21 Things To Do Before You Turn 21

The first 21 years of your life will go by so fast you won’t know what hit you. Maybe you don’t have all the money, time, or glitter in the world, but there are definitely ways to make the best of it. Stop worrying about the boys, friends, and parents for just a second–focus on YOU. Maybe do a few of these a year or do them all in one–just try them, you won’t regret it.

Here are 21 things to do before you turn 21 (that any girl can do).

Pull An All-Nighter (Not Because You're Studying)

Maybe you told your parents you were staying over "so-and-so's' house" but you're really at that awesome party. Sometimes being bad is kind of good. Instead of marathoning Gossip Girl for the tenth time, make some memories. ShutterStock.com

Go Vegetarian

There isn't a girl I know who didn't go veggie at one point or another. It's a great way to detox your body, painlessly test your will, try new foods, and it's just super healthy. ShutterStock.com

Keep A Diary

Whether it's the best or worst time of your life, you'll want to remember exactly what happened. Even just a few months later you'll be laughing about how clueless you were and how much has changed. ShutterStock.com

Go Camping With Friends

Even if it's just in your backyard, camping is awesome. Roasted marshmallows, singing songs, not showering--that's a memory you'll never forget. ShutterStock.com

Ask Your Parents What They Were Like At Your Age

The answer might surprise you. When I found out my dad used to break dance in the '70s I said, "Huh, WHAT?" Your parents might have been way cooler than you think. ShutterStock.com

Keep A Scrapbook Of Your Friends (Off Line)

Yeah, your Tumblr might be your diary now, but you'll want to have something physical to remember your friends by. Trust me you'll forget about all those personal blogs and Tweets, but you'll have that photo of you and your BFF at the carnival forever. ShutterStock.com

Go On A Facebook Diet

Just take a deep breath. It's totally possible. Avoid all the dramz and stalking your ex for just a week. You'll wonder why you hadn't done it earlier. ShutterStock.com

Look At Yourself In The Mirror Naked...

and think something real awesome about what you see. Your body is yours, face it. No one is perfect, but no one is supposed to be. For every one thing that bugs you about how you look, there's ten more totally awesome things you've got going on--remember that. No, like seriously, remember that. ShutterStock.com

Join A Club You Think You're Too Cool For

Don't miss out on something because you think it's "not cool." Being a part of something is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You'll make new friends, learn something, and play an important role in something that matters. ShutterStock.com

Go To A Party Where You Barely Know Anyone

Maybe it's a friend of a friend or someone you just met. They've invited you to a party and you're terrified because you won't know anyone there. Go anyway. You can actually have fun with new people! Making new friends doesn't mean ditching your old ones, it means you're finding yourself. ShutterStock.com

Change Your Hair, Like REALLY Change It

New hair can change your confidence overnight. Cut it all off or dye it a weird color. You'll get noticed and you'll like it. ShutterStock.com

Go To A Concert

Whether it's your fave band or the local one from around the street. Jump up and down. Sing really loud. Break a sweat. You won't forget it. ShutterStock.com

Make A List Of Your Dreams

If it's kissing Harry Styles or winning the Nobel Prize, making a list of your dreams can help put your life in perspective and set your goals in motion. ShutterStock.com

Take A Spa Day

You can pay to go to a fancy spa or head to the pharmacy with your friends and pick out some funky nail polishes and clay masks. Give each other shoulder rubs and just relax. ShutterStock.com

Try To Get Straight As One Semester

Maybe you don't think you can do it and it's OK if you don't. Really trying to get your academic ducks in a row can give you an extra confidence boost and prove to the haters (and your parents) you can do it! ShutterStock.com

Skip School With Your Friends

Don't make a habit of it, just try it once (or twice). When final exams are over, ditch school with your friends, grab some snacks and head to the park. It might be the last time you see these kids, make something of it. ShutterStock.com

Get A Bra Fitting

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much this will change your life. No more back aches, we swear. ShutterStock.com

Make An Effort To Befriend Someone COMPLETELY Different

Yeah, that weird girl over there might seem uncool on the outside, and maybe she is thinking the same about you. Talk to her, you'll learn something completely new and might have more in common than you think. ShutterStock.com

Get A Really Crappy Summer Job

You'll make extra cash, new friends, and probably crush on somebody. It'll liven up your summer, we promise. ShutterStock.com

Start A Savings Account

Snoozefest, we know. You'll regret it later if you don't do it now. It's great practice for "adulthood" and maybe you'll use that money for an awesome trip abroad. ShutterStock.com

Write A Letter To One Of Your Living Heroes

And actually send it to them. You might even hear back. Most of all, it'll get you thinking about who your heroes actually are and who you aspire to be someday. ShutterStock.com

Have you done any of these yet? Let us know in the comments!

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  • sophie

    i love to do crazy things but they werent that crazy, just some advice you should have had some crazy things in there

  • igna

    I wouldn’t recommend going vegetarian for every one. It may cause anemia.

  • Jane Doe

    I’ve pulled an all-nighter with friends, been vegetarian (now vegan) for 2 years, my parents tell me how they were like when they were 15 a lot, I have a scrapbook and a picture wall, never had a Facebook, yep-I’ve looked it the mirror naked, I joined a lot of clubs in my life-even the geeky ones!, I’ve been to several parties where I hardly know anyone, I’ve dyed my hair so many colours I can’t even remember! and I got the partially shaved head look half a year ago and still have it :P, going to Mumford and sons in Germany in a month, got straight As this semester, skipped school with 3 friends 15 minutes after class started played video games at one of their houses and just didn’t come back, I have a summer job and it’s not TOO crappy, have a savings account, and wrote a letter to Bryan Stars :D. That’s what I did- and all in less that a year! xD

    • Parul

      That’s awesome!!!

