Could Putting Pictures On Facebook Ruin Your Life?

pictures on facebook

Pictures on Facebook can cause so much drama in real life! | Source: Shutterstock

We, as girls, love putting pictures on Facebook. In fact, a study says that 75 percent of us admit to being a little overjoyed at it. It’s fun seeing us and our friends looking all cute, right?

But the bad thing is that putting pictures on Facebook can really stress us out. A lot of us feel left out when we see pictures on Facebook of other people together without us, and about half of us get freaked out if people put our er, less attractive pictures on Facebook. To make sure we look our best, though, a lot of us actually edit pictures on Facebook before we post them–because, really, no one needs to see that creepy guy lurking to photo bomb in the background (or that we rocked a huge zit that morning).

A lot of us admit to feeling insecure about our social status and appearance when we post stuff online, and especially when we post pictures on Facebook–as if magazines, models, and movies weren’t enough to drive us nuts, right? It can lead to friend breakups if one of both parties are particularly shallow or jealous–think “OMG, why would you tag that ugly picture of me!?” or “Why did you and Nicole go to that party without inviting me? I saw you tagged in her album!”

Pictures on Facebook can also lead to problems within your romantic relationships. Say you take a photo with your male cousin and post it online, and your boyfriend, who may not have met your family yet–or your crush, who’s casually flipping through your photos but doesn’t know you that well–sees it. They may make false assumptions about it. And you may do the same! If a cute girl posts pictures on Facebook with a guy you dig, you may throw in the towel, not realizing that it’s actually his sister-in-law, and that he’s really had the hots for you this whole time. Dangit!

The tricky thing here–and this is something important to remember, too–is that guys actually use Facebook a lot less than we do. In fact, only 42 percent of dudes–as opposed to 75 percent of us–like posting pictures on Facebook. So if you’re annoyed that your BF hasn’t uploaded that cute photo you guys took at the beach together, hold your horses before you text him and remember that it’s probably not personal!

And the same applies to how guys feel about their online persona–a lot less of them care. While about half of us admitted that our online lives–our friends and pictures on Facebook and stuff like that–make us insecure, only about a quarter of guys said the same thing. This is one arena–and we do mean one–where maybe guys do it better.

Then there’s the issue of status updates and “likes” and everything else. When you focus too much time on Facebook and social media, it can seem like you’re constantly in competition with others as to whose life is more awesome or who’s having the most fun. And the fact is, you’ll never know and you’ll never really win–no one will. Because we only know what’s on someone’s page, not everything that’s going on in their lives, and vice-versa. And let’s be real: We wouldn’t wanna!

pictures on facebook

Pictures on Facebook can cause so much drama that you may be better off scrapbooking instead! | Source: Shutterstock

The fact is, ideally, posting statuses or pictures on Facebook is simply a fun way to remember your good times with your pals. But when pictures on Facebook lead to drama in your social or romantic life (or depression when you’re solo), it’s not a good sign. It’s easy to get so invested in your online life that you forget about having and enjoying your real one. And at the end of the day, your happiness shouldn’t be determined by your number of friends or pictures on Facebook. It should be determined by how you actually live your fulfilling, awesome, full life–not how you document it on the Internet.

How often do you post pictures on Facebook? Have you ever had friend or guy drama over pictures on Facebook? Tell us in the comments!

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