Would You Date Someone Even If You Weren’t Attracted To Them?

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Would YOU date someone you weren’t attracted to? | Source: ShutterStock

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nicoleplzstfu1 said:

Hey gurls,

So I just went out on a date today with a guy I’m NOT sexually attracted to, at all. I mean, he’s not ugly, but he’s not sexy to me. He has a cute face, but that’s it. The thing is… his personality is amazing. We held conversations very well and everything. I just don’t know if I can see myself dating him. He’s got a good job and two hot cars. So gurls… should I continue talking to him and give him a chance even though I’m not sexually attracted to him? I don’t know, I’m just confused. 

Got something to add to this convo? Then go for it, girl. Tell us what you think in the boards: would you date someone with a great personality who you weren’t sexually attracted to?


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  • Elian Rodríguez

    So I met this girl and I liked her but she didn’t like me so we ware friends for about 1 year and I was always by her side when she had her break ups and her bad moments and always sticked by her side even tho I’m fat and she has only seen my face because all we do is ft so about 2 days ago she said she liked how I was so sweett and nice to her and all this stuff about my personality I’m 13 but and she said we should date I’m going with her in like a week I’m scared that she will see me and break up with me and what would I tell my parents pls help I have 1 week and 3 days so I don’t know pls help i have no idea if she knows or if she cares all she said is that i made her really happy and stuff so if any girl or boy can help I would greatly appreciate it and she is cute an popular in my school