Reader Hookup Confession: My Friend’s Sister Caught Me Half-Naked In Her Room!

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

One day, my crush and I were hooking up at a friend’s house because her parents weren’t home and it was the only place we could really be alone together. We went into my friend’s sisters room since we thought no one would be home for a while and we wanted some privacy.

As we were about to fully get it on, my friend yelled that her sister was home! We panicked and started getting dressed. I was having trouble getting my shirt back on, so my crush tried to help me. Next thing we knew, my friend and her sister were standing right there – and I was in my bra! My crush and I were mortified; not to mention, my friend’s sister was pissed!

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  • leah

    Similar thing happened to me at my friends place. My younger sis was with me she is three years younger. She is 9. My friends said they would look after my sis while I went and got to know this guy who happened to be the friend of this other girls brother from University. I went to his room and we got chattin n things progressed and ummm thngs started happenin. It was my first time ever giving him a blow job and he going down on me and things happened so fast and felt so good I ended up losing my virginity to him.
    All along I didnt realise that my sis who was supposed to be in the computer room at the computer was actually behind the door watching me and him doing it !!! I think she heard the sounds coming from the room and so she quietly decided to watch !! Thankfully she hasn’t told anyone especially my mom. But, OMG she watched me suck this guy and watched him eat me out and everything else. I could have died!!!

    • amanda

      OMG tht must have been so embarrasin.. hehe..wat did u do? did she actually see u suckin his dick? were u fully naked ? :O. Holy crap she also saw u being eaten out..LOL.. so u were 12?? wow.. did the guy know tht??

      • leah

        it was very embarrasin. Yeah she saw the whole thing. Yes she saw me sucking his dick and him eating me out after that. Yeah I am sure he knew I wus 12. But he was kewl he just kept sayin he wanted to fu**. Well I am sure he worked it out that I was very young when he took my undies and my top off. My sis kept askin me wat I wus doin and she kept askin me why he kept tellin me I was tite. All I could say was ‘ dont talk about it and dont tell anyone”

        • theenlightenedone

          Younger sisters are sometimes a pain. LOL. It must have been so awkward especially when you are in those compromising positions and in the throes of sexual passion. LOL. She must have, in her mind, gone eeewwww! when she saw you sucking him and him licking your vagina. At 9 even though girls start masturbating they will go eeewww with anything associated with their vagina. LOL. Did she actually see him fuck you? So you were 12? wow ! I bet he knew you were 12. It is very obvious to a guy especially if you dont have pubic hair. I am sure he enjoyed you a lot. LOL. Guys dont mind about age. Just make sure you dont take her with you when you go to his place. Have you told him that she was watching? Guys generally dont mind that either. Just make sure she doesnt tell anyone or he could get into big trouble. If you like him you need to protect him.

          • Lanni

            Thats so true. OMW ! tht must have been so embarrasin. hehehe

  • Ain’t Perfect

    I would have skipped putting the bra on and tossed on the shirt in that kind of kill for time.

  • Rinnie

    Going to your friend’s sister’s room is pretty disrespectful especially since you got caught.
    Be more wise next time.

  • kimster13

    omg wtf !!! yoour friends room ? really ? well i actually dont know what to say :L

  • Tiya

    I agree with hollister11. Then my bra would have been the 2nd to last thing to take offf so she wouldnt have known what we were doing!!!!!Last of all why would you do it in her room.

  • Sami

    Thats so embarrassing! I would have run away and done it somewhere else!

  • hollister11

    Eww! First of all, why are you sleeping with a CRUSH ( not even a boyfriend)! Second, why in her SISTERS room? If your friend is the one letting you use her house for sex, it should be HER room. Third…ugh!

  • Anna

    Am I the only one who thinks most of these hook-up girls are willing to do some really crappy things in order to be with some dude. Seriously, what the hell, your friend sister’s room? That’s kind of a massive bitch move.