I Can’t Believe He Said That

I am brown-skinned. My friend, he is white. This usually doesn’t matter, but in this story it matters. The other day we were just hanging out watching the best show ever, Ancient Aliens.

The show is a “documentary” series about how aliens may have interacted with ancient civilizations. We just watch it to laugh at it.

After a 6-hour marathon my friend looks over at me. He is clearly hesitating to say what he is about to say.

“Do you think–do you think if aliens came to Earth today . . . they would know that you and I are the same species?”

I stare at him for a second.

“Um, can’t you tell cats are the same species even though they come in different colors?” I said.

“Oh,” he says.

Is this remarkably offensive? Or innocently naive? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Xavier

    well, he DID hesitate which means he’s didn’t mean it to harm you.
    It was innocent.
    But it was stupid.
    You should tell him that other people would be ticked the f*** off if he said something like to other people,
    So he wont get beat up for it.
    I wouldn’t hurt the guy, But I be ticked and tell him too:
    “The h*** kinda question is that?”

  • Kevin


  • K

    I think he was being innocently naive, but obviously it was offensive to you. But you had a great comeback!

  • Hetalia_fanatic

    I think it was both. Incredibly offensive to you, but he thought he was just asking an innocent, non-racist question.

  • TalkativeAngel1

    Honestly I also would of asked the same question,let me tell you why.
    Who knows if aliens exist,but if they did,who says they’d be smart enough to tell that all humans are the same?Don’t take it personally,I think he asked innocently and din’t mean anything offensive,Forget about it and keep enjoying life.

  • Missy

    It was innocently naive, i mean you definitely made a good point about the cats but i think that he meant no harm and that it didn’t come out the way he expected it to sound. don’t worry about it love c:<3

  • Issa

    I don’t think he meant to hurt you. He probably wasn’t thinking things through by the way he answered you about the cats.

  • bella boo xox

    very hurtful but i don’t think he meant it to hurt you. just didn’t think before he spoke

  • skmswim

    What can I say, ignorance is bliss! But it really depends on how he said it..

  • Annika

    Innocently rude… it’s pretty delicate

  • Cherri

    Just plain stupid… Honestly, I can’t say anything hearing comments like this all the time, but yeah, offensive. I’d make it obvious you’re annoyed at him, play the guilt card or somethin’ s