Your Complete Guide To Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

friend zone

Step one? Don’t wear matching outfits. | Source: Shutterstock

He’s cute. He’s hilarious. He’s sweet. He’s … Your friend. D’oh! So you’re in the friend zone. It happens, but it’s totally not the end of the world–you can get out of there, especially since studies show that your guy friends are most likely attracted to you!

Here’s how to hop right out of the friend zone and into the girlfriend zone!

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  • Flower

    I had a huge crush on a guy for four years! He always thought of me as a ‘friend’ every time I tried to interact with him. I told my best friend one day but little did I realise she wasn’t good at keeping secrets and told everyone in our class! He soon found out and now we at secondary school but I havn’t seen him since, how can I get back in touch?

  • anonymo

    what if the guy only says he likes you and wants to stay close friends but not make it a romantic relationship because he’s seeing someone and doesnt want to hurt her?

  • Nathan

    Guys friend-zone girls and girls friend-zone guys, it happens… It really sucks to be in the friend zone … But most of the time the people (guys/girls) don’t know that there putting someone in the friend-zone or just don’t notice their doing it… Friend-Zone is a hard place to be… Take risks otherwise you will live in regret like I do…..

    Good Luck anyone reading this page 🙂

  • t

    Or instead of jumping through these stupid hoops, how about you be honest and upfront with him? Going through all these tactics with the intention of getting romantically close to someone when you are unsure about their feelings for you just seems wrong to me. It’s like you’re only doing nice things for this person because you have ulterior motives up your sleeve. Imagine the outrage over this article if the genders were reversed.

    And accept that sometimes no matter what you do, the object of your desire will not return the feelings you have for him/her. Perhaps your relationship is best served as a platonic friendship. If you can’t handle that, then move on. But don’t put yourself and your friend in a difficult position over this. “Working” to get into someone’s pants (and heart) only for it to backfire on you will create resentment.

  • stageluver

    what if the guy u like isn’t really ur friend and the only reason u met was because u transfered to his school for haf a year and then at the end of the year he told u that he liked one of ur best friends and now u live in different parts of the state?

  • AsianIggs1

    Sigh… What if they guy’s in another state, you haven’t talked in a while, and you’re fairly sure he harbors no emotion towards you at all?

    • MilitaryBrat

      If u haven’t already, get in contact with him. Talking to him will help him remember how good friends you guys were. If he doesn’t live to far away, (or you’re willing to make the trip), ask him to hang out sometime. When together, he might realize how you two would make a good couple.

  • anonymous

    It goes both ways….it could happen to anyone. Just tell that person how you feel and if it doesnt work out then move on and keep the same relationship. You never know, they might like you for being so straight forward and honest.

  • Anonymale

    Ha ha…no. Guys usually don’t friendzone girls. If you are down to fuck, and you are at least MODERATELY attractive…or even average looking, then there’s little stopping you.

  • Someone

    Both ‘Friendzone’ the other. If it happens except it and move on.

  • Friendzoned Girl

    Guyz DO friendzone girls! It has happened to me and to my friends. In my case, I liked him for six years now, I made all the hints and I told him directly and privately. When I did he told me that he knew I liked him (from all the hints) yet he never acted or told me anything. Months passed and I had to leave the country to go to college elsewhere. Now, when we live far away from each other, I still stupidly like him. I have been his friend for years, he didn’t directly reject me either when I told him I liked him. He just said “I think you’re cool.” How is that NOT friendzoning me?
    We are still friends though…and honestly, it hurts that we are, but as I apparently like him that much, I can’t stop chatting with him..despite our distance. I must be the most stupid, loyal, person ever.

    • CaitlinH

      Omg no. I have an extremely similar problem. The same thing happened when I told my crush that I liked him but he just said, “I’ve known all this time, I’ve just been waiting for you to say it” and I’m like whaaaat? And he never did anything. Guys DO friendzone girls. Needless to say, we’re still best friends. I just don’t understand

  • Tucker

    So does this guide work both ways? Or should I just read this to know the hints a girl might like me?

  • Legend Lacrimosa

    Boy, even after i told her about everything, she wants to keep me in friendzone maybe forever? :S (the work of half a year got totally blowed)
    what the fk can I do?

  • kat

    All you guys saying that guys can’t friendzone girls, you couldn’t be more wrong.
    Happened to me, I dropped all the hints, it was bloody obvious to all our friends, and then one day directly told him I liked him. He was very excited and told me he felt the same. A week later after not much was happening I kissed him, he said he was still thinking. 4 months on and nothing has happened, and our friendship has suffered for it. I think he was just scared, he’s never had a gf before. I feel like an idiot though.

  • a girl

    For the record, guys DO friend zone girls, it’s happened to me multiple times. Honestly, there isn’t a girl you’re friends with that you think of as a sister? You wouldn’t date your sister, would you? Or maybe there’s a girl you’re friends with who is just not physically attractive to you. Trust me, it happens to girls as often as it happens to guys.

  • moron

    Jon you idiot and selfish hugger

  • anon

    Girls put guys in the friendzone, not the other way around

    • /b/ro

      I agree.

  • Kayla

    all you have to do is ask them out. it may seem awkward, but if he’s your friend, he will probably say yes. if he doesnt, don’t worry. wait a few months and he might ask you out. sometimes when someone asks me out, or i find out they like me, I start to like them back. it could be the same for them.

  • dude guy

    This is coming from a guy I just want to say this article is all crap.

  • jon

    guys dont friendzone girls…. we always keep the option open GIRLS friendzone guys. Give advice to guys not to girls

  • Anonymous

    guys dont friendzone girls…. we always keep the option open GIRLS friendzone guys