A New Test Determines Your Breast Size: Find Out How Big Your Boobs Will Get!

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Genes that determine your breast size can also help you detect your breast cancer risk. | Source

Buying bras is already annoying to begin with, but it’s even more of a chore when your breast size is changing–what fits you now may have to get tossed next year when your cup size increases. Luckily for us, though, scientists have narrowed down precisely what genetic factors determine your breast size, so you’ll know what you’re in for later.

Doctors have found seven genetic markers for breast size, and–health bonus!–two of the genetic markers for breast size also can help determine a gal’s risk for breast cancer later on. Doctors conducted a survey of a little over 16,000 women, comparing their breast size (through their cup and band size of their bras) to their genetic profiles. Everyone has their own unique breast size, shape, and structure, and before we go any further, we want to reiterate–your boobs are probably awesome. No, seriously!

It’s been known for a while that breast size generally runs in families–if most of your female relatives are D cups, don’t expect to be inducted into the Itty Bitty Titty Committee–this is the first study that actually looks at which genes are behind breast size specifically, and takes a look at how differences in breast size, shape, and structure can affect your health.

There have been a few studies somewhat recently that linked large breast size in lean women to a heightened breast cancer risk, but this study doesn’t necessarily support or refute those claims. In fact, the makers said the research is way too preliminary to be taken too seriously, and that one of the biggest factors in breast cancer risk isn’t breast size, but actually obesity. Additionally, breast density is more of a likely factor than breast size in determining breast cancer risk, though docs and scientists aren’t really sure why just yet.

The study does, however, make it easier to pinpoint variations in breast size and structure to make comparisons and studies of breast size in relation to breast cancer more accurate later on–and since the risk increases as we get older, maybe by the time we’re really at risk, there will be a ton of more ways to prevent and treat it. Rad thought, right?

And bonus: the study may make trips to the lingerie shop a little easier since you can buy ahead of your current breast size if you suspect you’ll grow some more!

Do you think your breast size affects your health? Would you want to find out how big your breasts will grow? Have you ever been tempted to change your breast size? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Angelina

    I startd seein ma puberty at d age of 9.wen mum noticed it,she was in awe nd dat it was an abomination,dat my breast ought stat at d age of 12 nt 9.she dn used broom(head)2 knack my breast every mawnin b4 goin 2 sch.my breasts aren’t growing agn.dy rmain wie dy re evry yr,evry mnth no chng.pls do i ve any alternative

  • Emma

    I am 13 and I have a 36C am I fully grown?

  • Yamini

    I am 15years old,nd my boobs are 34b,i want be my boobs 38a,how i do it?

  • Leela Barnes

    Yeah I would love to know how big my boobs are going to get. I am constantly thinking about it and it would be so helpful.

  • Nikki

    I’m 15 and I’m only size 32A. I haven’t started my period yet and maybe that’s why. My sister didn’t start until she was 16 though and she had bigger breasts before that than I do. Should I be worried?

  • Jennifer sicignano

    I never got any bigger than an a cup and one boon never even got to that size. I hated myself . To make matters worse my own mom would make it a point to tell me that no guy would ever want me because I had no tits to quite her. I had a boyfriend that I thought loved me but called me a carpenters dream. I was 21 and got implants I never looked back and felt so much better about myself so much more secure with myself. I’m 41 now and still have them no problems ever.

  • Sarah

    I really need to take this test because I’m almost 15 and still am a 34A, so it’ll save a lot of useless waiting for nothing. What I really want to know is if I should get a boob job when I turn 18.

    • Jennifer sicignano

      I did I felt the same way and I never got any bigger. I was 21 though and never once will regret it.

    • Annoymus

      Sarah, I don’t really think you should do that because you never know if a doctor can really be trusted and you don’t know what they really do when you’re having surgery. You can do it if you want. It’s your choice.

  • Stephanie

    My boyfriend think I’m going to get bigger boobs just cuz every one els in my family has them but my mom and I wear small size and one boobs bigger then the only I just feel so bad like there not good enough.

