How To Kiss Louis Tomlinson . . . Really!

how to kiss louis tomlinson

It looks like Louis Tomlinson is practicing how to kiss right now! | Source

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction isn’t just a great singer, a savvy dresser, and a complete cutie. He’s also a bit of an expert on how to kiss. (Though we bet bandmate and notorious ladies’ man Harry Styles probably has a few tips on how to kiss, too!)

In a recent interview, Louis Tomlinson dished, “I like kisses that aren’t too fast or rushed–that’s what makes a good kiss.” Ooh baby!

As if knowing how to kiss well and being in one of the biggest bands on the planet weren’t enough, there’s another reason why Louis Tomlinson is perfect (besides the suspenders, of course). He doesn’t just know how to kiss, he also sounds like he knows how to cook! “The first dish I ever made was for my girlfriend, Eleanor. I made chicken breast wrapped in ham, homemade mashed potatoes, and gravy.” Uh, Eleanor? We’re so, so, so jealous of you!

Louis Tomlinson isn’t just an awesome boyfriend, though. He’s also a good pal to his bandmates–and an awesome wingman! He told Seventeen, “I will confess I am a great wingman. Since I have a girlfriend, I’ll start the night with her, but then I’ll help out the guys by making them sound like the most incredible guys in the world.” Smart! He also revealed what kinds of girls they like–and you’re all in luck. Really! “We all go for different types of girls–I wouldn’t say one person is necessarily pickier than the others.” Score, ladies!

how to kiss louis tomlinson

The guys are all talented at different things, but Louis Tomlinson sounds like the expert on how to kiss! | Source

While Zayn Malik may know how to make a difficult hairstyle look effortless, Liam Payne may know how to box, Niall Horan may know how to strum a guitar (and snag Demi Lovato’s heart!), and Harry may know how to chase cougars, it sounds like Louis Tomlinson knows most about how to kiss and how to treat a lady. We may have a new fave member of 1D–but we’re sure by next week we’ll change our minds again, because it’s way too hard to decide!

Which One Direction member would you most like to lock lips with? How did you learn how to kiss? Do you agree with Louis Tomlinson on how to kiss? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ellen Hester

    Louis Tomlinson can you be my girlfriend I want to came to England we can eat marred

    Ellen hester

  • Rylie Costa

    Yes, I agree with Louis. And his tush. I want to kiss louis everyday if I could. He is so sexy and cute. I don’t think age do sent matter I would mind sleeping in the same bed as him one night. I love you Louis Tomlinson!!!!!!! MARRY ME PLEASE
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !! I would kiss you all night and that would be one kiss. I would die for you. I want to kiss you and go on one date with you!!!

  • Cheyenne

    I love Louis so much, the suspenders are too cute :)) and he has a sexy bum :p

    • Cheyenne

      My name is Cheyenne too.

  • kloie_louu

    That bum 😉 But Niall will always be my guy 😉 Directioners <3

  • french3h

    I like his bum…its perfect

  • Anslee

    Those suspenders just turn me on (;

  • Danielle

    I love him!! He is my favorite member of one direction FOR SURE!! Always has been, always will be xoxo