some reason the owner refused to pay me the full amount. I argued with him the best that I could, but I still walked away with a measly $10 bill in my pocket. I’d say he regretted his choice later when I walked out of his bar and told the entire line of people waiting outside that the bar was empty and played terrible music.

It’s times like these that I hate working for Craigslist, but these moments are pretty rare. Would I recommend that you go and get a Craigslist job? It depends. You take a risk to not get paid, and you don’t always know who you are going to be working with… which could potentially put you in a bad situation. But if you’re in need of a flexible job that pays quick cash, you might want to become a Craigslist gal, too. Just make sure you’re smart about what ads you respond to (achem, bikini modeling is not actually . . . modeling), and if anything seems sketchy don’t apply!

Would you ever do weird jobs on Craigslist? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done for money? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Renae

    Yes I would be a good candidate for a craigslist girl.

  • stella

    Thanks Michaela for bringing everyone down. Theres obvious dos and donts as she was saying in the article. No offence but did you really have to be so blunt about the trunk thing i mean have some respect.

  • Melisa Stumpf

    sry for the typos

  • michaela

    My Literature & Composition teacher from last year had a daughter that answered a nannying job on Craiglist and wound up murdered and stuffed in a trunk. So I’d say personally I’d be too afraid to, but if it’s making money for you that’s awesome

  • KieraKlutters

    Well, these jobs aren’t nearly as weird as I was expecting…

  • misslmh11

    Omg, this article should have been written at the beginning of the summer! Working for Craigslist probably would not have worked out so well for me because I live in the country hood, but I do need the cash. Being in college sucks sometimes 😛