I Never Got High In High School


Uh, if you’re getting so stoned that you need a helmet, there’s a problem. | Source: arindambanerjee/Shutterstock

I’d say the average high school student comes across drugs pretty regularly – I know I did. My friends were having parties on the weekends where they were getting high, kids were smoking weed behind the library at school, doing Jell-O shots before the first bell, sneaking alcohol into class in thermoses. I saw a tab of LSD in science class, a girl I didn’t know unwrapping foil in gym to reveal a little pile of weed, I walked into a restroom where kids were smoking joints. So yeah – it was around.

With all this around me, you’d think I’d have used it too…only, I didn’t. Ok, I did get drunk once during my sophomore year, and tipsy another time, but that was it. I realized it wasn’t worth acting stupid or feeling like I was going to puke, and thus ended my drinking career. Not a bad decision, IMO. If drinking only made us obnoxious, drugs made my friends really dumb: I watched friends at a party stumbling around hallucinating on mushrooms, taking medications not prescribed to them (which could have had serious, or fatal, consequences), my cousin become addicted to speed. My stoner boyfriend became a bore. One of my best friends snorted coke with a hundred-dollar bill at a party and thought I’d somehow be impressed when she told me later (notsomuch), and I even had a friend my senior year who was injecting heroin.

The thing is: people who were high annoyed me. I’d be lying if I said I was never tempted, and I’d also be lying if I said part of my reason for not partaking was simply because I was afraid of getting caught. But seeing my friends high and doing dumb things, stumbling around unable to identify photos of each other, unmotivated to do anything, and ingesting substances that they couldn’t possibly identify (what was that LSD, speed, or ecstasy cut with? You’ll never know, and it could be poisonous. Saying this from facts, guys, not myths)–that wasn’t appealing.

Killing brain cells didn’t seem like a good idea, and sometimes that meant not hanging out with my friends, because it was lonely and alienating when everyone was getting high and I wasn’t, even more so than staying at home on Saturday night. And none of my friends ever had a good reason when I asked why they were using and sacrificing their health, certainly not enough to change my mind.

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My friends kept partying, but I didn’t want to join them. | Source: Shutterstock

People have asked if I regret not doing drugs in high school. I don’t. I’m a high-strung person, and that was another one of the reasons I didn’t use; a potential ten hours of extreme paranoia (marijuana causes that too, you know)? No thanks. I liked that I could remember everything, it was nice to not regret making out with someone gross because I was high, I never dealt with feeling crummy coming down from drugs on Sundays, never wasted money on junk that would only make me dumb. My parents trusted me coming home at 2am because they knew I wasn’t getting into trouble, and I’m sure my body appreciated that I wasn’t ingesting sketchy stuff. Uncool? Maybe. No regrets? DEFINITELY.

Have you ever felt pressured to do drugs? Are you ever the only sober one at a party? Do you have friends who stay sober? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kayla

    The only recreational drug that is truly “safe” is weed. But it’s normal for teens to experiment and see what their bodies are capable of by making poor choices like drinking or doing drugs, although I have to say that many things are ok in moderation. Teens like to rebel and act cool around their peers. It all depends on the person. Some grow out of this phase, some become drug addicts.

  • paige

    free the pot…go green 😀

  • Adele

    Thank you for posting this.
    I’m turning 20 next month, and had moved two years ago to go to college.
    My friends from up north drank from time to time, but that was with other people, when it was just us, we’d plan camping trips, cooking nights, “pick a genre and wear it to the mall” days [tended to be industrial/raver garb most of the time.], and just could have tons of fun.

    But moving here… I have made no friends…. The only people I hang out with on weekends are my boyfriend’s friends… and guess what? Their idea of a good time is drinking and smoking weed. My bf only does it once every few months, the tiniest amount, so I can deal with it.

    But because the people hanging around me did it so often and boasted it’s awesomeness, while at the same time telling me story upon story of frightning tales of like, going for a walk, then not knowing where they were at all, pukeing all night, feeling like they were being stabbed by a thousand needles, ect… I asked them why they would do it if they “enjoyable things” were such scary things as that.

    They could never give me a good explination. So, I decided to try and see for myself why anyone’d go through such horrible pain, confusion, and paranoia.

