Channing Tatum Says Waxing Hurts WAY Too Much

channing tatum tells wife to stop waxing


Our man-feminist, crush Channing Tatum told his wife to stop waxing. After having to get his legs waxed for that amazing male stripper movie Magic Mike (and let’s be real, he waxed a whole lot more) Channing was exposed to one of beauty’s hidden truths: waxing hurts!

“I didn’t want to shave because I just wanted to do it once,” he remarked on UK television show The Morning. “That was a big mistake, I will never do it (wax) again! I don’t know how women do it.”

He joked, “I did have a huge amount of compassion, but after I told my wife that she doesn’t have to do it anymore, she still does it – so I have zero compassion! I said let everything go, no one needs to go through that.”

Sometimes the only way to know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes is to walk in someone else’s shoes. Imagine if every guy did YOUR monthly beauty regimen. Not all girls wax, tweeze, pluck, Nair, dye, prime, iron, blow dry, chemically straighten, curl, weave, cut, tease, tuck, moisturize, mani, pedi, exfoliate, wash, condition, powder, or wear makeup–but the simple fact that all those adjectives are associated with the female appearance says a lot about what some of us go through.

Doing just a couple of these things is a nuisance, but we choose to do it anyway because we want to. Guys aren’t really presented with the option to even have such high maintenance beauty standards (not that there aren’t plenty of men who have an extensive beauty routine) so many of them don’t know what it’s like to pay $40 bucks to have hair painfully removed from his legs, face, and nether regions.

It’s great that Channing can use his own experience to extend some empathy to his wife. Of course at the end of the day our beauty routines are our choice. Though if every guy had to get waxed once, I am sure there would be a lot less pressure to bare it all.

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