I Can’t Believe He Said That

I am brown-skinned. My friend, he is white. This usually doesn’t matter, but in this story it matters. The other day we were just hanging out watching the best show ever, Ancient Aliens.

The show is a “documentary” series about how aliens may have interacted with ancient civilizations. We just watch it to laugh at it.

After a 6-hour marathon my friend looks over at me. He is clearly hesitating to say what he is about to say.

“Do you think–do you think if aliens came to Earth today . . . they would know that you and I are the same species?”

I stare at him for a second.

“Um, can’t you tell cats are the same species even though they come in different colors?” I said.

“Oh,” he says.

Is this remarkably offensive? Or innocently naive? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Jotann

    Innocently naive but he still would have gotten a nice slap to go along with my reply.

  • Augustine

    Innocently stupid, I’d say. He probably just lacks tact !

  • Morgan

    Innocently Stupid

  • jemz

    i’m brown skinned too and i don’t really take it offensivly. but i would say he was being innocently naive.

  • hollister11

    I’m African american. Though its offensive, I’m sure he didn’t have negative intentions. I would let it pass

  • Mee

    Innocently naive, I don’t think he meant anything by it-it was just a question!:)xx

  • Pinkhair

    Well he must have known it was a little bit of a risky question if he hesitated.

  • Lucy

    Wtf? Lmfao hahaha, I’m black & it doesn’t even suprise me anymore what people of other ethnicites “think” or say…smh

  • Kiara

    I mean it would be a little offensive to me but he was prolly just wondering ya know?
    Doesnt hurt to wonder ..

  • andrea

    maybe he meant based on your gender?

  • AsianIggs1

    In a sense, it was just a question. I mean, boys are just generally stupid and blurt random things. This happened to be his moment. I can see why you might be pissed at him, but all in all, it was just something he didn’t know that they’d know if they exist.

  • Kinslay

    Ya’ll I am black. And I don’t think he meant this offensively at all. He’s just stupid. That’s all.

  • Labiba

    You have a right to be offended, but it does seem like a slight of ignorance and sheer stupidity. Not quite sure what to make of this…

  • Mila

    Remarkably offensive.

  • Synthia

    If it were me, I would start laughing and be like what? , but it was messed up of what he said.

  • Sofia

    I think it was innocently naive. He obviously didn’t mean to offend you. He hesitated which meant that he didn’t want to hurt you. I don’t think you should take it to seriously. Tell him that it sort of made you uncomfortable.

  • Kelsey

    It could be either, sometimes stuff that makes sense in the head, doesn’t in real life. If he’s a friend i don’t think he meant to say it in an offensive way.

  • Crystal

    as your friend, he probably didnt want you to be offended… i mean, he hesitated before he said that, which, to me shows that he cares about how you feel. lets be honest, everyones a little racist inside, whether or not we`d like to admit it. im not afraid to admit it: ive wondered the same thing but instead of aliens, i thought about certain animals, and im asian. this is in no way offensive. its a valid question!

  • Casey

    I dont think he meant it in a mean way. It might not have been a very well thought out question but its not like he had a problem with her race. If he did, they wouldnt be friends in the first place.

  • sarahlee

    I’m also brown skinned. (Half black, half Indian). I don’t think he meant to offend you.. he was hesitating right? He didn’t want to say it, but just came out with it anyways. I would laugh at that and say “I think so.” But that’s just me. I don’t think he was trying to make you uncomfortable though 🙂