Reader Hookup Confession: My Little Sister Caught My BF And I Fooling Around!

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If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

One day when I was babysitting my three little sisters and my brother, the guy I was dating came over to hang out with me. I was trying to keep it a secret, because my parents don’t know we’re dating.

At one point, we were laying on the couch making out, and he started biting/ kissing my ear. I had totally forgotten that my sisters were there because I was so caught up in the moment… that is, until my youngest sister caught us. She said, “Uh… what are you doing?” My genius response was, “He’s telling me a secret!” It was all I could think of.

She totally didn’t buy it and said, “No… it looked like he was eating your ear!” I was instantly embarrassed and totally nervous that she was going to tell my parents. She still makes fun of me today!

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  • Learis

    Kiss your hand five times then post this five times and look under your pillow

  • glammy

    Oh please..don’t act like ur a lil angel..kissing doesn’t mean u did anything don’t read it if it offends u. U going on like u mad coz u aint gettin please

  • turtleshelll

    Making out with your boyfriend doesn’t make you easy. It’s fine if you yourself don’t believe in doing those types of things but where do you get off judging other people? You know what these articles are about from the title, why read them if they bother you?

    • lacylovesethan

      for god sakes, its her boyfriend!! that dont make her “easy” or whatever, it would be different if she didn’t know the guy.!!!!!

  • Rosie


  • J

    I hate these. Sorry, but it’s the same thing: easy girls sharing their embarrassment when they shouldn’t have been messing around in the first place! Are there ANY girls with beliefs and morals anymore like me?

    • Carol

      They do have beliefs and morals, the just happen to be different from yours.
      Kissing your boyfriend isn’t bad; it does not mean that she is “easy”, please respect other’s decisions.

    • indiangal

      Exactly what i think too, im 15 and virgin…never kissed though maybe might 😛
      and bf cuming home, that wud be a huggee tragedy :/

    • greeneyedgrace

      Not all girls that “mess around” are easy. My bf and i have been together for a year and 8 months, and he is my first. We waited til the time was right, I knew him for a while, we started dating, i told him i wanted to wait and we did. And you have your own opinions but these stories are just to make you laugh. They dont all tell how long some of these couple have been together, so dont just assume that every girl that writes on here is “easy”. That is stereotypical that you would say that about all girls on here, just saying.

    • brie

      If i didn’t know better i would think you’re Amish. whats wrong with love??

    • roselove445

      hey us girls still have morals im saving myself for marrage but that doesnt mean im not allowed to kiss my bf any time i want to. so before you go and get all judgy just remember one day it will happen to you no matter what your beliefs are SO HA

    • denise

      Of course there are!!


        Sorry but why are you reading these if you don’t ‘agree’ with it or find it funny??