  • Fern

    Ok, being a veggie is really not tht expensive; i’ve been one for 7years and found tht it is cheaper than meat eating, and healthier and better etc
    Only thing haven’t done is write a letter to my “hero”, don’t really have one, noone is a hero, admire some things, hate others…

  • MeMakeYouSmile

    I’ve done all of these except…

    1. Gettting a crappy summer job, I’m too young currently but I turn 16 in November so I’ll be able to soon.

    2. Really changing my hair, I’ve cut my bangs from time to time and have grown it out then cut off a few inches but never REALLY changed it.

    3. Keeping a diary, idk lol.

    4. Camping with just my friends, I’ve camped with my friends and their families but never just my friends and I. Sounds really fun though.

    5. Getting a bra fitting. Hm. I’ll think have to do that.

    Oh and I’ve written letters and e-mailed many of my favorite idols. Also President Bush!

  • Taylor

    I have done almost everything on this list
    1. Be a vegetarian. I am a total meatatarian…. Lol not for real but I do love meat. Although I’m considering it since I have Lyme disease and fresh raw vegetables are much better for my overall health
    2. Skipped school. I don’t know if I could do that… Imma nerd lol
    3.get a crappy summer job—-I’m too young to have a job
    4. Write a letter to your hero. I don’t really know I’d I have a hero yet to be honest
    5Go to a party where you don’t know anyone. Yah there is no parties at my age

  • Lily

    I really want to try being a Vegitarian, my Grandmother has been one for a really long time and I want to try it, maybe if its just for a week, but I really love meat! D:

  • Zoey

    I soooo wanna be a vegitarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica

    Ive done all of those things except
    -Get a crappy summer job
    -Skip school with friends
    -Write a letter to my hero

  • Koti

    Done pretty much all this stuff! Even been veg for a year now! Well, except for the hair one.. but I’m going to get a pixie this weekend! aaahh! This is an Awesome list!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Tina

    I’ve done all of them except for
    – get a bra fitting
    – have a crappy summer job
    – get straight A’s one semester

  • basschick

    first off i just wanna say that this is awesome! i am totally going to try to make these come true for the next year and a half i have left. πŸ™‚

    1) i have pulled an all nighter, but not a huge party type thing, just me and a few friends (which to me is a lot more fun than a huge party)

    2) i was vegetarian for almost a year until it got to be to expensive

    3) i have had a diary for…. a long time. haha still have one and it keeps me so sain, idk what i would do without it! <3

    4) i have gone camping several times with my family but not with friends! i should definantly get to it!

    5) i have always been curious about my parents childhood stories every since i was young. i know what they were doing at my age so that one is covered

    6) i do not have a scrap book but i do take several pictures at many events with my friends and have recently got a video camera! XD so that counts

    7) i curently do not have a facebook! i got rid off it in january and believe it or not, it is a lot nicer! i only keep in touch with people i want to keep in touch with and who want to keep in touch with me. really find out who your real friends are.

    8) have i ever looked in the mirror naked? that is kinda personal, but i guess we all have after a shower

    9) well… i never thought about not joining a club because i thought i was too cool. i have been very open minded and tried out new things for the hell of it though!

    10) i have never been invided to a party where i do not know anyone, but if i do, i will for sure keep this in mind πŸ™‚

    11) hell yeah, i have dyed my whole head blue before! XD and i love dying it and cutting it in new styles all the time

    12) hell yeah again! i have been to so many concerts growing up (so much fun!) and even preformed! this one is beyond covered

    13) i have made a list of things i want to do before and still kind of know it. i am totally working toward some of them right now

    14) i have never been into spas. seem like a waste of money (and time) but i have definantly spent time just relaxing to give my mind and body a break πŸ™‚

    15) i got straight a's my first semester of college πŸ™‚

    16) skipped school with friends? no. by myself i just left half way through my last class…. and i skipped classes in the middle (but i was there in the beginning and end)… i guess i was always a goody toshoes. heehee

    17) i should totally get a bra fitting! it would be so helpful… i hate bra shopping though lol

    18) i have! in a way my 3 closes friends? we are all totally different from each other! but because of that, we always have fun and never get bored πŸ™‚

    19) i have never had just a summer job but my first job is considered a crappy one so hell. that is complete πŸ™‚

    20) i have had a savings account for a while now. (take this advice, people, it IS very helpful and useful for the future!)

    21) write to my living hero? idk about that… to my celeb heros i would prob just be another fan. and my closer heros they know me and that is a little touchy feely for our type of relationship haha

  • Anna

    Well, looks like I’m on a constant facebook diet. I hate that stupid site.

  • anny

    i dont agree with these things (some of them)

  • Lindi

    Okay, you NEVER keep your eyes open when you kiss O_O

  • Victoria

    I have wrote letters to my favorite authors. I have in total wrote 4 letters. I have got 2 responces. 1 was direct to me!!! She wrote it herself on her facebook account. It was amazing. The other one must have wrote by her assistance, it was just a thank you for writting. The other 2 have not responceded yet.