  • chloe

    Im 15 and all my family have different sized boobs ranged from Acup to a Dcup and im only a 30AA so I guess im taking after the small chested people in my family

  • ChickenNoodles

    So, im 15 and everyone in my family is DD or bigger, but I am 28B and I have a twin sister who is 32C… kind of… but she always wear push-up bras and padding and gets loads of attention…. Its annoying because without the push-up bras and padding my boobs are actually bigger! But, compared to all my friends and family they are tiny and I have no idea how to improve them…. Should I put on weight, because one of my friends put on a lot of weight and though most of it went to her stomach, some of it went to her boobs and know she is a big 36C, and is getting loads of attetion, but her boobs used to be smaller than mine…. Everything is so confusing!? And my sister is always abusing me about how small my boobs are! And a few boys have said things like I’m so flat chested or my chest is like a cliff! Which has made my extremely self-conscious…. But i dont know what to do about my boob size…..

    • N. Mikaela W

      I think you have a great chance of growing your boobs at your age! They don’t always have to start and stop growing at the time most people begin or end puberty. Boobd are unique and half the time it is the shape and proportion that makes them beautiful not so much size. Your sister may have matured in that area, same with your friend, alittle faster but from what you’ve mentioned you will get there soon enough. You are free to wear push-up bras and all the same padding she does but sometimes it doesn’t look that great so be wary. Boobs for attention isn’t going to get the attention you’d want in the long run and you will start to realise people overlook everything else at a glance. I know lots of slim or athletic girls with small boobs that look better than many with bigger boobs because they have prettier everything else and a great deal of confidence in themselves. You should go for an overall look at this point in life because you might keep growing. I used to get teased by boys about being flat throughout high school and then they grew gradually to 32C but two years into college and they have reached 32E and counting. I am very lucky but it hasn’t been all that wondrous for the amount of bras you have to buy and search for. Just make sure you are healthy and it is ok to put on some weight if you can manage it without getting ‘unshapely’ because I can tell you a belly and big boobs (no matter how big) will never compare to a svelte or shapely figure with medium boobs or even an athletic small boobed girl. People will give any figure with boobs attention but it is quality that counts considering tons of people fake it and women overpopulate men anyway. Don’t sweat and believe in your boobs! Hope this helps your troubles!

    • N. Mikaela W

      Oh and btw your family genetics is known to have larger breasts whereas mine wasn’t so I had no hope of them growing. They just grew when I didn’t let them bother me. I even wore vest like things and bound them at one point because it confused the hell out of me. Don’t do that haha Take care.

  • Himura

    In school I was flat chested and wore best tops, use to get tease because I didn’t wear a bra, girls in P.E use to strap others bra to hurt them and I didn’t have one, I felt embarrassed. Then actually they have grown in year 9, to like 32A and then in the summer to 32B, I started my period late at 14/15 and stopped getting measures realised I wore wrong bras size which was 32C, until I got measured last year it made a huge difference I’m now a 32E well 30F, changed dramatically. I’m happy, thanks to genetic, and every time I eat they go straight to my boobs, I hope they keep growing in a way cos I’m only 17 aha, sometimes I do feel paranoid when walking or running though.

    • Himura

      Vest tops (tank tops basically)

  • Crystal

    My breast started growing in 4th grade by the time my period started in 7th grade I was in 36 C. Since all women in my family are C cup or less I figured they were done. By 17 I was 36 D and at 21 38DD. Then my son was born and I cried in the fitting room getting a nursing bra in 38 G. Everyone swore they would go down when I was done breast feeding, they were wrong. Then I was told they don’t grow after 28, I lost 10 pounds that year and still went up to 38H. I’m about to deliver my second child and praying the girls don’t grow again. Its too hard to find bras now and so freaking expensive. Be happy you can go in any store and find a good fitting bra for $20, I know 2 stores thay carry my size and its hit or miss then $50-$65 per bra.