A 17-Year-Old Girl Created An App That Can Save Your Boobs–And Your Life!

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Brittany Wenger designed an app to help diagnose breast cancer. | Source

You may owe Florida native Brittany Wenger your life. She created an iPhone app, Cloud4Cancer, that helps doctors diagnose breast cancer! As a result, girl power took over at the Google Science Fair, where the 17-year-old smarty took home the top prize. Seriously, how cool is this girl?

Brittany created a computer program called a “neural network” that mimics the human brain. She created a brain! Sounds pretty awesome, right?

But it doesn’t stop there. The program points out patterns that enable doctors to correctly ID 99 percent (!!) of malignant breast cancer tumors. She’s got 700 test samples to back her up, but she still wants more data from doctors to be sure, though she thinks it’ll be hospital ready soon. She got into her research because she wants doctors to find less invasive ways to detect breast cancer. She also noted that her program can be “tweaked” to detect other forms of cancer, too. You can check out her app, Cloud4Cancer, here, and see her science fair slides here.

As if the knowledge that she may save countless lives through her research wasn’t enough of a reward, Brittany also got some pretty sweet swag–in the form of a $50,000 scholarship from Google, an internship, a trip to the Galapagos Islands, and a trophy made out of Legos. Pretty frickin’ rad. And we think she totally earned and deserves it. Way to go, Brit!

Did you enter the Google Science Fair? Would you want your doctor to use Brittany Wenger’s Cloud4Cancer app? What kind of app would you design? Tell us in the comments!

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