Can Fake Love Lead To The Real Thing?

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Andrew and Emma’s fake love led them to the real thing. Awww. | Source

Obviously, everyone’s goal is real love–but a new study shows that fake love may actually be the way to get there. Say what?!

It turns out that people who act like they’re already in love (essentially, people who fake love)–from physical affection to telling secrets to just staring a little longer than normally–wind up often actually falling in real love. The study was done with 100 speed daters: People who fake love on speed dates are more likely to feel a genuine connection with the other person than those who just abide by the standard Q+A format.

It sounds almost disappointing that fake love translates to the real thing, but think of it this way: Even in long term relationships, you still actually fake love even when there’s real love along with it. When your boyfriend picks his nose or farts in front of you and grosses you out, you still love him despite the fact that he just disgusted you, right? If you make a remark about your period, your guy is probably a little skeeved out, but he doesn’t dump you for it (and if he does, let’s be real, he’s a jerk and not worth your time anyway). Same idea.

Similarly, the process of using fake love to find true love proves true in Hollywood. Think of the famous on-screen couples that took their  fake love into real life romances: Brad and Angelina, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner–even couples that have split (like Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, or Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas) still had a spark after smooching for their scenes. Obviously, in a perfect world, the partners in fake love turned real love wouldn’t be married at the time (ahem, Brangelina!), but things happen when they happen.

Of course, whispering in a guy’s ear right when you meet him may be a little awkward and may feel like you’re moving too fast, so the whole fake love-into-real love thing may not be for everyone. But it sure gives you a good reason to audition for the romantic lead in your school’s drama club, doesn’t it?

Who’s your favorite fake love-to-real love Hollywood couple? Do you think fake love can lead to real love? Has fake love ever led to a real romance for you? Tell us in the comments!

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    They had to create chemistry so it was realistic but what to do with it after filming? Keep on using it!