Did Disney’s Ursula Go On A Diet?!


Ursula was a pretty hot, sassy villain already. Where did the rest of her go?! | Source

Remember Ursula from The Little Mermaid? She was fabulously full-figured, super sassy, and, yeah, evil–but dude, she was so much fun to watch, wasn’t she? From her thunderous voice to her python-tight tentacle grip, Ursula was one of the original badasses from our childhoods, and she was also one of the only full-figured cartoon characters, despite being a villain.

But uh, what the heck happened to her now? Disney completely revamped Ursula’s appearance for their Disney Villains design collection, which includes makeup (their nail polishes look kind of awesome, not gonna lie), dolls, and other items (journals, etc.). Ursula now sports a dark purple seaweed-textured skirt instead of her trademark black tentacles and a rather gaunt body type, which is a really stark contrast to her original full-figured, wicked glory. She actually looks a lot more like Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians than like, well, Ursula. Even her cropped ‘do is different–she sports a white bouffant instead now, and her full red lips are now narrow and purple. Take a look at the difference:


To be fair, Ursula isn’t the only Disney villain to get a makeover. The Queen of Hearts looks like a hybrid of her cartoon and live-action version, more svelte and more made up, but donning the original costume. The Wicked Queen from Snow White has a new hair style, too. But Ursula’s transformation is the most jarring. If it weren’t for the seashell, she’d be pretty much unrecognizable.

The dramatic transformation of Ursula raises a few questions. Firstly, since the collection is reflective of design–of beauty, high fashion, and glamour–thinning down Ursula can make us ask, “Are full figures not glamorous?” This new look isn’t different from a lot of runway model body types (save for the greenish blue skin, naturally), so it bums us out a little that for Ursula to fit into a designer collection, she has to lose about 75 percent of her body weight.

Second, the thinning of Ursula and the Queen of Hearts may reflect and reinforce society’s stereotypes that thin women are wicked, shallow, and snobby–think of how Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and the three fairies (Flora, Fauna, and the ultra-adorbs Meriwether) in Sleeping Beauty were all round and friendly. Who says thin women can’t be helpful and larger ones can’t be malicious?

And third, does Ursula having only one sharp chin instead of a few rounder ones simply going along with our visions of what represents a Disney villain as a whole? Perhaps.

But all of these questions and their prospective answers drive home that certain body types appeal to certain stereotypes–and none of those are too great. All in all, we gotta say: With her vermilion pout and dramatic eyeshadow of yore–not to mention her massive, heaving bosom and unapologetic curves–we kinda think the old Ursula was a lot more fabulous. The new one is still cool in her own right (the dress is pretty!), but compared to the cartoon Ursula, she looks like a poor, unfortunate, and rather hungry–and Cruella DeVille doppelganger-like–soul.

Who is your favorite female Disney villain? Do you think they should have slimmed down Ursula? Do you prefer the new Ursula to the old one? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Issa

    Wow! The new Ursula is terrible! And ugly. Does no one value the classic quality of the older Disney any more. People really need to take a step back and think before they do something like this.

  • Annika

    That poor, unfortunate – doll – soul

  • Tori.gurl

    wow i HATE new Ursula! i LOVE old full figured, sassy, i-do-what-i-want-don’t-get-in-my-way Ursula! shes my fav villain! WTF! ya no what i read this just in time i’m going to Disney World next week in fact i was reading this while packing ooo when i get to the shop im going OFF! im just sayin! thats messed up!

  • ravenamy

    i think she looked better the way she was before!

  • Hayden

    I like the original Ursula!

