25 Insanely Weird Avante Garde Shoes

Yeah, I freaking love shoes. Unfortunately, I cannot walk in heels so I just lust after pretty pictures of shoes on the Internet. If you’re like me and are frightened by the sight of four inch heels (or death traps!) then these shoes will certainly give you nightmares. The amount of creativity in each piece shows how much fashion really is just another art form. Kudos to whoever can walk in these puppies, I definitely cannot.

These may make your Chuck Taylor’s look a little boring, but you’ll love them anyway. 20 insanely weird, avant garde shoes that we heart looking at, but would dread wearing.

Elephant Dung Stilletos

Credit: WENN.com

Angled by Finsk Shoes

Chewing Gum by Kobi Levi

Roxie Wood by Jeffrey Campbell

Hoof Boots

Coffee by Kobi Levi

Floral Arch Boots by John Fluevog

Invisible Shoes by Andreia Chaves

Heel Less by Bumper

The Neptune by Haus of Price

90 Degrees by United Heels

Skate by Jeffrey Campbell

Blowie Heels by Kobi Levi

Wings by Adidas

Black and Gold Booties by Alexander McQueen

Art Deco by Surface to Air

Armadillo Shoes by Alexander McQueen

Credit: Flashpoint / WENN.com

Alien Shoes by Alexander McQueen

Credit: WENN.com

Spikey Heel-less Wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti

Shark Heels by Kobi Levi

Butterfly Adidas by Jeremy Scott

VaVoom by Jeffrey Campbell

Spiked Dress Shoes by Barbara Gongini

Plush Animal Adidas by Jeremy Scott

Keyboard Flip Flops

Which of these crazy shoes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatar 4evrmileyfan13 says:

    I can’t blev the platform of the 1st shoes is made of elephant crap! Disgust-o!!! :)

  2. avatar TrendyNerdLuvMB says:

    But I would the heeless shoes if I had to pick.

  3. avatar TrendyNerdLuvMB says:


  4. avatar EvilMind13 says:

    I would wear some of these, they’re not horrid they’re art just like the article says, but some of these shoes would never be on my “Favorite Shoe” list

    • avatar Fernanda says:

      They might help you hit the ball better, but sulrey won’t fix your swing. I’ve played barefoot, in sandals without spikes, dress loafers, and have worn most brands of golf shoes over the years. The only difference I believe, is psychological and for some people, that is very important. I am a bit particular about how I look on the course from head to toe right down to the right hat in the right colors and shoes that look professional as opposed to athletic . In the end, its all about whats inside your head on this one, I’m afraid. Now, if you want better traction on your feet during the swing work on the root cause: bad balance. Hit some balls at the practice tee with your feet together and see what happens. Good luck!

  5. avatar rosy says:

    THEY ARE REALLY comfortable!

    love ALIEN and ANGEL

  6. avatar Filia_Lunae says:

    Oh wow these are so cool looking…most though I would not wear. I’d fall on my face. However I do like the Coffee shoes, the Alien shoes,the shark heels, and the butterfly shoes. The butterfly is my favorite.

  7. avatar Bree says:

    I really like the alien ones, but the shoes by Kobi Levi are the best.

  8. avatar AsianIggs1 says:

    I loved The Alien shoes a lot. I’d call them Majestic Gardens, though, because it looks like a gardens’ furniture to me. I also adored the keyboard flip flops. I’d wear those every day to band camp even though we’re supposed to wear tennis shoes :)

    The Coffee heels and the Butterfly Adidas definitely go on the list. Coffee’s the only drug I ever use XD The Butterfly Adidas remind me of Vocaloid’s Magnet, so I’d wear them just so I have an excuse to sing it.

  9. avatar Pinkhair says:

    Love them all, and would wear if they weren’t so impractical

  10. avatar Cherry says:

    The Neptune of haus I have a pair like that except it’s not open toe and its all black leather I find unique shoes interesting

  11. avatar lolz says:

    those all look really painful! i would never wear them. painful/uncomfortable shoes are so stupid

  12. avatar kay says:

    she did wear the alexander mcqueen armadillos

  13. avatar betty says:

    i like the alien and vavoom best!

  14. avatar Morgan says:

    I actually would wear the shark ones….

  15. avatar Kara N says:

    Every one of those shoes is a Podiatrist’s nightmare. I should know, my dad is a Podiatric Physician. I will wear my red Converse hi-tops thank you. :)

  16. avatar Simone says:

    these shoes look like something Lady Gaga would wear

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