Confession: Sometimes I Hate My Sister

Sisters Fighting

This could be us when we fight. | Source: ShutterStock

When I was younger, all I wanted was a baby sister. She would be like a little doll, someone I could dress up and boss around as much as I wanted. My wish came true when I was seven-years-old and Olivia was born… but things didn’t go exactly as planned. While I had spent my baby years prancing around in frilly dresses, perfect shoes and dainty hats, Olivia spent hers running around – usually in stained t-shirts and cut-off shorts.

As a little girl, Olivia idolized our brother and wanted to be just like him. Up until she was 15-years-old, she played sports, hated makeup, had no interest in brushing her hair ever and threw a temper tantrum every time my mom tried to get her in a dress. Basically, she was the opposite of me. At first, I was jealous of how much she tried to be like my brother – why didn’t she want to be like me?! But after hearing horror stories from my friends about their own baby sisters (stolen clothes and makeup, following them around, etc.), I was fine with it. My sister and I got along really well and she didn’t take my stuff. It was perfect.

Until things changed.

Once she entered high school, Olivia’s entire tomboy attitude disappeared. She stopped being interested in bugs, quit her soccer team and started favoring cute tops over old tees. She started experimenting with makeup and hogged the bathroom for hours, straightening her hair. In the beginning, I was thrilled to finally have more in common with her… and then she started taking my stuff.

During happier times – before she started stealing my stuff.

Let me explain something before I continue: my sister is one of the messiest and most irresponsible people I know. She regularly stains, loses or rips her clothes. She has lost or broken at least six cameras in her lifetime. She breaks her cell phone about once a month. She loves wearing cute things and having cool stuff, but that doesn’t mean she cares about the condition these things are in.

Not exactly the kind of person you want borrowing your stuff, right? Right. And so, I was not happy when she started going through my room and taking what she wanted. Although it started out innocently enough with her borrowing a shirt every once in a while, our first huge fight was when she wore my brand new, $120 Juicy Couture sweatshirt without asking. When she sauntered into the house wearing it (with a STAIN on it), I flipped. As I yelled at her, she rolled her eyes and lazily gave it back to me, saying it was “no big deal.”

And so started the first of many, many fights. I am not even kidding when I tell you that my sister treats my room as her own personal store. Since we’re the same size, she regularly borrows my clothes – my favorite items, clothes that still have tags on them and super expensive pieces I don’t want anyone touching. She steals my shoes almost every day, uses my handbags as her own and puts my jewelry on whenever she feels like it. When she’s trying things on, she leaves the pieces she’s not interested in crumpled up in balls on my floor.

She borrows my expensive camera without asking and doesn’t even take the case along with it. She’s taken my MacBook more times than I can count, despite the fact that she has her own Dell laptop sitting in her room. Recently, she started using and abusing my beloved makeup collection – and letting her friends borrow my $50 eyeshadow palettes. Oh, and the day she started driving was the day my car started disappearing. She drives me freakin’ crazy.

Get out of my closet!!! | Source: ShutterStock

The worst part is, Olivia doesn’t even ask if she can take anything – I usually find out she’s wearing my stuff by her pictures on Facebook or when something mysteriously goes missing. Listen, it’s not like I don’t like to share. If she asked me if she could wear something, I’d most likely gladly hand it over. But I can’t tell you how many days I’ve gone to grab a specific shirt or pair of jeans, only to find out she’s already wearing them or has left them at her friends house.

But the truth is, I don’t really hate my little sister at all. Even though we spend hours fighting over her stealing my stuff, that’s the only thing we fight about. We watch Pretty Little Liars together every week and she’s my designated shopping buddy. She’s the person I hang out with late at night when neither of us can sleep and she always goes to get ice cream with me even when she’s not hungry. She’s going away to college at the end of the summer, and I am going to cry like a baby the day she leaves.

But also? I’m going to do a very thorough search through her suitcases. As much as I may love my sister, she isn’t taking any of my stuff to school with her. I’m pretty sure I speak for every big sister when I say little sisters: get out of our closets.

Do you have a little sister? Does she take your stuff? Or are you the little sister who takes your older sister’s things? Tell me in the comments!


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  • cant say

    She steals my clothes even though she is way bigger than me she has almost all my shirts and hoodies and steals my makeup and socks nothing is personal anymore and I’m the younger one and I have to steall all my stuff from her back its so annoying

  • abnormal_blonde

    Little sisters are annoying.period. The thing is, i have five little sisters and one older brother. And i’m missing more than half of my stuff in my room, and ever since my brother moved out to live with his girlfriend, i have five sisters that bother me and only me. I am the only person besides my parents who have a big bed. I end up sleeping on the couch while my siblings are cozy away in my bed. there are the twins who are 15, one who is 12, another who is 10, and the last is 6. and since there are five of em, i have an empty closet, messed up make up bag, filthy shoes (which were clean when i last wore them) and my big fat candy stash only has a twix left… But just like you, i love them dearly and outside of public we are all crazy, messed up, burping, lazy machines in a small living room with four bags of popcorn and a giant selection of dramatic-chic flicks 🙂

  • Linda

    My little sister sometimes takes my shoes but thankfully we don’t have similar sizes nor taste in clothes. That would drive me insane! We usually fight about the computer but that’s not even the root of my hatred. Unfortunately I believe I genuinely hate her and I’ve hated her from a toddler when we had to share rooms and still do. I’m not sad when she goes away but I’m in tears when she returns because I’m no longer the only child with my own space. Though we’ve tried, we NEVER get along. It’s hard to love someone who brings negative energy into your life.

