Your Complete Guide To Saying You’re Sorry

say sorry

Short notes won’t always cut it. | Source

Apologizing. Why is it so hard? The phrase “I’m sorry” is made of only two little words, but they’re the most difficult for most of us to say–but eventually, we all have to say them, because, well, none of us are perfect.

The thing is, it takes a really strong, awesome person to admit that they’re wrong. Being able to accept responsibility, hold yourself accountable, and confess that you messed up is probably a lot more impressive than someone who appears flawless.

The key is to match your apology to your offense and to your audience. Here’s how to gain forgiveness, trust, and your relationships back courtesy of an apology!

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  • Simone

    You could try talking to her via email or texts, I think it makes it easier to communicate your feelings cuz you’re not actually talking to them in person.

  • ravenamy

    i think people should just relize there mistakes and know that apologizing is the right thing to do.

  • Lily

    Me and my BFF get along really well, most of the time. The problem is, we both hate being wrong. When I am wrong I will admit it, but when shes wrong she keeps arguing because she refuses to be wrong! Its the most annoying thing, I love her to death but we fight over the stupidest things because she has to have her way all the time. When we argue its like she won’t even let me talk either, she just says “Ok Ok Ok I get it” When I try to say something. I just want to yell at her “You DONT get it because you won’t let me SAY it!!” I really don’t want to let her go as my BFF but it really puts a dump on my mood for the day when we fight. I need some help!