12 Cartoons All Grown Up

I often wonder what my favorite cartoons would be like if they ever aged. Lisa Simpson has been eight years old for 23 years (she seems to have accomplished a lot more than me too!). Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold was a total bully to everyone, but we got to see her soft and admirable side when no one else did. Would anyone ever get to experience the amazing Helga like us?! Would Daria ever grow out of her gloom and doom phase? Would Chuckie ever stop being such a “‘fraidy cat”? We’ll never know.

All we have is our gut and speculations. Here are our predictions. 12 cartoons all grown up into some of our favorite celebs.

Helga G. Pataki is now Lady Gaga
Where Are They Now? Cartoons From The '90s As Today's Celebs
Always romantic, lovably insecure, and a total misfit, Helga was the bully we adored. The transition wasn’t easy, but when Helga realized the only way she could cope with her insecurities was by reaching out to others like her, everything changed. She stopped bullying and preached to others to turn the other cheek. She wrote songs about unrequited love (“Bad Romance” is totally about Arnold, duh!) and reached mega stardom by finally embracing her knack for melodrama and utter weirdness.

King Bob is now Chuck Bass

King Bob is Chuck Bass because Chuck Bass is King. After ruling the playground Bob went onto rule Manhattan–investing in a good pair of eyebrow tweezers can change history.
Lisa Simpson is now Hilary Clinton

We always knew the little twerp would do it. Do we need to say more?

Spinelli is now Emily Fields

The tough girl who always held her own on the playground eventually channeled that aggression into competitive sports. Though the rumors say otherwise, it was the sudden murder of her friend that really tamed this wild one.

Judy Funnie is now Tilda Swinton

With a flare for drama, Judy never once gave up on her dream to be an actor (and one of the kooky, artsy ones too). She feels lucky enough to have played her favorite role the “White Witch” in The Chronicles of Narnia. She and her brother are good friends with Emma Stone–they met at a The Beets concert on their reunion tour.

Doug Funnie is now Jesse Eisenberg

Doug thought, if anything, he’d end up working behind the scenes as a writer, but his big sister Judy finally convinced him that all those alter egos–Quailman, Race Canyon, and Smash Adams–were just preparation for a successful career as an actor.

Angelica Pickles is now Hanna Marin

Oh Angelica, our favorite pint-sized brat. It wasn’t easy, moving to Rosewood, arriving as a dork, she was eventually able to climb her way up the social ladder (thanks to death of her BFF). Though she’s learned to be a mature and great friend, her vain and snotty side will often bubble up to the surface.

Daria is now Tina Fey

You don’t know how funny Daria thinks it is that she became a comedian, probably because she was just so amused with herself. Though she never expected to be ON camera, Amy Poehler and Jane Lane convinced her to suck it up and be a star.

Dora is now Selena Gomez

We all knew she had star quality from the youngest age, it wasn’t a shock to anyone when she was cast in the Wizards of Waverly Place–we just hope J. Biebz is treating her right.

Chuckie is now Ron Weasely

Everyone was jealous when Chuckie was the only one to receive an invitation from Hogwarts–but no one was surprised either. Tommy always knew that his ‘fraidy cat BFF needed to venture out on his own to toughen up and find his way.

Susie Carmichael is now Michelle Obama

When Susie met Barck Obama while working at the same law firm, she wasn’t sure of that fellow, but before she knew it, swoon! That didn’t mean she was going to give up on her dreams. The First Lady went onto become a university Dean, assistant to the Mayor of Chicago, and still works as a fundraiser.

Moose is now Kristen Stewart

When we first saw Moose, with that husky voice and too cool skater style, we didn’t know if she was Pepper Ann’s little brother or sister–it didn’t really matter because Moose was awesome. Always there to keep Pep in check with that deadpan, emotionless humor, we were totally excited to see Moose create a whole career out of it.

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  • Piper

    Ha! I can so see Dora growing up to be Selena Gomez!

  • Liz

    I love this list! I think Jane Lane would be Angelina Jolie…

  • Anomie Rose

    Moose! I loved the Pepper Ann series. It sucks how NO ONE I know knows of it… ): But, hah–glad to see someone reppin’ the P.A. name!
    Even if it is Kristen Stewart…

  • Tamara

    I love it!!!! It was nice to see these familiar faces. Was very funny ! I got it!!!!!!

  • heke


  • summer

    um his name inst ron weasely, his real name is rupert grint

    • spence

      I think they were going off of the character and not the actor. After all it wasn’t Rupert Grint that got the invite to Hogwarts it was Ron Weasely

  • rpxie

    why are you guys insulting for. its just something funny to read

    • doodlepop

      word. that is so true…

  • yousef

    sigh. and i thought rugrats all growed up was as bad as it could get.. this is terrible..

  • Jack

    I think that Helga Pataki looks more like Grimes rather than Lady Gaga

  • Rey T. Fox

    Your knowledge of cartoons doesn’t extend before 1990, huh?

    • Lisa

      This article IS called, “Where Are They Now? Cartoons From the ’90s…”

  • TrendyNerdLuvMB

    Spinelli looks just like Emily Fields.

  • Nonrenormalizable

    Most of them are just based on vague look-a-likes. Daria, for example, would never end up as Tina Fey; Fay is far too smooth socially. Chuckie cannot spontaneously change nationalities and become English. Also recall that Ron was *not* raised by muggles. So much fail for so many pairs. I had hoped for a little creativity from mainstream fandom.

    • Max

      @Nonrenormalizable: Wow, taking this a bit too litetally. Lighten up.

    • Cliff

      Come on. Lighten up a bit. These are cartoons, not breaking news.