I Thought I Had A Tumor . . . Down There

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I was so worried I couldn’t concentrate. | Source: Shutterstock

It was a Saturday afternoon in college, I was fooling around naked with my boyfriend – and myself – and suddenly, I found something. Something new, something that definitely struck me as not good: a bump on the inside of my labia majora, one that definitely had NOT been there just a few days earlier. It didn’t hurt, but all the same: it was there. I started freaking outand insisted my boyfriend try to feel it too – and he could – but he didn’t freak out. He said it was probably nothing.

IT’S NOT NOTHING!!! I insisted. It was bump that had grown quickly, one that I could even actually see with a mirror! I didn’t have any STDs, and neither did my boyfriend. (We’d both been tested.) So what was it? The only thing I could think of was: a tumor. Some evil, poisonous, potentially deadly, foreign lump in my vagina.

I couldn’t let it go, and because it was the weekend, I couldn’t see my gynecologist for two days. I remember going and seeing bands with my bf that night, and not enjoying myself at all because I was convinced something was very, very wrong with me. I imagined medical procedures of all sorts, having to take medical leave from college, having to tell my family.

I woke up at the dot of 8 on Monday morning and called my gyno, stating that I’d found a growth of some sort. They said to come in in a couple hours, and of course I did.

I’m lucky in that my gyno is awesome, nice, friendly, and compassionate, all of which I really needed at the moment. I got on the table, she pointed a bright light at my vagina and poked around, and found the bump. And! Instead of telling me bad news, asking for a biopsy or anything else potentially terrifying, she told me that it was nothing terribly unusual! She described it as a sort of harmless cyst: an oil gland under the skin had gotten clogged, essentially forming a pimple on my vulva. (I know, ew, but better than the alternatives.) And, much like a pimple, it could be squeezed and popped. The gyno wiped me with some sterile wipe and squeezed the bump – which, I’ll admit, hurt so badly I almost gagged – and wiped me off with another sterile wipe.

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When in doubt, have your doctor check it out! | Source: Shutterstock

End of bump, end of freaking out. I’d walked into the doctor’s office a terrified wreck, I walked out happy, majorly relieved, and only slightly in pain. Furthermore, I’d learned a lesson: just because something seems wrong, doesn’t mean that it’s something bad – keep your cool ’cause it might be nothing. See your doctor before going crazy, and think positively.

Have you ever thought something was really wrong with you? What would you do if you felt a weird lump down there (or anywhere else)? Tell me about your biggest health scares in the comments!

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  • rose

    Thank you so much for that post I have one too and I am going to the doctor tommorow although I think it might be something far more serious but I will stay positive
    sincerely Rose Pruitt

  • J

    I have a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. I’m lucky that I have quite a mild case, but it means that I often get pea-sized cysts in the crease between my vulva and thighs, which can become painful and inflamed. I had it for years and assumed it was just ingrown hairs, but a couple of weeks ago I went to my doctor and got diagnosed with this condition. Some people with the condition also get them in their armpits or on the undersides of their breasts. It isn’t anything to do with STDs or being unclean, it just means you get blocked sweat glands in certain places. My doctor put me on the contraceptive pill because the hormones in it can often alleviate the disease- I haven’t been taking it long enough to notice a difference yet. It’s just a type of acne, so if you think you have it, get it checked out and the medication could make it better.

  • Artemis95

    The same thing happened to me. I’m a virgin, don’t do drugs, have no tattoos, and only have my ears pierced, which was done professionally when I was young, so I knew the chances of me having an STD were miniscule, though not impossible. I never had reason to get tested, so I was a little scared it could be that. Cancer also crossed my mind. I had a gynecologist check, and she said the bumps were benign cysts. She said they weren’t dangerous, but I should come back if they don’t go away on their own, because they may have to be drained. I never realized it was so common.

  • Nicole Clark, MSW

    I experienced the same thing! When I was 19 years old, I discovered a bump in my vaginal area. I could actually feel it as I walked around. When I got enough courage to go to my campus medical provider, she was able to tell me that what I had wasn’t a tumor, but a Bartholin’s cyst, and it ended up being clogged by fluid. She told me that the fluid could go away on its own, or I could have the option of having it drained with a catheter. Luckily, the fluid went away on its own. Thanks for sharing this story!