Doing The Craze With iJustine

2.) If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Bread. I love sandwiches. I love every food!

3.) Whose phone number do you wish you had?
Justin Bieber, I want to text him saying what’s up.

4.) What’s something you’ve always wanted that you’ve never gotten?
A pony.

5.) What’s your secret nickname?

6.) What’s the guiltiest pleasure on your iPod?
Draw Something (app), Viddy (app), Backstreet Boys and Kenny G.
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7.) Best advice you ever got?
Be yourself.

8.) Favorite bargain purchase?
I love anything from Target, all of their clothes. They’re great!

9.) Instant pick me up?
Going for a run and clearing my head.

10.) Describe the high school you in 3 words.
A big dork.

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  • Ronique

    Ewww. She’s so boring.