Is He Gay?! Gay Rumors About One Direction’s Harry And Louis

is he gay gay rumors one direction

Maybe glances like these are what make fans wonder, “Is he gay?” | Source

Even though Louis Tomlinson of One Direction dished about the perfect kiss and cooking for his girlfriend, there are so many gay rumors about him and cougar hunter Harry Styles! Is Eleanor just a cover up for Louis? And is he gay?

Honestly? We think not.

Louis and Harry have been battling gay rumors since becoming besties during their X Factor days, and we think it’s kind of absurd. They don’t act any different than normal guy roommates do, but if they stand next to each other in a photo or make a joke, the whole world’s all, “Is he gay?!” And Louis has actually been pretty vocal about how the gay rumors are quite bothersome for him.

“This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with as I am in a relationship,” Louis griped in a recent interview. We don’t blame him–how tough must it be for poor Eleanor to have the whole world spreading gay rumors about your BF?! Louis added, “Me and Harry are best friends, people look into our every move. It is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public. We want to joke around but there seems to be a different rumor every time we do anything.”

Not cool! Frankly, it’s not cool to speculate on anyone’s sexuality, because, well, it’s no one’s business but their own and whoever they’re sleeping with. In fact, the constant “Is he gay?!” questioning not just of Louis or Harry, but of anyone, makes it seem like being gay is something that the person in question should be ashamed of or may be hiding. And that’s not true at all–there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. It’s just that not everyone likes their private lives made public, and when you’re a celeb, that’s an especially  difficult compromise to make. A lot of celebs really screw up when confronted with gay rumors and make disparaging comments against the gay community while denying that they’re gay–and we’re happy to see that Louis and Harry are above that. They’re not saying it’s gross or bad to think they’re gay–they’re simply saying it’s incorrect. Well done, boys.

is he gay gay rumors one direction

Harry and Louis look tired of the gay rumors! | Source

We’re going to take Harry and Louis’ words for it that they’re into ladies–goodness knows Harry’s conquests alone pretty much confirm his own heterosexuality, and Louis and Eleanor are so cute that the gay rumors just seem more and more absurd each time they come up. And let’s be real: The real reason why we’re always asking “Is he gay?” is because we’re just curious (and hopeful!) if we have a shot. It’s not like the gay rumors make them any less adorable, talented, or perfect!

That said, if Harry Styles really wants to quell the gay rumors and prove that he’s straight (not that it’s that important), I have an awesome idea how: Call. Me.

Do you believe the gay rumors about One Direction? Why do you think people speculate that Louis and Harry are gay? If Louis and Harry were gay, would you like 1D less? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Gabriel

    It doesn’t matter If they are gay let them be it and don’t judge cause we should love them for them. Not because their image and so what the could be curios about bisexuality.

  • Gay Boy

    So hot !!!!!!!

  • Hailey

    This kind of thing is so annoying because now Louis and Harry can’t relax and be themselves in interviews together.

  • Steve in Ky


    • Hailey

      Naww leave them alone…honestly besides how does one “look gay”

  • Maria

    I think its absolutly CRAZY that they say “But he looks gay!” What does gay look like? I have gay friends and they just look like regular people…cause they are regular people! I also think that its CRAZY that a reason people say they dont like them is because their ‘gay’. So what! That doesnt make them any less talented as singers or performers. Im sure Harry and Louis are just being fooling around, like any BFF’s do. If your a girl, think of the stuff you may do with your friends eg. hug, hold hands ect. but you know your not gay so why does them being in a popular and successful boy band change anything? I’m sick and tired of hearing rumors about famous people being gay, even if they (seem) quite happy in relationships with people. I feel so bad for those people, other people who dont know your other half, questioning their sexuality. To One Direction-I pray that you are happy with whoever you end up with! Be it girl or guy! It doesnt make you less talented, amazing and HOT!! haha Directioner forever! M xx

    • ASHLEY


  • thacaa

    Harry look likes a gay so much , but louis not ,, how can louis is a gay ? he so gentle
    anyway I wish 5 of 1D are not a gay ,, or if they are a gay I going to love them less :/

