The One Direction Guys Sleep Naked—Do YOU?!

If your pulse didn’t start racing at the mere thought of One Direction, it will once you read this. Apparently Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan—despite the oh-so-cozy confines of their tour bus—sleep NAKED. Naked naked naked!

The boys weren’t shy about discussing their love of snoozing in the buff, either.

“[It’s] so much easier!” confessed Louis, while Harry joked that he liked to “Let it alllllll hang out, you know?”

Just in case you were confused as to what that meant, please, allow Louis to explain further:

“It’s been in your boxers all day, restricted, it needs time to breathe.”

OMG you guys we get it! As you’re fanning yourself and trying to get your heart rate back to a reasonable rhythm, let me ask all of you lovely girls if you too love to sleep sans clothing?

I don’t consider myself particularly modest, but I hate being naked while I sleep. No matter how hot the room is, my shoulders get cold and I end up fussing all night like a crabby baby. My fave nighttime attire is a big comfy tee shirt and boyshort undies.

I had assumed my friends were like minded—until I went to one sleepover in high school where three of my friends pranced out in what can only be described as Victoria’s dirtiest secret.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lingerie—but not for sleeping and certainly not for my friends!

But back to the 1D boys: I don’t think it’s odd to hit the hay nekkid, but on a tour bus? Full of people? Hm. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

Would you toss off the clothing in a crowded space? Would it make it more or less weird if it was all your friends bunking with you? Can you not stop thinking about all the One Direction guys sleeping NAKED?! Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. avatar Nadia Anaya says:

    hi Harry it’s a 1d Fan and I think you are so Cute like Logan From Big Time Rush I can’t Wait to See you guy’s IM Freaking Out I Just want to get Back Stage and Meet you Cute boys for Real you guy’s are older then us

  2. avatar Aidenbond says:

    1D are so fittttttttttt xxxxxx

  3. avatar luv2duv says:

    I would if I could but I can’t because my bedroom door doesn’t lock and I’m afraid my parents would catch me and wouldn’t be happy with me sleeping naked.

  4. avatar Alex Dixface says:

    I would sleep naked with One Direction! All at once!

    Get in!

  5. avatar mary styles says:

    I sleep naked but I put on underpants when I’m on my period. Your body is perfectly ableto keep the right temperature on its own.

  6. avatar giggup says:

    i would sleep naked if i was in bed with johnny rotten. or billie joe armstrong.

  7. avatar Bree says:

    Depends. If I’m at college and I can lock the doors I’ll sleep naked. If it’s extremely hot in the summertime I will. However, if there’s a chance someone could come in I will most likely sleep in my panties sans bra.

  8. avatar kaya says:

    at home, i sleep in underwear and a big tshirt.
    but i spend most nights at my bf’s, where we both sleep naked.

  9. avatar Animal Lover says:

    I sleep naked whenever I’m alone. I just feel more free. The weather is always perfect here in San Diego, so I don’t have to worry about being cold or hot. When I’m at a friends house or with other people though I wear a tshirt and underwear.

  10. avatar Sherry says:

    I wouldnt be able to stand sleeping naked, i usually sleep in a baggy t-shirt and undies, its extremely comfortable, i’d just feel weird sleeping naked….

  11. avatar Parker1994 says:

    I usually sleep in a tee and underwear. I have never tried it maybe I will tonight.

  12. avatar Melody says:

    Honestly I love sleeping naked but there are alot or times when i cant. so i wither sleep in a sports bra and underwear. i cant during the school year cause my dad wakes me up in the mornings, i mean come on what gurl wants her dad seeing her naked? >.<

  13. avatar yupp says:

    Im a guy and i sleep naked but once i forgot to pit on underwear and i just put on jeans and they fell down during the day hanging out with my gf went to the girls bathroom stall and **********

  14. avatar Nia says:

    I can’t sleep naked. It doesn’t feel right to me. I prefer sleeping in a t-shirt and underwear.

  15. avatar Alex says:

    I sleep naked when I can, if not I sleep in my underwear.

  16. avatar Jaime says:

    I almost always sleep naked. Its just normal to me. The only time I don’t is if I am in college and have a roommate.

  17. avatar jai says:

    I sleep naked whenever I can. It’s more comfortable and I feel sexy-happy. I wouldn’t in front of friends just because I think it would make them uncomfortable, but if it didn’t, I’d be cool with it

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