    Guess what, one tiny puff, and I was couched for several hours, not able to talk, twitching uncontrolably, and vomiting the whole time. And yet his friends when they found out, laughed, and said “Ohhhh, you got greened out, That’s Hillarious~! That happened to me before! It’s fine”

    But it was not fine… This was about, two months ago. Now, every at least three days, I randomly burst out in tears, I can’t feel things that I touch anymore, have cold sweats all the time, and am just completely sad, all the time.
    I can honestly say that that was the worst moment of my life, and the biggest mistake of my life. I wish I could take it away. But I can’t. And I’m glad that some people out there aren’t as stupid as I was and have decided to never touch it ever.
    And I hope that you guys do follow through with these statements. Cause I would never wish this feeling on anyone ever.

  • Jess

    I don’t do drugs. Never have, never will. It does help that the people I hang out with don’t do drugs or get drunk either.

  • Sarah

    I’m so happy for whoever wrote this article, I’m almost seventeen and i have never really understood why people do drugs, a lot of my old friends now do that i cut off, I’ve never really felt the need. I believe they are a huge problem and I admit its hard coming to school and hearing about all the parties on Monday where everybody got so high and did crazy shit, but I’m even more proud that people like you and myself don’t do drugs.
    Keep it up (:

    • Natalie

      Ditto to that! 🙂 May sound dumb but a great big high five to people who choose to be rational and not take drugs

  • Taylor

    I know I’m only 14, but I’m making this promise: I will never do drugs. Ever. I have so much going for me and I do not want to ruin that by being stupid just once and hooked on drugs. Oh yeah, and I also got lucky that I found friends who have this same additude as me and would also never do drugs. We’ll be the ones staying home– or hanging out together in a no alcohol/drug zone.

  • Kelsey

    I had a friend just tell me that she was doing some pot at a party she was at. When I expressed my concerns for her she just said, ” don’t worry i don’t have an addictive personality” she seems to think that the only way to have fun is to drink and do drugs, I’m worried for her. I have no desire to go out an do these things. I find it ridiculous, sure some people may want to have a drink once and while but to let it control your life well than thats a bit much.

  • Ripley

    I have no problem with drinking- in moderation. I think I will never be able to get drunk. I’m 14, and occasionally my parents will let me have some alcohol and it just makes me too sleepy. On the drugs, I can’t stand stupidity. At all. I have a bad temper for it. So screw the drugs.

  • kirei

    I NEVER smoked in hs. I heard of other people doing it, I’ve even seen classmates come to school high. But I just wasn’t interested in it at that time. Now college is a different story lol.

  • Sweettreat

    I am incredibly happy to see this article. I know how it feels not to be doing drugs when so many people close to you are.
    Same with me, when I see how weed makes people act in class (people show up high a lot) I’m just like “Why?”. Most people have just come out and said that they like the attention they get, because being high gets other people laughing. But why can’t you be funny on your own? Anyone can get high, you aren’t special, you’re the typical result that smoking too much brings on.
    I used to have a guy that I always looked up to get expelled for smoking weed, and when I confronted him (this was 3 years ago) he just said to me, “Wait ’till next year and you’ll be just like me.” So I did wait. I waited a year, then two, then three, and now I just know for sure I will never turn to drugs.
    Personally, I don’t like the idea of having your mind affected by any substance. I believe you should live your life with your own mind intact. People who get high to feel good, I prefer to feel good from accomplishing things and from the other experiences life has to offer, where I’m completely sober and have nothing in my system. I know that I will never change when it comes to this.

  • Elizabeth

    To say I was shocked at the amount of weed passed around at my High School would be an understatement. I’d just come from a Catholic middle school, but I wasn’t ignorant to everything. It was still so… different. And I hate the smell. Some kids on the bus would smoke it in the morning–7 AM!–and they’d stink up the whole bus. It annoyed me to no end.

  • Bea

    Thank you for posting this. I’m 13 and I plan on never doing drugs or drinking EVER, even when I’m 21. People scoff at me saying that, like, “yeah good luck with that,” but I’m dead serious. Drugs and alchohol has caused a lot of death and pain in my family, and I refuse to be a part of that. I’m proud, and I wish other teens would be too.