What Is Lube And How Should I Use It?

what is lube?

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Ah, sexy times. Theoretically, it’s simple stuff: In, Out, Rub, Lick, Ooh, Aah, Done! But girl, there are a ton of things you can use to turn your bedroom break into something truly amazing. One of those things is lube!

Lube is liquid that is used to make your vagina more “wet” so that any in-and-out goes more . . . smoothly! Sounds good, right? Well, it is–but there are a few things you should know before you decide to try out your very own Sexy Slip N’ Slide. Here are the facts about lube:

* You can buy lube that’s made out of all kinds of things–petroleum, silicone, etc–but water-based lube is always the best. It’s less likely to irritate your delicate lady-bits and is totally safe to use with condoms.

* Petroleum-based lubes are a major no-no, since they can actually make the condom you’re using break. Unwanted pregnancy, anyone? Yeah. No. Didn’t think so.

* Lubes that contain glycerin (which is a sugar) can give you a yeast infection. Ick. Avoid them–even if they say they come in tasty flavors!

* Applying lube to your sexy parts can be a fun part of foreplay! Be creative–and always be safe.

* You can use lube on your guy (over the condom) and even on sex toys!

* Never use cooking oils, Vaseline, or any other random kitchen stuff as lube. You could damage your condom or end up with a nasty vaginal infection. So not worth it!

Have you ever used lube? Do you have any tips or advice for girls wanting to try it out? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatar Anal master says:

    Anal is nice

  2. avatar andrea says:

    I am 14 years old and my bf is 17. He has began to ask me about having sex. I have never done it before. He has also never done ir before. What should I do ? I want to have sex with him and I want to show him how mutch he means to me. He said that if I am not ready yet we don’t have to. I realy realy want to but reading al of the comments made me think if I shoudnt wait til I am older ? Please help !

    • avatar delia says:

      Girl you are too young to have sex please wait till you are older
      You will regret it at the end if you do it at this age trust me.

    • avatar kaitlyn says:

      ok, well my name is kaitlyn and i waz raped and then i started to have sex all the time and then i broke up with him and to make him jeulious i tryed to have sex with his bff and he did know wat he waz doing and he hurt me soo bad that i never want to do it again!! Look if udk if u should or wat and if u really really want to make sure u guys know wat u r doing so that way u can make sure its not horable and also make sure no1 is around or in the same place as u and also make sure u know u can trust him

    • avatar alexander says:

      you should wait. if you want to have sex with him go for it. but the right thing to do is wait. don’t want to get an unwanted pregnancy do you no. you should wait.

  3. avatar Crush02 says:

    And here I though I’d get advice from some mature adults but all I saw is 12 and 13 years old can’t keep their virginity. It’s not like you got rape, why rush having sex when you know there is no guarantee you gonna stay forever with that person. Little kids these day can’t think.

  4. avatar Sex master says:

    I was 10 when i had sex lube made it alot better

    • avatar anonymus says:

      Are you crazy?! Ten years old, this world has gone mental, im surprised your not pregnant.

  5. avatar Jimmy says:

    Most of these fuckers on here are way too young to be having sex. It’s disgusting that one girl actually got pregnant at just 15! Wtf if you’re gonna have sex at a young ass age at least be smart. Fuck.

  6. avatar Tabitha says:

    Lubes sound interesting, never used one before but then i just might.

  7. avatar carla says:

    agree. Lube makes a messy job but when its your first time and the guy is trying to get his penis into you and things are getting really heated up and frustrating for him because you are scared and it keeps slipping out, Lube makes it so easy for him to go inside of you. I was 13 too and I was wondering how he would be able to get his penis into me. I had heard all this stuff about hurting and things but he had Lube and even though he was “huge” he could go in all the way. I didnt hurt, and not much bleeding at all. I think if you are an early starter and your bf is older, it really helps because you are a lot smaller and he has to get that big thingy into you.

    • avatar carla says:

      Don’t worry I lost my virginity when I was 12 my bf told me to use a lube it felt so good when he ribbed it on me I had sex with him 1 month ago and I found out I am pregnant and I’m 15 any advice please but the lube fells so good but please advice

  8. avatar innocentgurl says:

    I must admit I am no longer the innocent one. I started having sex just before turning 13 and my bf was huge. He was experienced and he must have had numerous girlfriends before me. When I lost my virginity to him he told me that because I was so young I would not get wet easily because I probably hadn’t developed fully and my hormones hadn’y quite kicked in. So he used a lot of lube inside me and on his penis. He also explained that he was worried he might rip me if he didnt use lube. Also, my anxiety and nervousness wasn’t going to help. He penetrated me very easily with the lube and it felt so good when he was thrusting it into me. It didnt hurt. It was like a “well oiled piston in a tight cylinder”. LOL. :P

  9. avatar Oppa Chinga says:

    Abstinance Bitches (;

  10. avatar bob says:

    Lube makes sex so much fun.

  11. avatar Mmmm lube says:

    Me ans my fiance did a nice job on the sex(dadir)and we used the lube as it was more quicker and was tottaly safe.the way we was having sex was sooo outta control that the naighbours complained our sex was

  12. avatar David says:

    Is there any way 2 hav sex witout using condom and u wil nt get pregnant

  13. avatar Bill says:

    Lube sounds great i will use it I need a women to use it on

  14. avatar brenda600 says:

    Lubes great.I use it when I masturbate.It feels totally different and gives me a great orgasm..

  15. avatar SwexiiG says:

    thats kool! slip an slide!!!! feels great! but i only use spit!

  16. avatar BleedingSun says:

    somehow i dont see younger girls needing it. I for one can naturally soak through JEANS, so somehow i dont see myself needing lube at any point soon.

    • avatar Carol says:

      Some girls don’t need it, but others really do.
      You still may need to use lube in the future, even if you don’t think so. After all, it never hurts to have a little extra to help. :)

    • avatar LucidMeaghanDhabolt ~a.k.a. Lucidkitty~ says:

      Bleeding not all girls get wet on the same level. Many girls have issues with lubrication all their lives, so it does benefit them to know. These same girls would be the ones putting lotion, or oil into their vaginas.

  17. avatar luvmartie says:

    ewwwwwww Lube sounds totally gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People actually use this stuff?!

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