One Night Stands = Beds Of Shame?

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In icky people news, there’s a new hashtag trending on Twitter called “#BedOfShame” where people sneak pics of their hookups and Tweet them. The trend was created by Gaz Beadle the star of Geordie Shore (MTV’s UK version of Jersey Shore) who solicited the pics from his followers.

The photos feature the Tweeters giving the thumbs up, while their partner is sleeping, often naked, next to them.

Reportedly, it was mostly guys who participated, but a few girls did too. One night stands can be totally chill and fun when both parties know what’s up and are into it, right? Well, what if you go home with some guy or girl, you’re totally down to party, and they do something like this? It’s anxiety-ridden enough, going home with a stranger, now we all have to worry about it being Tweeted? Is it just impossible to have a private moment with someone without it being fodder for the Internet?

This totally degrades the entire experience. The great thing about one night stands is that it’s about two consenting, confident adults, who know what they want and are upfront about it. Taking a picture of someone you’ve slept with, without their permission, diminishes any respect you have for them. This person was just really intimate with you and all you could think was: what a great trophy?

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Maybe that person doesn’t want a public record of this experience? Maybe one of your followers knows this person? (Imagine if these people attend the same high school, college or work together!)

Why turn a positive experience into a negative one just for your stupid ego? It’s one thing to brag about it to your friends, but publicizing someone else’s sex life or any aspect of their personal life can really come back to bite both parties in the butt.

Even worse is if the person you’ve slept with was misled into thinking the one night stand could turn into a real relationship? Ouch. Or better yet, what if it turns out you want to see this person again–how do you explain this? Yikes.

Just to be clear, this isn’t OK for a guy to do to a girl and it’s not OK for a girl to do to a guy. The reality is, people who choose to have multiple sex partners and casual hookups get a bad rap. Though women arguably have it worse, it’s definitely stigmatized for both sexes.

Why shame one of the people who is on your side? Don’t turn a casual partner into an object or trophy when they’re someone who has a similar value system as you and can help remove the stigma and myth of “promiscuity”.

#BedofShame makes it harder for people to embrace their sexuality and explore it without it being shamed or publicized. Can’t our private lives stay private and our choices be respected?

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  • jaybo

    The experience is already degrading, so why not go for it all?

  • ToxicDisco

    and that’s why I don’t do one night stands….I’m not going to share myself with a guy who just wants to get off and use me as a human sex doll for sex. I can understand why so many men do this bed of shame. It’s really no surprise. They have one night stand sex to fulfill their sexual desires. That doesn’t mean they actually care about you for real, like it or not guys have egos and it is a ego (“trophy”) thing for them. If you’re willing to be one of their trophies for the night then you should take the consequences. Is this right? No it’s not and I can think it must be terrible but the cold hard truth stays the truth. Men will be men especially if you’re dealing with one night stands.

    • Lollipop Puppet

      I like your thinking, ToxicDisco! 🙂