A New Test Determines Your Breast Size: Find Out How Big Your Boobs Will Get!

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Genes that determine your breast size can also help you detect your breast cancer risk. | Source

Buying bras is already annoying to begin with, but it’s even more of a chore when your breast size is changing–what fits you now may have to get tossed next year when your cup size increases. Luckily for us, though, scientists have narrowed down precisely what genetic factors determine your breast size, so you’ll know what you’re in for later.

Doctors have found seven genetic markers for breast size, and–health bonus!–two of the genetic markers for breast size also can help determine a gal’s risk for breast cancer later on. Doctors conducted a survey of a little over 16,000 women, comparing their breast size (through their cup and band size of their bras) to their genetic profiles. Everyone has their own unique breast size, shape, and structure, and before we go any further, we want to reiterate–your boobs are probably awesome. No, seriously!

It’s been known for a while that breast size generally runs in families–if most of your female relatives are D cups, don’t expect to be inducted into the Itty Bitty Titty Committee–this is the first study that actually looks at which genes are behind breast size specifically, and takes a look at how differences in breast size, shape, and structure can affect your health.

There have been a few studies somewhat recently that linked large breast size in lean women to a heightened breast cancer risk, but this study doesn’t necessarily support or refute those claims. In fact, the makers said the research is way too preliminary to be taken too seriously, and that one of the biggest factors in breast cancer risk isn’t breast size, but actually obesity. Additionally, breast density is more of a likely factor than breast size in determining breast cancer risk, though docs and scientists aren’t really sure why just yet.

The study does, however, make it easier to pinpoint variations in breast size and structure to make comparisons and studies of breast size in relation to breast cancer more accurate later on–and since the risk increases as we get older, maybe by the time we’re really at risk, there will be a ton of more ways to prevent and treat it. Rad thought, right?

And bonus: the study may make trips to the lingerie shop a little easier since you can buy ahead of your current breast size if you suspect you’ll grow some more!

Do you think your breast size affects your health? Would you want to find out how big your breasts will grow? Have you ever been tempted to change your breast size? Tell us in the comments!

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  • BlondieBear Playz

    im 13 i always wore a size 32A until right before 8th grade started somehow im now a size 36B??? Im sooo confused

  • Dbizzle

    Please and thank you

  • Dbizzle

    Hi, I’m 13. I havent gotten my period. I wear a size AA bra. My mom is a C. And my one grandmother is a pancake. My other grandmother is a DD or E. To be honest most of the time I like being flat as a board. I enjoy not suffocating myself, but don’t really match the Cs in my class. I would like to know the outcome of my deflated balloons.

  • Kyla

    I’m 12 and a 30a and most of my female relatives on my dads side are a C-D cup while my moms side is a A-B cup. I haven’t started my period and I’m 91 lbs. How big will my boobs get?

  • Noelle

    My boobs are a C cup, and I’m almost thirteen. I’m about 110 lbs, but I want to know how big Bert and Bertha are going to grow because I’m not in the mood for tits in the face while jogging during track and field. ~sigh~

  • Rainna J

    I got my period a year and a half ago, but I’m still not even an A cup!!!!!(my mom is a D cup, even worse) Plus, I’m not even close to being skinny. 🙁