  • Countrygurl

    Wow okay I seriously hate this world we live in. Like seriously what the hell why can’t people just mind their own business and stop judging people for every. single. thing. they do?! NO GUY from One Direction is gay, all those rumors are totally wrong! But what if they were, why would that matter?? They would still be the awesome, fun, loving, cute, amazing people they are. Like seriously people if you’re gonna judge somebody judge them for what MATTERS: Their heart <3 Like omg they love eachother like best friends do. I love my best friend with all of my heart, but that doesn't make me a lesbian?? Once again nobody from One Direction is gay! And Louis and Harry are my two favorites I love them soo much! <33 They are so sweet and awesome and don't deserve to be called names or judged. NOBODY does. So everybody that spreads these rumors just drop it. Shut up. Grow up.

  • ravenamy

    no, even if 1D were gay i would still like them just as much as i do now! and i dont think the rumors are true.

  • ladykilla5

    I believe Harry Styles is not gay and i think that all the people and the media that create rumors about him being gay should BACK THE HELL OFF!

    • ASHLEY


  • monstahofagurl

    How come gurl does just LGBT stories? Every time I look at the their articles, all I see is either lesbian or gay.

    I’m not homophobic, but seriously, I get tired of hearing it. And don’t say stop reading I am entitled to my own opinion and I’m just saying.

  • thatgirl

    The fans that I know don’t call them gay as a bad thing. they call them gay because they WANT them to be so that their ships (Larry,Niam,Ziall etc.) can work

  • Anna

    No, they’re not gay. They like to joke around but the whole Larry thing is starting to become a problem. Louis himself said that it was funny at first but now is hard to deal with as he is in a relationship. They are a bit touchy-feely, but they aren’t being serious. They’re just good friends. It’s when rumors are started that problems arise.

  • Shania

    I dnt think they r gay jst because they sing together doesn’t mean they r gay… They r these cool guys who r in 1 direction ..I wud say that they r the best … Better than Justin bieber..rock on 1 direction

  • hollister11

    Honestly, regardless of the fact that Louis has a girlfriend, he looks and acts gay. Whether that upsets anyone or not, there’s science behind ‘looking gay’. And no, I’m not against gay people.

  • Angel

    One of my favorite bands (Panic! At the Disco) use to do stuff wayyy worse then the boys in this band do. They were considered ‘stage gay,’ meaning they would almost kiss and uh other stuff to rile up the crowd (because most of the girls thought it was hot, including me). Namely Ryan and Brendon (in fact, I’m pretty sure they were the only one who did stuff like that). They said they weren’t gay, but every one was convinced they were gay for each other cause they would get so into stuff on stage, pictures, and interviews (they really clicked, it was so cute when they would hold hands). They were so cute together until Ryan and Jon left. Ugh now Im sad. RYDEN FOREVER! XD

  • Hayley

    They are not gay. I know this for a fact.

  • AsianIggs1

    I don’t believe they’re gay either, but this kind of made me think the whole time, “How dare you?”

    If I had to be honest, the thing that made me think that was that you said Harry’s conquest for cougars confirmed his heterosexuality. That’s not always entirely true. I’m not saying he really is gay; I’m just saying that that isn’t always the case.

    You can’t blame girls for hoping that they’re gay. I mean, how many gay guys are in a BOY BAND? These rumors were coming either way. I’m just saying that some people need to see the other side of the story other than this one.

    I get that the rumors are annoying, but if they’re not happy with it, they still need to suck it up a little more. I really doubt that it’s come up THAT MUCH. I love the guys. but this just seems absurd itself.

    • Rose

      Exactly I mean look a bieber! He’s been called gay…a girl….a lesbian….

      And even if they’re NOT gay having a girlfriend of liking cougars mean NOTHING. Ever hear of cover ups?

      Plus they’re famous! That’s part of it. Ever heard of a celebrity that wasn’t bashed or hated on? Beyonce was, Adele was, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez