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Who needs Disney princes when Disney princesses can kick ass themselves? | Source

Disney princesses have a bit of a bad rap sometimes. They’re often portrayed as damsels in distress, with some exceptions (we’re lookin’ at you, Mulan!)–they’re usually waiting for some generic prince to come to their rescue, right? (Seriously, think back: Some of the princes don’t even have names, because, well, it’s a guy! Any will do!)

Not so much at San Diego Comic Con, where a gaggle of gals dressed as Disney princesses, but with a twist: They were superhero versions of their storybook heroines! Think weapons, masks, boots, and, in Belle’s case, some really powerful books. Check out our favorites of these kick ass Disney princesses (we wish there were more photos of Tiana, who looked like a BAMF too!)–no tiaras or dashing men on horseback required.



Who needs King Triton or Prince Eric when you have a trident of your own? Take that, skinny Ursula!



Hercules may be the strongest dude in ancient Greece, but we doubt he could wield a wicked bow and arrow like his lady love. Speaking of archery . . .



Merida already kicked butt and took names in Brave. Now she’s just doing it incognito. Love!



As long as you keep her away from cursed spindles, Aurora can pretty much hold her own.



Okay, aside from visibly being able to whoop some butt, how cute is her pumpkin ammunition? Better not miss your curfew!



Only one of these Disney princesses paints with all the colors of the wind. And the blood of anyone foolish enough to mess with her, apparently.



She wasn’t scared of Quasimodo, so what makes you think she’ll be scared of fighting her own battles and kicking some evil butt? And check out that deadly tambourine. Bet she makes some killer music with that thing! (We’ll be here all week, folks.)



Mulan was pretty badass to begin with, what with posing as one of the boys to fight and all. Look at how she handles that sword! No knights in shining armor needed here, thank you. She’s got this.


Think less curious girl with a tea party fetish and more badass, Gambit-from-X-Men. Is there anything more perfect for Comic Con?



Who needs to be a princess when you can pretty much be a ninja (which is so much cooler!)?



Proving that knowledge is power, Belle combines her love of reading with her ability to knock someone out with her hammer. Thor, you want to start something? Be our guest.

Who’s your favorite Disney princess? Do you prefer the real Disney princesses or their superhero counterparts? Which of these Disney princesses do you think could kick the most butt? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kitty-chan

    How dare any of you call these girls ugly. They have the confidence and creativity to put together a costume and wear it in public while you sit and bash their looks behind the safety of your keyboard. It’s people like you who are responsible for the world’s f-ed up perception of beauty. Those women are beautiful.

  • FamilyForce5Fan

    haha, whoever dressed up as Aurora is totally a dude…

    • 4evrmileyfan13

      Same goes 4 Jasmin and Mulan!

  • Gerardine

    Are they, like, drag queens or something?

  • Pita

    Those models are ugly as sin

    • G7