My First Time: A Truth Or Dare Kissing Disaster

truth or dare kissing can be fun

Why wasn’t it happening for ME?! | Source: Shutterstock

When my best friend kissed her first boyfriend, I was so jealous. Never mind that it was on a parent-supervised double date to see Mr. Woodcock, I wanted to be her. I felt so childish, and I was determined to be kissed by the time school started. I mean, I had just gotten my braces off, I was still (sort of) the same height as boys my age, and I had a killer yearbook photo. I was hot stuff, right? Prime. Kissing. Target.

Over the summer I took a couple classes at Princeton University. It was my first time away from home, so I was super excited to be free of my parents and meet some new people. This was the chance for my first kiss! One night, a bunch of other kids and I were hanging out in a fountain. We were in our bathing suits, and the water was freezing! This one girl started talking about playing truth or dare, and everyone agreed to play. I (the eternal scaredy-cat) kept on choosing truth, even though everyone else chose dare. The dares started getting really intense. One girl had to flash a guy, and there was a lot of kissing. Truth or dare was so on.

truth or dare kissing

Things did NOT go so smoothly! | Source: Shutterstock

I started getting really nervous-–my friends didn’t know I had never been kissed–and I was still shaking from the chill of the water. Finally, the inevitable happened. A guy was asked truth or dare, and when he picked dare, this girl dared him to kiss me. At first I was like, “Hell, yes!” But then I freaked out. I had no idea how dare kissing worked! Was it a peck, or a full-on make out?

I felt my teeth chattering and my face getting red. I hoped no one saw me quietly panicking as he leaned in. And then we made contact, and I thought it wasn’t that bad. I could feel myself shivering, because I was still so cold, and then… “OUCH!” I bit him. My teeth were chattering so badly that I practically chomped his lip off, and he started to bleed. Badly. I was so mortified, and everyone was laughing about it through the rest of the game. For days after, people would bring up that fateful game of truth or dare in class or at lunch, and each time I just wanted to melt into the floor and disappear!

Naturally, I called my best friend to tell her what happened. At first I was so upset, I nearly cried, but talking to her made me remember, Hey, I did it! I had my first kiss! Good, bad, whatever—I’d been smooched and knew that it could only get better from here!

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened when you played truth or dare? Do you have any crazy kissing stories? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Someone;)

    My first kiss was 3 days ago by the way I’m 14..,. Me and my friends where playing truth or dare and this guy i kinda like got dared they dared him to shift (make out) with me …..So much was going through my head but i kinda knew he liked me so he was ready and everyone was shouting at me to do it this boy is 11 he’s really small for his age … So i popped a mint in my mouth and said fine i was so nervous we went over to the electrical box and he stood on the step and i stoop of it so he was tall enough he wrapped his arms around my ass and i smiled and put my hands around his neck all my friends where watching us so we told them to look away for a minute and the. Turn around and they turned around and i looked into his eyes n giggled and i was so nervous and then i look back up at him and he start leaning in with his eyes closed i got so scared but i leaned in and hoped for the best…..I didn’t know how to french kiss but i went with the flow and copied him then i could hear friends turned around saying omg they actually did it and start Laughing and and flashlights in my face the kiss lasted about 20 seconds it was amazing<3 We stopped kissing looked into each others eyes smiled and then let go it was perfect<3 Even though it was kind of forced it was still perfect cause we both wanted to do it anyways:)

    • Kyra

      My first kiss was a few weeks ago, I’m 11btw. We were playing truth or dare and one of my best friends was there, his name is Rafe, and I accidentally pointed out that there is nothing in the rules against daring two people at once. So I dared 2 people and then they dared me and Rafe to kiss on the lips and i was trying to convince her otherwise, then Rafe walked over and sat next to me, and I said to him, “I’m trying to convince her not to make us do this. Do you think that this is helping?!” Then he lent in and kissed me, and I kissed him back, as it was part of the dare. Afterwards I said to him, “WTF, We are 11years old!! Why did you do that?!” Then he just kissed me again.

  • Awsome kiss

    Hey, my first truth or dare kiss was just like that! I got dared to kiss this one really sexy guy. I wanted to. He leaned in and BAM we were like hard core making out his tounge was playing with mine it was awsome. Then he leaned back and let me on top of him and then it was like heaven. Once the make out session was over I got dared to do “7 minutes in heaven with the same guy. We kep our clothes on… It was awsome!

  • Wolf girl

    Omg a few days ago we were playin truth or dare in the theme park called thourpe park it was my 13th b day and it ended up gettin very intament. I had to touch the boy i liked dick and he had to feel my tit. Then i had to snog him!!! So i lent in with him and started to make out when one pf the people from thourpe was dressed as a zombie sort ofjumped out so i screamed in his mouth and accudently fell onto of this guy orkies lolx

  • Mr.Sweet and Chedderlo1

    Mr.S: ……… Poor guy…………..
    Ch1: HAHAHAHA… sorry it’s just… HAHAHAHAHA