  • Emilia

    Ursula was a character in a CLASSIC movie that could be defined easily; to anyone. The people who “created” the transformation should have thought more of the question: “what is this going to do to the audience who loved the Little Mermaid”? Now when I first watched this movie, I was little, about 10. Don’t you think we have enough issues with girls and there self-esteem? both physically and mentally? Therefore, I see this(now 18 yrs) to be a little disturbing to see what they did…Girls have many issues of how they look because society has shaped how we should look and represent ourselves. Isn’t that tough enough? Walt Disney classic films I LOVE!! and so do many others. To do this brings down the attention to Disney, and I’m sure to many parents who let their children watch Disney. All together, I found it,unfair and…shocking.Keep Classic, Classic!:)

  • Angie

    Ursula don’t even look like Ursula, I loved her the way she was!!!!! The doll look like her sister from Little Mermaid 2!! That is so uncool what they did!!! -__-

  • 3rd Wave

    I think that while the doll Ursula is villain looking, she is definitely different from the original-who I like because she’s so large and diva-esque. She seems all the badder because she knows what she’s doing and there is so much of her. Then in the movie she masks herself as a thin temptress (which could spur on a discussion of its own).

    While I think that changing her to be thin is rather pointless, I have another question:Where did her tentacles go? It doesn’t make sense. She’s not Ursula without them, in the same way that she’s not Ursula without her own special body type.

    Although, consider this: If they had kept her the way she was, would some people not be crying out about fat-shaming?

    No matter what Disney does, there will be people who consider it morally, politically and socially wrong. Not to say that I like the change-I don’t. I love the old Ursula, and honestly I’d rather there were more of her in the movie. She’s just so COOL. But when it comes to bodies, there will always be people with opinions and some of them will be negative. As a person who has experienced thin-shaming, I know it can go both ways.

    Ursula was created the way she was drawn. The character was awesome. Don’t change what is not broken. But remember to keep it all in perspective.

    • 3rd Wave

      I looked at the collection and realised that all of the dolls have the same body and different clothes. That seems like a kind of cheap way to make dolls that are supposed to be collector’s items. If the makers wanted to do a good job, they should have accounted for all of the character’s differences. I don’t really think it’s worth it to buy a doll that doesn’t even look like the character you wanted.

  • Mary

    Ok, I’m gonna sound like the bad guy here, but is it really that bad? If you look at the whole collection, they’re supposed to look like that. It’s supposed to look ‘avant garde’ and… well, not Tim Burton-ish, but similar, you know? They all look practically the same. It’s just the design they went with. To be honest, and this is coming from a big girl, I don’t think it matters that much. It’s not that big a deal. I like all of the Ursulas. Big, small, and Broadway 🙂

  • booklover22

    why did thye do that i honestly liked herbetter full figure (i’m full figured)

  • Amber

    She looks awful. They could have made her look like her normal self. There is no need to change her.

  • jen

    I think that while it seems stupid to change the size of Ursula’s body, all the dolls are made to be the same shape and honestly I think it would be very hard to get her curves right with plastic without making it look really ridiculous

  • HotBlueWolf

    That kind of annoys me to be honest. I remember watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ as a child, and I loved it. I honestly didn’t care that Ursula was fat, it just added to her character. I feel like this sort of change sends the wrong message to children… For instance, it seems as if Ursula “wasn’t good enough”, so they revamped her to make her skinnier. There’s probably plenty of kids in the same mindset as me when it comes to this. I just wish they would have left her alone.

  • Joelle

    That’s stupid, its just society pressing the fact that everyone should be skinny >.<

    • emanij13

      Thank you!!! and do u know there’s a website out there called skinny girl gossip!?!? yea go to their website and u will be appalled at the things they say!!

  • Stephi Ludwig

    She looked better fat. The thin makeover really looks sick, and gaunt figures are not attractive.

  • Kaela

    That character is Morgana, Ursula’s sister. I love this site but they always pick things apart and some writers are extremely ignorant. ~ <3 🙂 *

  • swimmingchick05

    I do not like the new Ursula at all!! The new one scared me more than the old one! The new one is way too scrawny and different. Ursula is know for her sassiness and she would of looked great the way she was in the movie. To tell the truth I liked the old Ursula better!

  • Kelsey

    I hate it, thats so wrong… Disney classics are classics because they were good the way they are. Don’t mess with that

  • Izzy

    Wow. And they wonder why girls having eating disorders are through the roof. Maybe I should have Disney make me over.

  • cookie

    Im not gonna lie.. The skinner one is way more scary looking… They should never change the way disney charatcers look. Maybe alittle change but that.. WOW. Sick.

    • monstahofagurl

      IKR 😉 They look awesome, and they are ugly skinny.