16 Celeb Fashion Trends That Are Out To Get Us

I am pretty adventurous fashion wise. I’ll honestly wear anything just to see what it’s like. Although, I am a firm believer that anyone can pull anything off if they have that fierce, va va voom, confidence, most girls would agree that not every hot trend is flattering on every single shape and size.

I’ll be honest and say I have tried most of these trends, some were hits, some were misses, and some were disasters. We’re certainly not poking fun at the people who wear them, but the Gurl staff agreed: if we tried to wear most of these outfits we’d be LOL’ed out of the office.

Here are 16 celeb fashion trends that are out to get the Gurl Staff.

Rompers [Cherly Cole]

Credit: WENN.com

You might, possibly, maybe . . . look like a giant baby.

Neons [Katy Perry]

Credit: Brian To/WENN.com

I hear from Gurl Editor Julie, if you’re pale your skin will reflect any neon color you wear. That’s like, neon pink dress, neon pink face–um, neon pink alien.

Halfsies Hair [Cassie]

Credit: WENN.com

Do you have the confidence to pull this off? Yeah, I don’t.

Platforms [Nicki Minja]

Credit: Stuart Castle / WENN.com

I cannot even wear wedges. These are a DEATH TRAP.

Wide Leg Pants [Katherine Heigl]

Credit: WENN.com

These look really heavy, sort of goofy, and like they’ll slow you down. It’s not the 1970s’ anymore and if I am going to catch the ice cream truck I need to be as aerodynamic as possible.

Big Floppy Hats [Vanessa Hudgens]

Credit: STS/WENN.com

We could go into the unfortunate tragedy of this entire outfit, but I’ll just say this: I cannot wear hats. I am pretty sure if I shaved my head it would be shaped like a giant cube.

Crop Tops [Miley Cyrus]

Credit: WENN.com

Damn, Miley, you’re killing it. When I wear these I just kill it. Dead. Over.

Thick Eyebrows [Lily Collins]

Credit: WENN.com

I happen to love thick, luscious eyebrows. Too bad for me when I don’t tweeze I look really, really angry.

Over-the-forehead Headbands [Paris Hilton]

Credit: WENN.com

There’s nothing wrong with looking a little Bohemian, but unless you have super long hair (which I don’t) you look kind of doofy.

High-Waisted Shorts [Miley Cyrus]

Mandatory: WENN.com

I’ve never seen anyone pull these off, unless they had legs for days. These just make us shorties look stumpy.

Patterned Leggings [Shenae Grimes]

Credit: Mr. Blue/WENN.com

My full thighs, just look fuller. My short legs, just look shorter. My legs look like pegs, people.

Peplums [Michelle Williams]

Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Why would I want my waist and hips to look giant?

Harem Pants [Vanessa Hudgens]

Mandatory: WENN.com

Giant hips again.

Grey Hair [Tavi]

Credit: Andres Otero/WENN.com

Tavi is basically the only person on the planet who can pull this off. Me, on the other hand, I’d rather not look like an old lady until I am old lady, I’ll have plenty of time then.

Pointy Shoulders [Kim Kardashian]

Mandatory: WENN.com

I don’t feel compelled to look like a Disney Villain, though I understand the appeal.

Gladiator Sandals [Katy Perry]

Mandatory: WENN.com

If you’re short, get ready to look shorter.

Which of these trends are your favorites and which are on your ick list? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kate

    I think the name of this list should be changed to “Celebrity Fashion Trends That Look Bad on Me And I Really Wish I Was Skinny and Tall Enough to Pull Them Off”.

  • susie

    Why does the #1 worst fashion trend, Kim K, also happen to say pointy shoulders? That’s 2 horrible trends in one.

  • Amber

    All I see in the explanation as to why these are the “Worst Celebrity Fashion Trends 2012” is why they’re not right for YOU. Isn’t this post suppose to say something about fashion, rather than your personal body?

    • Tiff

      Again…The headline on theBerry ad called them the worst trends of 2012, not this article. The writer actually said she could pull of this stuff. Read before you make harsh comments.

      • Tiff

        *she wishes she could pull off this stuff.

  • Lilly

    When I was little I saw some fashion model with grey hair and thought it was the coolest and most amazing hair colour I had ever seen.
    I began dying my hair steel-grey last year and I seriously had to improve my self-esteem because otherwise I knew I wasn’t going to be able pull it off, it takes a lot of confidence to look the way you want to and not the way others expect you to.

  • Alexandra

    If you can’t pull these trends off doesn’t mean it’s a bad trend. Sorry. Terrible list…

    • Tiff

      If you actually read the intro before the pictures, you’d see that it CLEARLY states that the trends wouldn’t look good on the writer, and they’re not making fun of the celebs wearing them. The headline on theBerry ad called them the worst trends of 2012, not this article. So dumb.