Help! I’m Scared To Get My Period!

getting your first period

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Hey Heather,

I am really scared of getting my period. All of my friends say it’s not that bad, but my mom says it’s so annoying. What do you think? Should I be scared?

Good news, girl: there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of! Getting your period is totally natural and happens to every girl. I can completely understand why it seems scary, but it’s honestly not as bad as you might think it is. Plus, it’s a sign that you’re growing up and that you’re healthy, which is only good news!

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of horror stories about first periods, but as long as you’re informed and know what to do, you should be perfectly fine. Most girls will get their first period between the ages of 11 and 14-years-old. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen sooner or later than that. If you’re feeling super nervous about your first time, you can carry around a small pad like a pantyliner so that you’ll be prepared. Always having that in your bag might soothe your nerves.

Getting your period will definitely cause some changes in your body (also known as PMS), but these are normal and usually nothing to worry about. You might get stomach cramps, nausea or a headache. If you do, take some Tylenol and try to rest. Heating pads for your cramps or back can also make you feel a lot better. Other symptoms include your breasts feeling sore, feeling really tired, getting food cravings and feeling bloated. All of that is normal.

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You’ll probably also feel extra emotional during this time, and that’s fine too. Menstruation affects girls in different ways, so maybe you’ll feel more angry, more sad or just plain moody. Those symptoms will stick around for a few hours or days, but they’ll go away once your period is over and you should feel back to normal in no time. Even though you feel really different and maybe a little weird on the inside, that doesn’t mean that it’s obvious on the outside. No one is going to be able to look at you and immediately know that you’re on your period, I promise.

If you’re worried about using pads and tampons, don’t be. Pads are your best bet, since they’re super easy to use. If you don’t feel comfortable using a tampon just yet, you don’t have to.

Your mom is right, getting your period can be annoying – but it’s not scary. As much as it might drive you crazy, keep in mind that it’s only a week out of every month… a week during which you have a foolproof excuse to eat ice cream and cry over sappy movies. Sounds pretty good to me!

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  • Miss Cellany

    I was absolutely terrified too and wished it would never happen to me but it wasn’t bad at all.
    The first one came while I was asleep so I didn’t even notice anything different until I woke up.
    Don’t panic, your first period probably won’t even give you cramps or pain – mine didn’t.
    You’ll get used to it soon enough and you’ll wonder why you were even worried in the first place before long 🙂

  • archer2002

    I have not really started my period but ever scence i had the talk with my mom i have been kinda worried.Im 10 and i am going through changes and having bad cramping and im snapping at my sis alot.But is the bad smell from down there part of getting ready to start your period.

  • girlgirl411

    it may be annoying but it is nothing to be ashamed of, i had mine at 10 and i handled it fine. it may be something that is kinda scary but it is just a thing that happens, no big deal

  • kenya

    are pads,tampons,and,liners the only protecters that there is

    • thevampiregirl

      I think so but you can get all different kinds for each product, if that makes sense!!! <3

    • ellie

      no there are other things (i think it’s called a diva cup or something) which like catches the blood or something, but i think you have to buy them on the internet

  • Jade

    I got my period for the 4th time last week. I don’t really mind it, and I hate pads. They’re so annoying and huge and you can see the through your underwear, which is very annoying if you are changing for PE. I don’t get cramps either, I just get really annoyed by everyone. And I cry a lot. And gain five pounds, and lose five pounds every few hours.

  • Pinkhair

    It’s annoying and may slightly freak you, but it just becomes normal, and routine, having and dealing with it.

  • CookiesXD147

    This advice is all good and useful, I totally would have wanted this before my period, but the little devil in me must insist on putting out there that since i am impatient i would like my help me heather to be answered. i know that its only been three days and you have a life but i don’t XD i spend a ton of my time on the computer.