Ask A Guy: How Much Does A Girl’s Weight Matter To Guys?

Do guys like skinny girls

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Dear Ethan,

How much does a girl’s weight matter to guys? I feel like I’m always overlooked because I have a few extra pounds on me. Do all guys want a really skinny girl? Do they care about weight at all?

There will always be men who are into petite or lanky ladies, but not all guys want a “really skinny girl.” In fact, some dudes actually prefer a woman with extra curves!

Generally speaking, it’s probably safe to say that most guys favor the “hourglass figures” of Scarlet Johannsen or Beyonce. But although these superficial inclinations are rooted in primitive biology (i.e. waist, hips, and breasts sized for optimal child-rearing) the female “ideal” is constantly changing within our culture. Just look at the pinups of the 1950s, or the stick-thin “heroin chic” models of the 90s – you won’t find either body type walking today’s runways.

Curvacious super-hotties such as Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton continue to represent our ever-evolving perceptions of physical beauty. Critics may attack her waist size or weight as atypical for a bikini babe, but that doesn’t keep guys from drooling at the mere sight of her — trust me.

The majority of men may not seek out overweight girls, but in addition to the smaller group of men who do appreciate larger ladies, there are also plenty of deeper guys who value women for more than just their bodies. If you’re patient and you feel good about yourself, eventually you’ll find a dude who’s not only turned on by your confidence, but will want to know who you truly are underneath those “extra pounds.”

Good luck!

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  1. avatarBrian says:

    Well I somehow came across this site but I guess I’ll give my 2cents while I’m here. Generally as a guy it works in this order usually that starts us.

    1. Attraction which like the article said is biologically in tuned in guys. So lets just say initial impression if the girl looks good and has the good hip to waist ratio then we’re probably going to approach you. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be skinny for a guy to like you this is just what would usually signal us to make an attempt at seeing if we like you.

    2. After that comes personality. Now I’m just gonna state this out there, but most guys I know would give a girl a chance if she approached him and had a confident personality because we Rarely get approached. Course this might be different with each guy but I can guarantee you the hottest guy only gets 10-25% of the amount of approaches that a female of the same caliber gets. If a girl has a good personality and it shows we’re interested. Just like how girls like guys who are confident and funny the reverse is also true. We’d really like it if you could make us laugh and feel at ease instead of having to figure out what to talk to you about.

  2. avatarKelly says:

    I’m 5’1″ and weigh 92 pounds. I’m pretty skinny, but don’t call me names. It’s just as rude when people call skinny girls names like skin and bones, twig, toothpick as it is to call a woman with more weight fat, chubby, and chunky. No one wants to be called those names. Get over your weight and some judging people by they size. I have a fast metabolism and it is so annoying to hear my grandma say every single time I see her that I am too skinny, it’s just as annoying. And skinny people can have curves too and aren’t anorexic. Calling skinny people anorexic is ignorant because anorexia is a serious disprder that shouldn’t get used unless the person is anorexic. It is so unhealthy and a real disorder. I wish people could just accept their bodies the way they are.

  3. avatarSarah says:

    I’m 5’1 I’m not done growing.. But I feel fat my older sister seemed to get skinnier as she got taller. And I want to get skinnier my friends eat like 7,000 pizzas and I eat apples and I’m 126 lbs! I exersize and I play softball and swim. I have much breasts but.. I feel like all guys avoid me. Every guy in my school goes for a twig. I attract the mine craft and video game guys.. Never athletic. Should I go for them?

    • avatarVictoria says:

      Girl, 126 pounds is the perfect weight. Also you should go for a guy for their personality, not their physical appearence or reputation.

    • avatarHalyn says:

      Don’t go for guys by how they look or how cool they are. Like them for them just as you want them to to like you for you. I’m overweight and I’m dating a dorky boy who is skinny and cute. It shouldn’t matter what’s on the outside. What matters is on the inside.

  4. avatarCaroline says:

    Right now im about 5’7 and im definetly not done growing and one of my friends is aboot my height and she can eat about twice as much as me and sh still super skinny while im chubby.I play basketball and was on the b team and was a post. I know im bigger than most people but i think its mostly dad is i think about 6’4 and im built like my dad who is a hulking man vs. My mom who is 5’5 and relatively tiny.Im just afaird when i get older no one will love me cause they wont bother getting past what i look like on the outside.

    • avatarDanielle says:

      Don’t let it bother you too much. Most girls that are super skinny and eat a lot have fast metabolisms and it will slow down when she gets older if she eats a bunch of junk. I have a friend that constantly ate and ate, she was not fat but we found out she was bulimic, binge eating and purging. All you gotta do if you’re upset about your weight just eat healthier foods with lots of fiber. No junk. Don’t be afraid that no one will love you just cause you don’t look like a stick model. Somebody will love you. (:

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