10 Reasons Why We’ll Love Mariah Carey on American Idol

mariah carey american idol

Another reason we’re stoked for Mariah Carey on American Idol? That flawless makeup! | Source

Mariah Carey has some fierce stilettos to fill in her stint as an American Idol judge–not just anyone can compete with J. Lo! But we’re so beyond happy that Mimi is up for the job, because we have a feeling this diva is going to kick some serious butt and possibly take some names. Here are 10 reasons why we’re stoked for Mariah Carey to join American Idol!

1. That voice! There’s pretty much no one on the planet with a vocal instrument like Mariah Carey’s. Her talent alone makes her a force to be reckoned with on the judge’s panel, which was previously filled by dancers-turned-singers in Paula Abdul and dancers-turned-actresses-turned-singers in Jennifer Lopez. Mariah Carey is a singer-songwriter, first and foremost, and she’ll likely be able to give guidance and insight that her predecessors could not.

2. Hearing that voice live. Mariah Carey is coming out with new music this summer–she’s dropping a single called “Triumphant” with rappers Meek Mill and Rick Ross–and what better way to promote it than by singing it live on American Idol?

3. Her reactions to hopefuls covering her tunes. Mariah Carey songs have been American Idol audition staples since the show’s inception. We can’t wait to see her face and hear her commentary when a wannabe warbler takes the stage and sings own of her own hits. We can’t tell what would be more entertaining–her reactions to someone awful, or her reactions to another upcoming diva who threatens to snatch her crown.

4. Lots of shade. Mariah Carey is the queen of throwing shade and snatching wigs, because she often does it in a subtly, not-so-subtle way. Not sure what we mean? Take a look at this vintage footage of Mimi gushing about Beyonce–and then her response to being asked about her Idol predecessor, Jennifer Lopez. (Note that though most of the video is in another language, you can hear what she’s saying and see that adorable, faux contrite look on her face.)

5. Lots of shade against other singer competition shows. While we’re not sure if Mariah Carey will toss any shade toward X Factor, since she was almost a guest judge last season, it’s a pretty safe bet that she will attempt to verbally slay The Voice, if only because Christina Aguilera is on the panel–and Mimi can’t stand her. Christina once told a mag, “One time, we were at a party and I think she got really drunk, and she had just really derogatory things to say to me. But it was at that time that she had that breakdown, so she might have been very medicated.” Uh, Xtina? Bad move, because Mariah shut it down thusly:

“I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her, when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behavior. It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain. It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers.”

All hail the Queen of Classy Shade.

6. Her influence. Mariah Carey is BFF with Randy Jackson–he’s actually her manager and helped her snag the American Idol deal. Having her on the panel may convince the only original judge left to stick around. We’d miss hearing all those “dawg” moments without Randy!

7. Her demands. Aside from the typical diva demands you hear about, Mimi blows them out of the water. How? Mariah Carey reportedly once requested a staircase assistant. We didn’t even know that existed, but apparently she wanted someone to check the staircase on a British talk show to make sure she could walk down the steps. What a diva wants, a diva gets.

8. Her curves! Mariah Carey has come under a ton of scrutiny for her weight throughout her career, despite being one of the most beautiful women on the planet. We’re excited to see what kinds of dresses she pours her curves into on the show.

9. Possible appearances from her hubby, Nick Cannon. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood, hands down. They always look happy, and they dote on one another constantly, from when she was pregnant and he served her hand and pedicured foot to when she spent nights in the hospital with him when he had kidney issues. We’re hoping he pops in for an episode or two for comic relief!

mariah carey american idol dem babies

We can’t with these faces. | Source

10. Possible appearances from “Dem Babies!” Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon affectionately dubbed their adorable twins “Dem Babies,” and they seriously could not be any cuter. Here’s hoping we have more photo ops of the adorable duo that is Moroccan and Monroe.

Are you an American Idol fan? Who’s your all-time favorite American Idol judge? Are you excited for Mariah Carey to join American Idol? Will you tune into American Idol now that Mariah Carey is a judge? Tell us in the comments!

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