Study Says Girls Only Like Sports To Impress Boys. Um, What?!

Girls and Sports

I don’t know, they seem pretty into it to me… | Source: ShutterStock

Are you a sports fan and also a girl? Well, according to recent research, you might not actually love sports as much as you think you do. A study published in the journal Communication, Culture and Critique states that women are only into sports because men are. Or, in other words, us girls aren’t real sports fans – we only like it because we’re trying to impress dudes.

Sorry, but what?! I can’t be the only chick out there who’s feeling more than a little annoyed with this information. For one thing, this study was so tiny that it’s hard to even take it seriously. Only 19 women made up the study group – 17 of them were white, all of them were straight, and the majority of them had children. Considering the fact that there are millions of women out there whose opinions weren’t represented, it’s kind of impossible to make a generalization like this out of such a small group.

For another thing, I have to take some personal offense to this because I’m a huge baseball fan. I would never call myself a sports expert or claim that I love all sports – I don’t. Baseball is really the only one I’m into (besides the Olympic games, which I’m obsessed with), but trust me: my love of baseball has nothing to do with an attempt to impress guys.

I started liking baseball a few years ago, and it didn’t involve a dude. I was sitting home, bored out of my mind, when my dad turned on the Yankees game. At first, I tuned it out, but then I suddenly found myself totally into it. It was a super exciting game, going into extra innings against the Boston Red Sox, and I was completely riveted. I quizzed my dad on everything I needed to know about baseball, and from that day forward, I was a Yankees fan.

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I watch Yankees games on my own all the time. When I can’t be in front of the TV, I have my trusty ESPN iPhone app to fill me in on what’s going on. I go to games as much as I can and I enjoy every second of them. And I do all of this because I really, really love watching baseball. There’s no other reason.

Actually, I regularly get made fun of by guys for liking baseball. My brother isn’t into sports at all and every time he sees me watching a game, yelling at the TV or talking to my dad about the players, he makes fun of me. And in case you thought I was doing this to impress my boyfriend, you’d be totally wrong. My BF has as much interest in sports as I do in bugs – as in, none whatsoever. He groans whenever I turn on a game and I literally have to beg him to let me keep it on.

I also know a ton of girls who have a genuine love for sports that has nothing to do with trying to get their crush to like them. Two of my best friends are total sports fanatics. They’re obsessed with football, basketball, baseball, hockey… you name it, they probably watch it. They’ve played softball for years and join in on football games with our guy friends whenever they can. They honestly know more about sports than most guys I know – and they’ve been that way since they were kids.

So basically, I have to totally disagree with this study. I’m sure there are some women out there who pretend to like sports to impress a guy – but that’s definitely not true for every woman, and my friends and I are proof of that.

Are you a sports fan? Do you feel the same way I do about this study? Why do you love sports? Have you ever pretended to like sports just to impress someone? Tell us in the comments!



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    I LOVE soccer and figure skating. (Which does count as a sport). Yeah guys you heard me! I LIKE SPORTS!!!!!