  • alexis

    i’m 4 years younger than my older sister and she steals everything from me, from hairspray to shoes. she flips out if i take shoes that are mine from her room. she stole money from my grandparents but shes still treated like a queen from everyone in my house even though i do mostly everything.she hits me and screams at me but when i do it back i get in trouble. i hate her. i really do.

  • Addie

    My sister and her heroine addict boyfriend have stolen hundreds of dollars from me in the past few years. I feel so disrespected with a mix of sad and mad. I have no proof I bought a lock for my closet door but they steal break in now I have a locked safe in my locked closet I am hopeing things will get better. My big sister isn’t someone i look up to anymore.

  • Ms.Ayjay

    my sister does the same thing. Actually she is the older one by like two years. we wear the same size shoes and clothes so she takes my things and leaves and when she comes back, she has a whole different outfit on without my things. She is really messy and in-mature. then she tries and yell at me when I ask for it back. at random moments, we’re all besties, then the other ones, we’re yelling at each other calling each other names, saying we hate each other. Now right now we hate each other. It’s like a relationship, on and off, on and off.

  • Sexything12

    I’m 13 and my sister is 12 and we share a room and i can’t stand it when she always ask me what should i wear and can i borrow this and can you do my hair. She tries on at least 3 outfits in the morning and takes forever. She takes forever in the bathroom and i never have time really for myself, neither of us wear make-up and he hair is short and all she ever do is put it in a ponytail so i never understand why it takes her so long. :/

  • Casey

    I’m the younger sister in this situation, but My older sister is the one that steals everything of mine. She does asks and stuff, but sometimes it gets annoying how all her clothes are in my closet, just because she ran out of clothes in hers. My sister doesn’t wear make-up and neither do I, and we have a 2 year age difference, we are the same size and everything. My sister and I get along amazingly, and even though she 15 and I’m 13, she asks me to hang out with her friends sometimes… I just hope she can get her clothes out of my closet soon, because I’m going to be sofficated by clothes ;A;

  • Annika

    Thank god my sis is only 2… and i’m 15…

  • missjenny514

    I used to be like that with my sister . i used all her clothes and her sneakers me ad her shared rooms but i always woke up before her just so i can tae her clothes so i can wear the to school 😀

  • jori

    im 14 and my big sister is 17 and its vise versa she wears all my stuff and doesnt care when i tell her to ask . she tell me to shut up and tell me i cant use her stuff, but when shes raiding my closet she has no problem sharing.

  • Lollipop Puppet

    Oh, my gosh. Full House moment here…. That episode where Stephanie sneaks DJ’s sweatshirt from Kimmy without asking, gets mustard on it, and accidently shrinks it and DJ just goes balistic! Then that other episode where she’s copying everything DJ wears and end up getting that hole in Danny’s wall, and then at the end of the episode, Michelle is copying them, too…. I watch wayyy too much Full House! Anyway, I stole my older sister’s clothes almost every day in 6th grade, because my parents seriously do not buy me any clothes except Christmas. Even then, it’s not much. But, now I don’t borrow a shirt unless I really have nothing else.

  • Countrygurl

    Oh… My… Gosh… I would want to kill her!!! I can’t stand when somebody uses my stuff without my permission. I actually kinda don’t like it when it IS with my permission. My stuff is my stuff, end of story. I don’t meant to sound selfish or anything, but everything in my life that I have ever shared has ended up being a mistake. Has ended up going to the other person completely and never being mine or partly mine ever again. So sharing does not come easily to me…

  • Katie

    You know what’s worse??? When her stupid friend comes over and also rades your closet.once she came over and I found five of my favorite shirts in her bag! I think that’s completely disrespectful and rude that we invite her into our house and shes a total clepto biatch. Stealing is a crime and a SIN! And unlike you my sister and I fight over everything and I want it to stop! I don’t even know what to do…

  • d-r-e-a-m

    My sister is almost 10, so I have some time left untill she’ll start stealing my clothes or make-up. Anyway, with or without stealing my stuff, she’s pretty annoying most of the time, especially when my friends come over and she tries to be in the center of attention.
    But still, I love her just the way she is and I can’t wait for the day when we will finally get along and she will start to understand me, so I will have someone to talk to…

  • Jenn

    Maybe you should have a talk with her about it.

  • Ripley

    My sister is five and a half years older than me(: I used to steal her stuff all the time. But I was sneaky about it. We finally talked about it and I’m now allowed to use whatever I want to. Especially since she moved out and left most of her stuff for me ^~^

  • Rose

    I have a similar issue….but I’m the youngest child 😛 my sister consistent tries to take MY stuff and claims she’s interested in my books and my games and lets HER DOG bite into them! Oh and her dog hates me….-_- I only get them back when I have my mom yell at her…I didn’t get my book until a YEAR went by with me reminding her….

    • chylol

      i’m a older sister we bother younger sisters to feel powerfull and to tell u guess we are in controll mean but true

  • Allie

    Beat the living crap out of her. That would probably work. She cant steal yourt stuff with a broken arm.

  • Jamie

    This has been my little sister forever. She always takes my stuff. It really bugs me when she takes my foundation, mostly because she is 3 skin downs darker then me…. Ergggg.