16 Poop Accessories Because Everybody Poops

Yeah, we all poop. Maybe some of us poop with pride or some of us turn the faucet on so no one will hear, maybe some of us can’t do it in public restrooms or are teaching their little bro or sis how to go on their own. The fact of the matter remains: everybody poops. So why do we get all fussy about it? What’s to be embarrassed about or ashamed? OK, so it’s a little yucky.

Above all else, truly, poop is funny. Here are 16 hilarious poop accessories (that I’m not sure I would ever wear).

I Don’t Give A Sh!t

Glow In The Dark Cell Charms

French Poop Necklace

Everyone Poops Magnet

Devious Poop Charm

Toilet Paper & Poop Earrings

Chocolate Scented Poop

Colorful Poop Charm

Pewter Poop Earrings

Poop Necklace

Knitted Poop

Poop Soap

Poop Pillow

Poop Plushes

Colorful Poop Pillows


What’s your fave poop accessory? Let us know in the comments!

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  • TrendyNerdLuvMB

    Ewww…look at the poop soap….

    I wouldnt even be sure if thats REALLY soap.

  • tiafiamomia777

    THAT SOAP LOOKS NASTY AS SHT! lol I love the poop + paper charms, but this list is a bit bizarre.

  • JuggaletteCuiteLmao

    lol, the soap is gross, te brown things are gross. but i would totally buy any of the neon colored ones anytime <3

  • Mr.Sweet and Chedderlo1

    Mr.S: The soap is kinda…….. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    Ch1: Interesting, Mr.S if yo ever get me one of those as a present i swear i will……….
    Mr.S *Covers Ch1 mouth* Don’t finish that sentence!
    Ch1: *bites Mr.S hand*
    Mr.S Ouch!!! *Lets go of Ch1 mouth*
    Ch1: You washed yo hands right?
    Mr.S Ummm………….. Maybe? O_o

  • Sandy

    Ok, this whole list of things is just… WRONG! What kind of sick mind thinks this shit up? LOL

  • B.DiDDi

    I would NEVER be able to use that soap.

  • lizoreilly101

    Ohhhh the poop soap is gross looking