What Is Gonorrhea? Facts, Info and Prevention of Gonorrhea


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Gonorrhea. Even the name is a little scary, isn’t it? What’s even scarier is that a lot of women and girls who have gonorrhea show no symptoms–so a lot of people who have it don’t even know it! Eek!

Here’s the thing, though: Gonorrhea’s bark is a lot worse than its bite. It isn’t a death sentence by any means! It’s treatable, and if you catch it early, you’ll be completely and totally fine. But you need to be super careful, girls!

Here’s everything you need to know about the STD gonorrhea and how you can treat and prevent it so you can go about your safe hanky-panky in peace.

* Gonorrhea can be prevented by not having sex (duh) and by using latex condoms when you do. You probably knew that, but it’s good to get a reminder!

* Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection. The gonorrhea bacteria thrives in warm, moist places like your mouth, eyes (yikes!), throat, anus (ick!), and reproductive organs–specifically your cervix, fallopian tubes, and urethra (where you pee from).

* Gonorrhea is actually really common. There are usually more than 700,000 new cases of gonorrhea every year in the U.S. alone, and about half of those cases go unreported, largely because a lot people don’t realize they have it.

* Gonorrhea is transmitted through bodily fluids during sex. You can get gonorrhea through any kind of sex–oral, vaginal, or anal–even if the guy doesn’t ejaculate.

* Most women with gonorrhea don’t show any symptoms–and when they do, the symptoms are usually mild and easy to dismiss as a vaginal, bladder, or urinary tract infection. Symptoms include bleeding between periods, a burning sensation when you pee, or increased discharge.

* If you get gonorrhea in your throat, you probably won’t have symptoms–and if you do, it’ll probably just be a sore throat, which is super easy (and in this case dangerous!) to dismiss as something else.

* If untreated, gonorrhea can spread to the fallopian tubes or uterus and lead to pelvic inflammatory disease–when can lead to infertility, a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, or spread even further to the blood or joints and become life-threatening in itself. Yikes!

* Gonorrhea can put you at a higher risk for–gulp!–HIV.

* If you’re pregnant, you can give your baby gonorrhea during childbirth. Wah!

* Gonorrhea can be diagnosed with a urine test most of the time, though if you’ve had oral or anal sex, a doc may swab the inside of your mouth or rectum. Occasionally a doctor will swab the cervix as well to be sure.

* Gonorrhea is treatable! Your doc will give you a prescription medication to knock it out of you, but be sure to take all of the medication.

* Medication will get rid of the infection, but it won’t cure any of the damage the disease has already done–which is why it’s important to be tested for STDs often, because since there are usually no symptoms for gonorrhea, you need to catch it quickly.


These can prevent gonorrhea–so use ’em! | Source: Shutterstock

* If you have gonorrhea, you need to let all of your current and past partners know so they can be tested too. You’ll have to stop having sex until you’re done with your medication and all of your symptoms are gone.

* Some new strands of gonorrhea are resistant to antibiotics. That’s scary–and a reason for you to take extra precautions to prevent it!

For more info on gonorrhea, click here.

Have you or a partner ever had gonorrhea? How did you deal? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Tanya

    Recently me and my boyfriend went to the clinic for a check up! All our results came back clear ! Apart from the test in my throat came back neither positive or negative? So the tested it again and it came back positive ! Iv been with my boyfriend for two years and never ever cheated ! But now I’m being accused of cheating ! How accurate is the test ? Or where could I have got it ? If my boyfriends completely clear ?! Helppp

  • promise

    I had sex with a girl and after that i notice something that is yellow coming out from my penis and each time i urinate its always yellow. Its over two weeks now, What do i do?

  • Carly

    This just makes me not want to have sex even more @.0 talk about scary!

  • Tay

    I’ve had it, recently too. I’ve never been tested for it or any other kind before. I found out when I went to my OB doctor for my pregnancy they test for STDs the first time you walk in. I’ve also been with my Husband for 4 years. I got it I guess right before I got together with my Husband. I’m not a “hoe” lol I’m pretty sure I got it from a prev. bf that I had been with for a little over a year he wasn’t very faithful. It was scary at first when I found out. But it really isn’t that scary when you talk to your Doc he’ll explain it. I took my 4 pills at one time (as the doc had told me to do) and bam it’s gone. All is good and the baby is healthy and fine. So don’t be scared to death of it. It’s quite easy to get rid of. Your not nasty if you have it. It’s a very very very common STD ( I know “STD” these 3 letters are scary in itself but don’t worry sick over it) but if you don’t have insur. the med. will cost 16 dollars. I had to pay for it for my husband but insur took care of me. Again it’s very common you an only get it through sex unless you sit naked it a big pile of fresh cum that’s infected with it which is unlikely. (:

  • bidz8

    Can only having sex give me this scary disease??? Any other factors??

    • ALIZA

      Exactly, ‘cuz I’m a virgin, but i’m not sure. I’m pretty sure I don’t have it, tho

  • Ry

    Ok it scared me when i read this because i have a few of the symptoms (sore throat, burning while peeing, and discharge) but ive never had sex of any kind. Im only 13! So if i havent had sex i dont have it right?

  • Elizabeta

    Oh no, i’m really scared now. I’ve done oral with two guys in the past month and now I’m worried I might have this. The worst thing is that one of my parents works in the medical unit so I couldnt possibly go to a doctor to get a check up about all this stuff. My parents would be so curious and angry at me if I didn’t tell them what I’m going in for! Ahhh!

    • Ry

      Its better to know if you have it or not though i think. If you doo end up with something if you catch it early its treatable